Thursday, February 12, 2015

the Greatest Holocaust in history was of CHRISTIANS

Great is the prostitution of the soul and of the spirit to achieve the favor of the WHORE sitting over the nations and kings of earth, the Catholic church:

".......This month we celebrate George Washington’s birthday. Imagine him on his magnificent white high horse, as he fought to begin a better human history, being told that in 235 years American voters would elect a president who’d respond to evil by saying, well, other people have been evil too. The  prayer breakfast statement would be dumb to say about any bad behavior at any time by any one, but keep in mind that America didn’t exist during the Crusades (1095-1291) or the Inquisition (1492), so the Christians noted by Obama weren’t Americans. What was the point of his comment at an American prayer breakfast following an act of radical Muslim terror?.........."

Of course it is not a good answer to justify the evil with the fact that another evil existed. But the Roman Catholicism even did not need of the existence of other evil to justify the proper one, being the defamation and slander of the Christians along 17 centuries of bloody history of Catholicism a standard of the church, based on the pure invention of accuses against Vaudoises, Paulicians, etc. in order to have the alibi to mass murder them in the - as said by H. Stiliyanov - Greatest Holocaust of History. I mean the elimination from Continental Europe (Cathari, Albigenses, Novatians, etc.) and from Middle East and Balkans (Bogomiles, Paulicians, etc.) of the nearly entire Christian population in order to let only Catholicism (and Orthodoxy in the Byzantine empire) to exist.

 At the end of all to use other evil in order to hide the proper one is a very ancient 'sport' of that humanity so much loved by the Jesuit pope. For example it is not so far from the reality to meet in the chronicles the news of a pedophile who, in order to hide himself, is supporting pro-Childhood caring initiatives. For the Cathlic church, with her bloody past to hide from the awareness of a world population even more brainwashed by Satan's illusions, the bloody ISIS is the perfect curtain in order to re-build a virginity.

Yes, just this is the most sinister side of the matter. The journalist writing that piece of lackey-ism to the Vatican, forgot a point. When he talks of "other evils" he is probably thinking to powers who committed heinous crimes, but they have been wiped away from the history. No one today uses to compare the blood of ISIS with the one of the Mongols. There are no more those Mongols who raged all along Eurasia. But there is still alive and kicking the same church which was burning Christian pregnant women for having read the Bible and for not believing in the pope, the same pope who today is inviting people to do a crusade against the ISIS. Ops I forgot. The Gnostic Catholic Inquisition, so much worshipping the female figures of Sophia and their babies, when a pregnant woman was burning alive at the stake and was delivering the baby, the papal guards were picking it up the little creature and threw him/her back to the mother (happened at the stake of a woman in a Channel Island).

And I spoke with a common mind, secular. Every sparrow is not forgotten by God, so don't worry, you are worth more than many sparrows, told our Lord. Do you think that every single Christian quartered or burned in those 15 centuries of persecutions by the jackals of the Catholic popes are forgotten by God?  Do you really think that God is mocked by the bloodshed caused by ISIS, and at the moment of the Final Judgement would forgive the Jesuit pope because "ISIS is very bloody"?

Of course not, but if possible at least the pope can mock and cheat humanity.

The pope of today is the same of those who oversaw the 15 century of Christian Holocaust all along Western Eurasia. In accepting the charge of Pontifex Maximus he accepted on himself the blood and ashes of every very single one Christian belonging to those millions of murdered Christians  and he took the responsibility for that Holocaust, a responsibility and blood transmitted to him by  monarchic heritage.

Nazi-Germany was defeated but still today at any occasion if possible all the world is rebuking to Germany of Angela Merkel the Holocaust of Jews. At the opposite, the same Nazi-Vatican who did the Medieval Holocaust of both Christian and Jews is still existing, like  Nazis would have won the war and also today in A.D. 2015 in Berlin there were a Reichstag with Nazi-flag. But no one is rebuking to the Catholic church nothing. Except Obama for a little speech who in other way would have been scarcely noted.

by Douglas Willinger:
Tuesday, February 10, 2015
'Baptist' Pastor Credits Roman Inquisition With Killing 2,200 People Over 450 Years

Saturday, June 21, 2014
Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia: guilty by association

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  1. "well, other people have been evil too."

    #OperationDeathEaters: Anonymous hacktivists protest historic child sex abuse

    Hacktivist group Anonymous will descend upon the houses of “elite” establishment figures whom they claim have been involved in an extensive cover-up of historic child sex abuse and trafficking.


    "Look, there are worse paedophiles than us"

    1. This is another evidence that Anonymous (the true mastermind of it I mean, not the countless army of bullying teenagers who are dragged withing in order to supply a cover) is a JESUIT sub-product in order to protect their Satanic church from the accuses of pedophilia - ALWAYS turning the accuses on the prototypes of the "archons", the symbols who are the classical representatives of the God's authority on earth, the monarchies.
      For this reason, that beyond-every measure hate of the US 'Baptists' and 'Protestants' against every kind of monarchy is another Jesuit-Gnostic inoculation within the body of the Christian churches in USA:

      ".....Although James appreciated the Puritan's anti-Catholic position, he strongly dispproved of their Presbyterian form of Government as a threat to his royal absolutism. On one occasion he stated that "presbytery and monarchy agreed together as well as God and the devil"........"
      [from Final Authority by dr. Williasm P. Grady].

      If there are still doubt i put here again the URL of your excellent...:

      вторник, 27 януари 2015 г.
      Mary out of Chaos

      In fact Fascism and Communism are only two opposed way to Socialism or the worship of the Society instead of God.
      Fascism and Communism are two ways to put the anarchy at power.
      Don't worry if I every day feel intimidated, physically intimidated by Fascists.

    2. Remember that in the allegory of the "raper of children" there's alluded to the sacrifice of the firstborne:

      15 And it came to pass, when Pharaoh would hardly let us go, that the LORD slew all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both the firstborn of man, and the firstborn of beast: therefore I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of MY CHILDREN I REDEEM.
      [KJB, Exodus ch. 13]

    3. ".....Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters
      It is now an undeniable fact that the UK establishment has, for decades, been run by people who tortured and killed children for entertainment, for political power, and just because they could. The...
      Heather Marsh @GeorgieBC ....."

      UK establishment: this in allusion to the establishment which worked to give us the KJB.

    4. The dream of the Jesuits is to accuse king James to have been a pedophile, as they actually cannot do that, they try to arise the perfect climate in UK and in the world in order then the Jesuits' lies may find an evil soil where to put their infamous roots:

      ".......The story of Weldon's dismissal from King James' court for his negative assessment of the Scots in A Description of Scotland, is usually taken as the justification for the criticism of James in The Court and Character of King James I, which contains the famous comment that James was "the wisest fool in Christendom".........."

      BTW: wasn't the guy like a Gray Alien????......

    5. BTW, i told about intimidation, in fact after i write something not only here, but also in another local forum, people who apparently are not in knowledge of what I write are hostile to me.
      I am surveilled by people, Fascist people, who boast to have sent people to hospital, for having beaten them.
      This is the psychological treatment I am submitted for now, waiting the day they will kill me. Italy is a country built assassinating the Christians, the Vaudoises, Patareni, etc., and the Fascism is only the old secular arm of the Catholic church in Italy.

    6. I feel like a Jew in the Egyptian captivity. Italy stands to Christians like Ancient Egypt stood for the captive Jews.

    7. With the Jesuit pope as Pharaoh, and the Jesuit order as priestly order controlling him.

    8. Monarchies indeed are described as archonic hotbeds with a chief archon above all. The japanese and the english especially. You have movies of Mel Gibson - Patriot and braveheart of the brace struggle of americans and scottish against english rapists and thugs. In japan you have "Patria"


      In the 1916 film Patria, a group of fanatical Japanese individuals invade the United States in an attempt to rape a white woman

      The various anti-japanese propaganda of Frank Capra with the 1937 massacre, which we talked about - organized and hyperbolized by loyal "protestants" in Nanking, and later movies like Yakuza, the work of bruce lee and others. Also the japanese culture is artificialy hypersexualised and infantilized, as you already know. This "infantile" or irrational behaviour is also a tenet of the archons, according of gnosticism. It is seen in ISIS as well.

      Horrible infantile japanese rapist solider in "City of life and death" a CHINESE production about the Nanking massacre, 2009:

      In almost every piece of fiction you have the same trope - the evil, but ultimately stupid villain and his childish son-like creatures that are cruel and sexually violent. The gnostics believe that they are the sole matured both physicaly and spiritually breed. They take themselves very seriously, because of their immense pride.

    9. "......Patria was an independent film serial funded by William Randolph Hearst (whose newspapers were known to promulgate threats of the yellow peril), in the lead up to the United States' entry into World War I........."

      William Randolph Hearst a notorious Mason and knight of Malta:

      "...Among the chief agents of the papacy are the Knights of Malta. It was two very powerful Knights of Malta, William Randolph Hearst and Henry Luce that made “Billy Graham” a household name......."
      by Chris Pinto

      Then in Vatican Assassins by EJP, many times quoted:

      ".........The Jesuits saw at a glance that if they could
      persuade the Irish Catholics [George Hearst, father of the baptized Roman
      Catholic and media mogul William Randolph Hearst] to settle and remain
      there, they would soon be the masters and rulers of that golden city whose
      future is so bright and so great!......"

      But in Wikipedia they make to understand he was Protestant - probably he converted in order to get power and money:

      ".......His paternal great-grandfather was John Hearst, of Scots-Irish origin, who emigrated to America with his wife and six children in 1766 and settled in South Carolina. Their immigration to South Carolina was spurred in part by the colonial government's policy that encouraged the immigration of Irish Protestants.[4]......".

    10. "The gnostics believe that they are the sole matured both physicaly and spiritually breed. They take themselves very seriously, because of their immense pride."

      Ephesians 4:17
      This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that ye henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind,

      - King James Bible "Authorized Version", Cambridge Edition

      BTW: not yet received any answer from the Baptist sites to whom i send the request for Bible.

    11. I am trying this now:

    12. No this is best, the other page was of NKJV or ESV "Cambridge", please!....

  2. No to mention the eschatological role of "beheading" as method of execution (Rev 20:4) Both japanese and muslim routinely decapitate.

    1. "Kamikaze" is a Japanese word applied to Islamic suicidal terrorists.

    2. Well we are arrived to the point - Italy/EU read for dictatorship or similar:
      "....Italian PM supports invasion of Libya
      10:22, 14 February 2015 Saturday
      Italian Prime Minister Joseph Muscat welcomed the announcement on possible intervention in Libya

      World Bulletin / News Desk

      Italy would be ready to join a U.N.-led force to battle "an active terrorist threat" after recent advances by a faction in Libya that has sworn loyalty to ISIS militants, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Friday.
      Prime Minister Joseph Muscat welcomed the announcement. In a tweet, Dr Muscat said:
      "Glad #Italy willing to intervene in #Libya under UN mandate. #Malta will play it's part to ensure #Mediterranean stability -JM @matteorenzi"..............".


      "......Radio Isis: Gentiloni "Minister of Italy crusade"
      "He said that Italy is ready to join the force led by atheistic nations against Islamic State"
      February 14 201517: 24
      The Italian government officially joined the list of enemies of the Islamic State (Isis), which has now defined the foreign minister Paul
      Gentiloni "Minister of Italy crusade". It is learned from the edition of today's news program officer at Isis, spread by the issuer to the Bayan from Mosul in northern Iraq. The morning edition of the newspaper-radio of the Bayan, the broadcaster transmitting from the capital of the Isis in Iraq, says that Gentiloni, "Foreign Minister of Italy crusade", "after the advance of the Mujahideen in Libya told that Italy is ready to join the force led by the atheist Nations to fight the Islamic state. "The term "atheist Nations" in Arabic is an implicit reference to the United Nations: the two expressions in Arabic are very similar.........."

    4. Re-invading lybia or the levant would be the equivalent of putting a salted finger in an open wound for the islamic world...... as Rome wants to do. Even if ISIS is discarded many civilians will die in the (probably by order) disproportionate response of NATO/Italy.