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"Focused on ISIS"

Never as in these days the calling for a crusade against the Islamic terrorism is so much felt. But should be  ISIS the true target of a crusade? Or ISIS has been created to hide something else. Look, with the Arab Spring the bottle of 'monster' of the radical SUNNI Islam has been uncorked in Egypt. To create the "Big Caliphate"? Not properly because just from USA it arrived the green light for the military coupe in Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood:

".....Egypt: 529 Morsi supporters condemned to death

Minya court sends dossier to Grand Mufti for approval......."

Monday, March 24, 2014
The spy who came - III
Yes, it seems that exactly from those USA claimed to be "pro-Sunni" it arrived the stop for the ... Sunni radicalism of MB. Muslim Brotherhood significantly was in the game in the first years of the Egyptian Revolution, years which coincided with the first years of the Russian-Israeli military agreement:

"...Israel Limits Security Cooperation with Russia
Jun. 1, 2014 - 03:45AM   |
By BARBARA OPALL-ROME   |   Comments
.........But, the official added, “We need to be concerned about US concerns.”
Israeli government sources insisted Israel has not suspended defense trade with Russia, nor has it forced local firms to terminate previously signed deals. Rather, it is restricting exports to less advanced technologies and systems, primarily for purposes of counterterrorism and homeland security.
Israel has struggled to remain neutral on the continuously evolving crisis in Ukraine so it won’t upset Russia, Ukraine, the US or its NATO allies.
In a rare departure from its tradition of voting with Washington in the UN, Israel abstained from a late March vote on a nonbinding, but highly symbolic US-led General Assembly draft resolution declaring Moscow’s annexation of Crimea “invalid.”
As for defense trade with Moscow, the senior MoD official insisted Israel has full discretion over export licenses to Russia. Unlike potential exports and technology transfers to China, which require prior consultation with Washington, Israel is under no bilateral obligation to the US to coordinate its defense dealings with Moscow."
If interested to deepen about Russian-Israeli military agreement see:

 "...This is no small deal. Israel is morphing into an ally of Russia...."
Friday, December 12, 2014
Jerusalgrad - 5 - hide the agreement?

Well, Israel doing reverse march? Or it only a tactical retreat, to avoid the military agreement  hurting to much USA and the Christian Zionists? We' ll see it later, now it's time of Obama & ISIS...:

 Above image - "Assad?????.... Who is Assad??..... I know of no Assad!".

Is ISIS, an entity spiritually imbued (Jesuits' Gnosticism, via Paolo Dall'Oglio & Vatican Jesuit linked Qatar), and then materially created by FSB/GRU Iraki "Al QAEDA"??.....

ISIS, also a psychological operation in pure "Bolshevik" style, to hide from the eyes of the world the tens time worse butchery of ASSAD. Do you remember the case of the Jordanian pilot, burned alive? Jordan authorities told that he was murdered on the 3rd January, but the video was seen only 3rd February:

".......The Jordanian government now claims that al-Kasasbeh was killed on 3 January, rather than 3 February. If correct, it will indicate that the Islamic State were unable to exchange him for al-Rishawi. Also, it would explain why, when the Jordanian administration was demanding proof that he was alive in order to enact the swap, the Islamic State did not comply.[18]..........."
 I quoted in my:

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
....and now: BURN THE JESUIT? [about the astounding Jesuitical coincidences].
You have to understand why the ISIS follow certain precise deadlines in the release of the horror-video. ISIS released the video on the 3rd February because it was Assad's regime to need of it in order to hide a butchery of Syrian people by the same Assad's, "anti-ISIS" and pro-Putin forces:

".........Syrian regime forces hit Douma with heavy bombing, using suspected barrel bombs, from Monday night to Tuesday, killing at least 18 people in the capital of rebel-held Eastern Ghouta province. But the bombing was just the latest blow in the brutal campaign the regime has been carrying out in the Damascus countryside for the past week, human rights activists said.
Roughly 178 civilians were killed in the province from Feb. 5-9, the day before the suspected barrel bomb attack in Douma. In one attack on Thursday, regime forces hit a busy market in Kafr Batna city, killing 39 civilians. The next day, the regime launched more than 60 rockets at a residential neighborhood in Douma, killing 28 civilians, according to a report from the Syrian Network for Human Rights.......".

...excerpt coming from:

Bashar al-Assad's Barrel Bombs In Douma, Attacks In Ghouta Kill Nearly 200 This Week
By  Alessandria Masi @alessandriamasi on February 10 2015 5:44 PM EST

....From "Feb. 5-9": practically coordinated with ISIS' Libyan campaign and with the stake of the Jordan pilot.

Here another source telling that more directly:

With Global Attention on ISIS, Regime Barrel Bombs Pound Syrian Civilians
hDay 1420 February 2nd, 2015 by Lara Setrakian and Katarina Montgomery  ·  5 min read  ·
Syria Deeply: You’ve tracked the use of barrel bombs, and prior to that the use of missiles on civilian areas. What’s the state of play now?
Roth: The barrel bombs are continuing and indeed they are the principal reason why civilians are dying in Syria today. Everybody is focused on ISIS. ISIS is terrible, civilians are suffering under ISIS, but if you stand back and say, what is the principal tool being used to slaughter civilians? It’s the barrel bomb. ...."

 A moment of breath. Because now it arrives the open confession of the true purposes for which ISIS has been created ---->

"....Initially, governments don’t really want to talk about this, because they are so focused on ISIS and don’t want to do anything that would undermine the Assad government’s ability to hang on and theoretically fight back against ISIS. ..."
Could it be more clear? ISIS, created to hide Assad's Low Intensity Genocide of Sunnis.
".....People don’t seem to recognize that the barrel bomb is not a military weapon. It is so imprecise that the Syrian air force doesn’t dare drop it near the front line for fear of hitting its own troops.
Barrel bombs, for those who don’t know, are typically an oil drum or some large canister filled with explosives and metal fragments that serve as shrapnel. It is dumped from a helicopter hovering at a very high altitude to avoid anti-aircraft fire. From that altitude, it can’t be aimed with any precision whatsoever – it can simply be dumped into a neighborhood, and it is neighborhoods that barrel bombs are dumped on because of the need to stay away from the front line. If you ask what is enabling the pro-regime forces to hold on, it's now the barrel bomb.
It is a terror and an anti-civilian tool. Part of Assad’s strategy is to make life as miserable as possible for the civilians living in opposition-held areas. It’s designed to kill many and terrify the rest so they will flee and gradually depopulate the area, to make it harder for the rebels to hang on...".
Yea, interesting phenomena of a society fully in the hands of Satan. Spiritual corruption hides much things, but God can help to make come out the secret counsels of the heart. 
So Assad denies the collaboration of Western forces in order to defeat ISIS, because ISIS is the best alibi to indiscriminately Holocaustize the Sunni opposition,  but  cunningly he reverses the blame on the Western powers, hiding the benefit his regime gains from ISIS savagery with the accuse to the Western power to use "ISIS as alibi to intervene in Syria". 

Well, no more  justifications: ISIS is a tool of Assad and is a psy-op created to produce the scariest video possible in order to drag the attention of the public opinion away from the Putin's butcher in Syria, Bashar Al Assad, and from the related Genocide of Sunni there.

"...In Syria's Civilian Death Toll, The Islamic State Group, Or ISIS, Is A Far Smaller Threat Than Bashar AssadBy  Alessandria Masi @alessandriamasi on January 07 2015 7:54 AM EST

In the six months since the Islamic State group declared a caliphate across Iraq and Syria, it has become an international enemy and prompted the first U.S. intervention in the conflict since the beginning of the nearly four-year Syrian civil war. But the Sunni jihadi group, also known as ISIS, who have turned into a global synonym for brutality aren't remotely as deadly, when it comes to the number of people killed, than the country's own government.
In a civil war that has left more than 200,000 people dead, President Bashar Assad’s regime remains the most dangerous threat to Syrian civilians.

At least 30 activists throughout Syria compile information for the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC) weekly report on victims of regime forces. From Nov. 29 to Jan. 2, the organization was able to identify 1,030 civilians killed by the regime by either their name, photo or witness testimony. The group reported 128 civilians killed by ISIS, the highest number reported for this time period.
The London-based Syrian Human Rights Committee documented 1,328 civilian deaths for December. Of those cases, the group confirmed 49 killings at the hands of ISIS, most of whom “were executed in the presence of their family members.”
The Assad regime, on the other hand, kills in vast numbers not by staging mass executions on the ground but through frequent air attacks on civilian-heavy areas of Syria. Throughout the war, the regime has been accused of hundreds of arbitrary airstrikes and indiscriminate shelling, with death tolls ranging from five to 1,000 for a single attack....".

Well, what did say this article about the six months?

".....In the six months since the Islamic State group declared a caliphate across Iraq and Syria, it has become an international enemy and prompted the first U.S. intervention in the conflict since the beginning of the nearly four-year Syrian civil war. ........"

You have here another motive for the increasing in the horror of ISIS in the last six months. the increase of horror of ISIS was synchronized with an investigation for war crimes in Syria, and with a  coming indictment of Assad at the UN:

"..........UN panel considering naming alleged perpetrators of war crimes in Syria
By Edith M. Lederer
The Associated Press
Published: February 20, 2015
The report, based on 380 interviews with victims and eyewitnesses during the six-month period ending January 15, details the massive rights violations committed by Assad's government as well as by the Islamic State group and other rebels. The commission has conducted more than 3,556 interviews since September 2011.....".
ISIS had to start the intensification of the "horror-shows" in order to overwhelm the Internet and to put in the shadow the UN investigation about warcrimes in Syria from which Assad's regime emerges as the greatest deadly force in that 'civil war' - without any chance for ISIS to even get a death-score near him. This is why the cruelty of ISIS was performed especially outside Syria. Because in Syria, in order to hide Assad's warcrimes, there's the informative black out. But also the involvement of USA, could it be a trap to frame the same USA for war crimes? How easy is for the Syrian regime to drag the bombs of US Forces on civilians, in order then to spin the hate towards USA, as usual amplified by the global media?

"......Syrian townspeople insist U.S. airstrike killed civilians

By Mousab Alhamadee and Roy Gutman

McClatchy Foreign StaffFebruary 12, 2015

Read more here:
— Mohammad Na’us was one of the most respected men in al Bab. He was the undertaker who washed the bodies of the dead prior to burial, a pious Quranic scholar who issued the sundown call to prayer in the Syrian town near the Turkish border, and for the past year, a seller of bread in his neighborhood.
But on Dec. 28, the bakery’s delivery was late and he missed the prayers at sundown. Religious police arrested Na’us, a father of five in his 50s, and ordered him to spend one night in prison.
It was his last.
At 7:20 p.m., a U.S. airstrike leveled al Bab’s al Saraya government center. Townspeople say dozens of people, including Na’us, died in the strike. U.S. officials, while acknowledging the strike, deny that any civilians died.

Read more here:
“That night you could hear the screams and wailing of women in the town when they heard al Saraya was bombed,” said Abu Hussein, who lived near the government center and passed it daily on his way to pray at the local mosque. “They knew their sons and relatives were in the building.”

Read more here:

 Yes, Assad's regime has his convenience in to expose to all the world the US intervention against ISIS as another occasion to perpetrate war crimes abroad. He can in this way supply the Western public opinion, so spiritually decayed , with the fitted ammunition in order to halt an US intervention. This is useful because later, the Catholicism will play a theatrical farce with his Obama, cooking the US political class in the pot of the "hidden alliance with ISIS", blaming the "apathy" and achieving more echo for the call to the crusade, and giving to the truth-losers as Alex Jones  free pasture with the "CIA's created ISIS" litany. At the end the true popish CRUSADER is already at work in the Middle East, its name is Bashar al Assad. 
The machination of Satan works out in this way:

1) US intervenes but...
2) kills innocent civilians...
3) public opinion blames USA for pursuing only "oil interests" and to be "ineffective" against ISIS in order to have the alibi for "imperialism intervention" meanwhile...
4) the true beneficiary of ISIS remains Assad's regime, who is exempted from any kind of  blame, (now putted exclusively on the account of "imperialist" USA), and continues to use ISIS as alibi for the popish CRUSADE against Sunni, another low intensity Holocaust.

Bashar al-Assad, the heinous Crusader of the pope, is (if the political hypocrisy didn't yet dictate an opportunistic dismission) a member of the Roman Catholic order of Francis I, sub-order of the Constantinian order:

We were seeing above Israel concerned about her military relations with Putin's Russia, practically an adultery, both political as well religious, from Protestant and Christian Zionist America. All explains therefore the worries of general Clark, who is a Jew, and his sudden love for Putin's Russia. Being Jew gen. Clark feels naturally strong relation with Israel, and is really concerned that the military agreement with Putin's Russia could be blocked by a decisive intervention against ISIS by Washington. Such  an intervention could create more serious frictions between USA and Russia than the actual farcical bickering called "sanctions":

".......General Wesley Clark: "ISIS Got Started Through Funding From Our Friends & Allies"
Tyler Durden's picture
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/18/2015 13:35 -0500
Not that it was really a conspiracy 'theory' but with General Wesley Clark (ret.) now openly admitting "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies... to fight to the death against Hezbollah" it appears the 'angel investors' cat is out of the bag. Adding that "they recruited the zealots and religious fundamentalists" Clark says 'we' create "Frankenstein." He is careful not to name names, but we ask (rhetorically of course), which of our (oil-bearing) allies has the biggest bone to pick with Hezbollah (apart from Israel of course)?

Not only does IS seem to have no strategy of its own, but its “strategy” is inexplicably and enigmatically consistent with those who are seeking to maintain military intervention, regionally and internationally, as the only way to handle Middle East crises.

How to be not in agreement with the above last words?  [they were of the author of the article, not of the general].
Gen Clark is really concerned about ISIS. Breaking the terrorist toys in the hands of Assad, his regime would have no more alibi to exist. And Putin's Russia could no more present herself as the "serious partner of Egypt against ISIS' terrorism". We expect soon Gen. Clark interviewed by Alex Jones in Infowar.

OK we are at the end. But before to leave you to the End-Links, I report here an excerpt of an article on Chechencenter site. Few people are interested in such stories. It reports a massacre in Chechnya performed by Russian forces exactly fifteen years before the massacre of Assad's forces in Syria, Feb. 5-9. A telling coincidence and if you see it, ISIS has to teach no one as regard the burning alive and murdering of , even less to the GRU forces:

"......Zoya Umarova (a resident of Novy Aldi; this is not her real name): “There were no boeviks among those killed on February 5th.  All were peace-abiding citizens … All died terrible deaths.  Isa Akhmadov and Ramzan, one of the sons of Tsanaev – apparently they were burned alive.  And the Khazbulatovs were killed and then burned in their home:  Abdul (born 1940 or ’42), his wife Samart and their two sons Magomed and Akhmad, 11 and 13 years old. Another person I knew who died – the old man Gupa Khaidaev, he was over 70.   A man who had never offended anybody!  Tuta Khaniev also died, born in 1954, he also wasn’t a boevik.  I don’t know when and how this war will end, and how many more victims will be sacrificed on President Putin’s altar.  I only know that after all these horrors I cannot feel respect for Russians.  I doubt that we will be able to live in peace with them within one state.” ..."

...excerpt from the article:

“Guys! Don’t kill me – I have small children!” - 15 years from the tragedy in the Chechen village of Novy Aldi: 5-6 Feb. 2000     Written by Administrator  
Wednesday, 18 February 2015 17:34
by Victoria Poupko, Boston and Vladimir Krylovsky, New York
*   *   *
 "... General Wesley Clark (ret.) now openly admitting "ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies... to fight to the death against Hezbollah"....
[yea, i know, i know... Below image, gen. Clark would be happy: the Hezbollah standard saluting pope Ratzinger in Sept. 2012 in Lebanoon: "Hezbollah salutes the pope in the homeland of the coexistence]
Monday, June 16, 2014
Stalingrad - Iraq

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
A Shia genocide of Sunni in sight in Iraq?

Monday, February 16, 2015
Club Méditerranée

събота, 21 февруари 2015 г.
AskDrBrown a jesuitical crusade instigator

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  1. 1) US intervenes but...
    2) kills innocent civilians...
    3) public opinion blames USA for pursuing only "oil interests" and to be "ineffective" against ISIS in order to have the alibi for "imperialism intervention" meanwhile...
    4) the true beneficiary of ISIS remains Assad's regime, who is exempted from any kind of blame, (now putted exclusively on the account of "imperialist" USA), and continues to use ISIS as alibi for the popish CRUSADE against Sunni, another low intensity Holocaust.

    Great points bro.This clears the dust as to why the USA isn't intervening at full steam. Obama is simply constrained both by his theatrical role, but also truly politically to not drop some serious bombs over ISIS. This "middle east" cauldron really is a sort of a spinning wheel or buffer zone between Russia and USA and the divide between Shia and Sunni. And of course, madamme Israel only flirting with both, TORN between her two lovers.

    and as the timer goes to a close, comes the MIDDLE pope. Like already mentioned HEALING the divide between civilized "israel" (western catho) and barbarian (eastern ortho). But one more thing. As Pilate and Herod were traditionally much or less ENEMIES before the crucifixion of Jesus, but became FRIENDS after that we now have SHIA and SUNNI at war until the pope bites the bullet and then islam is quickly forced to unite after the widespread backlash and persecution against islam in europe (again cooked by jesuit IRA -like terrorist cells).

    I was thinking that the jesuits have provided the muslims with a very good reason to blame the west against the upcoming crusades, as ISIS is destroying muslim landmarks , boobytrapping Qurans (!) and other acts that are really inimical and repulsive to even the most radical muslim sects in the pre-ISIS era.