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Kremlin's intelligence trying to shut the mouth of anti-Putin Jewish artist [= "bad Archon"]


Above image - Please, notice on the upper right corner of the image the YELLOW/WHITE colors of the imperial flag (the picture was discovered and published by H. Stiliyanov in the post whose link you find below the quoted article).

"...Putin Makes Peace, but Not Before His Minions Try To Kill Jewish Poet Boris Khersonsky

As the Russian leader tightens his grip on the region, who will be the last to flee the fighting?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Jerusalgrad - III ["shut down under Mr. Yanukovych"]


  1. PART 1 by Anton Shekhovtsov's blog:

    26 January 2015
    Greek left-wing SYRIZA forms a coalition with the pro-Kremlin far right
    After a landslide victory in the early parliamentary elections held on 25 January 2015, the Greek Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) that secured 149 seats in the new parliament has surprised the left-wing voters and sympathisers by agreeing to form, already on 26 January, a coalition government with the far right Independent Greeks party (ANEL) that now has 13 seats. Popular support for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn led by currently imprisoned Nikolaos Michaloliakos has slightly decreased: the neo-Nazis have secured 17 seats (one seat less than in 2012), but the Golden Dawn is still the third largest party in Greece.

    Both SYRIZA and ANEL are so-called "anti-austerity parties" implying that they oppose reducing budget deficits as a response to the Greek financial crisis, as well as rejecting the austerity package put forth by the EU and the IMF. The "anti-austerity" platform may seem the only agenda that has drawn the two parties they share, but they also share a similar approach to foreign policy issues - an approach that may undermine the EU unity over the Russian threat.

    Both parties are overtly pro-Russian, and SYRIZA's leader Alexis Tsipras denounced the sanctions against Russia imposed by the EU for Russia's annexation of Crimea and its invasion of Ukraine that has already cost Ukrainians thousands of lives. In May 2014, i.e. already after Russia had started its invasion of Ukraine, Tsipras travelled to Moscow to meet Vladimir Putin's major allies such as Valentina Matviyenko, chairman of Federation Council of the Russian Federation, and Aleksey Pushkov, chairman of the Russian parliament's foreign affairs committee. Both Matviyenko and Pushkov are sanctioned by the US, while Matviyenko is also sanctioned by the EU. This did not prevent Tsipras from holding a meeting with her.

    According to Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin, writing in 2013,

    In Greece, our [i.e. Russia's] partners could eventually be Leftists from SYRIZA, which refuses Atlanticism, liberalism and the domination of the forces of global finance. As far as I know, SYRIZA is anti-capitalist and it is critical of the global oligarchy that has victimized Greece and Cyprus. The case of SYRIZA is interesting because of its far-Left attitude toward the liberal global system. It is a good sign that such non-conformist forces have appeared on the scene.

    The pro-Russian sentiments of SYRIZA were manifested, in particular, in its voting behaviour in the European parliament. For example, on 16 September 2014, when the European Parliament ratified the EU-Ukraine Association agreement - an agreement that was one of the reasons of the Russian invasion of Ukraine - all six MEPs of SYRIZA voted against the ratification of this agreement.

    END PART 1

    1. PART 2

      If SYRIZA is Russia's "Trojan horse" in the EU, then ANEL led by Panos Kammenos may be even worse.

      ANEL (founded in February 2012) is a far right party that Daphne Halikiopoulou and Sofia Vasilopoulou describe as "highly conservative and nationalistic right-wing". In its opposition to immigration and multiculturalism, ANEL is similar to, yet is more moderate than, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn. ANEL is also prone to conspiracy theories. For example, as argued by Pavlos Zafiropoulos, ANEL and its supporters believe that the Greek government "is spraying the populace from airplanes with mind-controlling substances". Anti-Semitism is not alien to ANEL either: "Panos Kammenos, speaking on a TV program made the baseless claim that Jewish people in Greece are not taxed in contrast to Christian Orthodox Greeks".

      The driving force behind the pro-Russian approach of ANEL seems to be Gavriil Avramidis, who was elected MP with ANEL in Thessaloniki in 2012. He is also head of the Patriotic Social Movement "Greek-Russian Alliance" founded in 2001 and aimed at widening co-operation between Greece and Russia.

      Yet Avramidis may be not the only politician in ANEL who is lobbying Russian interests in Greece. Kammenos visited Moscow in the first half of January 2015. Moreover, an article titled "An Attempt at Reviving the Russian Party" that was published on 22 January in the Greek Russian-language newspaper Afinskiy Kur'er (Athens Courier) discussed the pro-Russian approach of ANEL in general.

      An article titled "An Attempt at Reviving the Russian Party" published in Afinskiy Kur'er (Athens Courier). Gavriil Avramidis is featured on the central photo
      Several questions remain, however. Are pro-Russian sentiments indeed important for ANEL? Will ANEL contribute to the strengthening of SYRIZA's pro-Russian positions? Will the new coalition government push for lifting the EU sanctions against Russia that is escalating its invasion of Ukraine?

      Doubtlessly, Russia will try to capitalise both on the victory of SYRIZA and the formation of the SYRIZA/ANEL coalition government. Putin has already congratulated Tsipras on his party's victory saying that he is "confident that Russia and Greece will continue to develop their traditionally constructive cooperation in all areas and will work together effectively to resolve current European and global problems". BBC correspondent Gabriel Gatehouse, currently in Athens, reports that he has seen the Russian ambassador Andrey Maslov entering the SYRIZA main office:
      Kammenos' visit to Moscow was most likely connected to the possibility of the formation of the SYRIZA/ANEL coalition government. At the same time, Avramidis visited the General Consulate of Russia in Thessaloniki on 23 January 2015, i.e. just a few days before the parliamentary elections, to discuss, with Consul General Aleksey Popov, the renewal of the cooperation between Greece and Russia, as well as lifting the sanctions against Russia.

      (left to right) Russian Consul General in Thessaloniki Aleksey Popov and MP Gavriil Avramidis, 23 January 2015, Thessaloniki
      Since the EU is a consensus-based organisation, imposing or tightening sanctions against Russia requires all the Member States to agree to such moves. Hence, the issue of sanctions may become a negotiating point for the new Greek authorities when they meet with more influential EU players to renegotiate the terms of the bailout programme for Greece. SYRIZA and ANEL are "anti-austerity" parties in the first place, so their pro-Russian sentiments may increase the cost, rather than contribute to lifting or blocking, of the EU sanctions against Russia...."


  2. avles14 февруари 2015 г., 11:16


    Aleksandr Dugin and the SYRIZA connection

    2015/01/28 • Politics

    Article by: Anton Shekhovtsov

    Following the previous article on the far left/right coalition government in Greece, I was asked to provide more comments on the connections between SYRIZA and Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin.

    First of all, a few words about Dugin himself (interested readers will find my longer piece on Dugin here, and a thesis on him by my colleague Andreas Umland here).
    Who is Dugin?
    Dugin’s ideology is called Eurasianism, but experts prefer to use the term “Neo-Eurasianism”, because Dugin’s ideology has a limited relation to Eurasianism, the interwar Russian émigré movement that could be placed in the Slavophile tradition. Rather, Neo-Eurasianism is a mixture of the ideas of French esoteric René Guénon, Italian fascist Julius Evola, National Bolshevism, the European New Right and classical geopolitics.
    Dugin attempted to enter Russian political life twice. The first attempt was associated with the marginal National-Bolshevik Party (NBP). In 1995, Dugin even contested elections to the State Duma, but he obtained less than one per cent of the vote. His second attempt to get involved in politics is associated with the creation of the Eurasia party in 2002, but already in 2003 the party’s other co-founder expelled Dugin from the party.

    Aleksandr Dugin, speaking at the HQ of the National-Bolshevik Party, 1996, Moscow

    Since then, Dugin firmly settled on the metapolitical course. Here, “metapolitics” implies pursuing a strategy of modifying the democratic political culture, rather than aiming to participate in the political process directly. This strategy was adopted from the theory of cultural hegemony of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937). The “right-wing Gramscism” stresses the importance of establishing cultural hegemony by making the cultural sphere more susceptible to non-democratic politics through ideology-driven education and cultural production, in preparation for seizing political power by the far right.

    Dugin founded the International Eurasian Movement in 2003 and was appointed professor at the Moscow State University in 2008. From 2005 onwards, he also became a popular political commentator who frequently appeared on prime time talk shows and published in influential newspapers. These positions allowed him to bring his Neo-Eurasianist ideas directly to the academic world, whilst using his academic title as a prestigious cover-up for his irrational ideas.

    American anti-Semite and former leader of Ku Klux Klan David Duke (left) and Aleksandr Dugin (right)
    ETC. ETC.

    1. avles14 февруари 2015 г., 11:19

      it is the same exact pattern followed with Germany of thirties and twenties.

      First you create an isolation of the country. Then you start economical crisis. Then you satisfy the frustration of people with a leader who promises wars and victories. After the war starts you can go back and the leader and the country are destroyed.
      The same pattern, instead to have Eastern Protestant Germany you have the Orthodox countries, who are compromised with imperialistic wars of aggression.

      Therefore also Greece will pay in the future for the alignement with Putin's Russia.

    2. avles14 февруари 2015 г., 11:23

      "..... “Ukraine needs to be cleansed of idiots. A genocide of cretins suggests itself. Cretins who are virulent, closed for the voice of Logos, deadly and … in addition to this, extremely stupid. I don’t believe that these are Ukrainians. Ukrainians are a fine Slavic people. [But] these are some race of bastards that emerged from the sewage”.....".

    3. "Therefore also Greece will pay in the future for the alignement with Putin's Russia."

      For example the neutrality of Germany-led europe in a renewed Cyprus war with Turkey in the near future. Only reversed when Russia is consecrated and the cathorthodox alliance born.

    4. Dugin's specific role in the current conflict, no doubt, is to incite the younger, godless adrenaline-hungry russian teenagers to bark and bite harder against the west.

      His ideological and political whoredom will probably get noticed at some point, but for now the greedy thugs and truthlosers, which are his audience, give him a free pass.

      Dugin is an ideologue that serves to depict an INDEPENDENT orthodox church as a quasi-pagan imperialistic fascistic entity, submitted to secular mafia. He is doing much the same work as the nazi and fascist philosophers in the beginning of the 20th centry, who exalted paganry and blood-soil nationalism to blow open the doors of their master's ecumenical and globalist post-war religious agenda. To make it palatable, he adds some "red spice" communist anti-westernism, Tzarist anti-semitism and romantic notions of anarchism. He carries a big bag of hate-driven retrogarde ideologies bound with the rope of Putin's cult. In short, he is the frankenstein's monster of the Russian land, laden with its sins and madnesses.

      Retrogarde, because Russians need to be somehow mellowed into believing that there is no actual threat to their souls. Psychologically this may come as the aftermath of the revelation that their previous xenophobic fears were unfounded , but a hyper-reaction implanted by the KGB and its ofshoot the FSB/oligarchs, to protect their resources. And yet, russia is very inflexible and retrogarde/traditionalist in itself and that needs to be appreciated and carefully touched. The russian issue of cultural and religious inadequacy and the consequent period of ostracism by europe will automatically vanish, when europe becomes dependent on Russia, because in its eyes the strongest has God on his side.

    5. "Христо СтилияновFebruary 14, 2015 at 3:41 PM
      Dugin's specific role in the current conflict, no doubt, is to incite the younger, godless"

      This is the best description of the today's condition of Russian's soul. Dumbed down and at the same time excited up, exactly like they did with the Germans of Weimar Republic, after the Versailles Treaty "founded the basis for the next war".

      Woe to the Orthodoxies who now are following these Satanic magicians like Dugin & Putin, exalted guys only because in the Western world someone (the Jesuits' WDG) decided that everything will be allowed to the Kremlin, in order they feel to be without resistance in the world and with the favor of the gods (devils).

      Like the guys of Adolph Hitler, who were helped by the Catholic church with a programmed 'anarchic revolution' in Spain, a stage built just for the European Fascisms where they could there play the role of the knight savior.

      At the end Germany was destroyed, Eastern Germany DE-Christianized and Eastern Prussia annihilated BUT the Italy of Vatican scarcely a Fascist paid for the Fascist regime, except Mussolini eliminated because knowing too much secrets of the Jesuits.

      At the end of WWII, after some years, Italy not only paid for the Fascist aggressions, but also was considered a "nation among the winners of WWII". The state establishment remained Fascist in his core, only the culture was delivered to the Marxists in order to use Marxism as a cultural fire-wall against the historical reality of the Vaudoises, Patareni etc.

    6. ...and today in this "wonderful country", I live surrounded by Marxist deceptionist and by Fascist potential assassin of my person.

      Woe to Italy at the End of Times, great will be the punishment to her, the country with the "greatest artistic monumental treasury in the world".
      No "artistic beauty", no "artistic masterwork", no Uffizi, no Sistina Chapel will save Italy and the entire nation from the holy wrath of God.

  3. it is the same exact pattern followed with Germany of thirties and twenties.

    "First you create an isolation of the country. Then you start economical crisis. Then you satisfy the frustration of people with a leader who promises wars and victories. After the war starts you can go back and the leader and the country are destroyed.
    The same pattern, instead to have Eastern Protestant Germany you have the Orthodox countries, who are compromised with imperialistic wars of aggression."

    You are right.The only difference perhaps lies that now the media blows everything out of proportion and there doesn't need to be the same king of scale for things to happen, but only some spotlighted areas of drama. We can't know how far it will go. But a partial revival of warsaw pact is already evident, at least "spiritually". Also, the german army was never meant to be used after the war (see Patton), unlike Russia's, maybe even within a few years. Russia can't take much of a hit from the west, it does not currently have the economical vigor of Nazi Germany. Perhaps that will come later with the "unlocking" of natural resources, the hidden energy weapons, and the jumpstart of religious fanaticism.

    1. "The only difference perhaps lies that now the media blows everything out of proportion and there doesn't need to be the same king of scale for things to happen, but only some spotlighted areas of drama."

      Yes this is the difference. No need of large-scale dramas, the media does the dirty job of amplification in order to excite the souls and gain them to the proxies of Satan on earth, the Jesuits.

      In this long post D. Willinger summoned his principal findings in the blog CCR - I have no time for that, but to find a parallelism with that old pattern, fitting with the new one applied to Orthodox Eurasia, will be enlightening, of course correcting where it miss the point about the Gnostic side of the matter:

    2. Don't forget the eventual trigger to make explode Putin's Russia from within (and let the eventual Jesuits' "Romanov" to go to the throne), when the Dugin's imperialistic lust will satisfy the Geo-Religious bloody thirsty of the Gnostic Jesuits:

      ".......The Guardian
      The secretive oil company Gunvor yesterday broke its silence over its alleged links with Vladimir Putin, denying that the Russian president was the company's "beneficiary" owner but admitting that he was a friend of its founder.

      In a statement, Gunvor's chief executive officer, Torbjorn Tornqvist, said it was "plain wrong" to suggest the company had benefited from its alleged close connections with the Kremlin.

      The company said Putin "was not a beneficiary" of its activities. "None of the shares of this organisation are held by President Putin or anyone allied by him," Tornqvist wrote in a letter published in today's Guardian.

      Article continues
      The letter is the first time that Gunvor, which is based in Geneva, has contested persistent claims in the media that Putin "effectively" owns much of the firm.

      In the Guardian yesterday, Stansilav Belkovsky, a Russian political scientist, claimed that Putin controlled "at least 75%" of Gunvor, through a "non-transparent network of offshore companies".

      He told the Guardian: "Putin's name doesn't appear on any shareholders' register, of course. There is a non-transparent scheme of successive ownership of offshore companies and funds. The final point is in Zug [Switzerland] and Liechtenstein. Vladimir Putin should be the beneficiary owner.".......".

      I quoted in:

      Thursday, May 28, 2009
      The Skeletons' Wardrobe Of The Little Fuhrer Of Russia Hidden In Switzerland?

    3. lol...

      Hedge fund manager Bill Browder, once the largest foreign investor in Russia, estimates Russian President Vladimir Putin's wealth at $200 billion — which would make him by far the richest man in the world.

  4. Look, the jesuit economist are giving more carte blanches to Putinism

    In a cartoon satirizing the latest round of Ukrainian peace talks, acclaimed Economist cartoonist Kevin ‘KAL’ Kallaugher apparently put so much effort into crafting a ‘Brutal Putin’ image that he merged the Ukrainian and Belarusian leaders into one.


    "made a mistake" yeah, a mistake to draw the russian leviathan with a hook. How many CONVINCING anti-putin propaganda articles have we seen? Thats right, 0. The mainstream and alternative media have a zipper on their mouths.

    But because when you want to "move a mountain" you don't shoot at it with a pellet gun, but slowly and carefully rig it and, after the countdown timer ends, blow it up with a trainload of dynamite.