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....and now: BURN THE JESUIT? [about the astounding Jesuitical coincidences].

ROME — Pope Francis has formally ratified the martyrdom of the Salvadoran archbishop Óscar Romero, who was shot to death at the altar as he was saying Mass in 1980 in an act of “hatred for the faith,” the Vatican said on Tuesday.
The step opens the way for Archbishop Romero to be beatified — a process that had been blocked under Francis’s predecessors, Vatican watchers say, because of the archbishop’s leftist political stances.....".


2015 - 1980 = 35


20 + 15


"year 2015":
Thursday, January 15, 2015

...indeed a bloodshed happened, some days later after the visit of the pope to Philippines:

"....2015 Mamasapano clash

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A police operation took place on Sunday, January 25, 2015, at Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, Maguindanao, between the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) (allegedly joined by United States Army Special Forces and the Federal Bureau of Investigation) and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).
Originally a mission to serve arrest warrants for high-ranking terrorists, it led to the deaths of 44 members of SAF, 16 from MILF and BIFF and several civilians, and the death of Zulkifli Abdhir confirmed by the FBI and the PNP at 6:30pm of January 4, 2015 FBI due to his match DNA result he was the one of the wanted terrorists. The mission was called Oplan Wolverine by the PNP-SAF.[8] The incident caused the Philippine Congress to halt the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law, effectively endangering the peace process between the two sides....."

 .... "
Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines from January 15–19, 2015, is the first state and pastoral visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines."

[Oh just for a coincidence I have to go there next months] 

.... OK? 
Now again on the news of the 3rd February when it was announced the 'sanctification' of mons. Romero, but before again a little excerpt from Wikipedia....:

".......The Jordanian government now claims that al-Kasasbeh was killed on 3 January, rather than 3 February. If correct, it will indicate that the Islamic State were unable to exchange him for al-Rishawi. Also, it would explain why, when the Jordanian administration was demanding proof that he was alive in order to enact the swap, the Islamic State did not comply.[18]..........."

"... 3 February 2015 Last updated at 22:29 GMT
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Jordan pilot hostage Moaz al-Kasasbeh 'burned alive'

The BBC's Paul Adams: "The mood in Amman tonight is furious"

Next in line the Jesuit Paolo Dall'Oglio? To definitively consecrate the Jesuits, in their act of suicidal love for the Satanic power on earth, as the "Martyrs of Humanity" to whom all the humans must bow down?

Locally speaking: if the next clamorous spectacular martyrdom will involve (I just talk as from fantasy) a Jesuit priest, will the order to which he belonged appear as the "spiritual leader" of the by-the-stake "outraged moderate" SUNNI Middle East????...

Maybe the next 17th February???.... Ah just an hypothesis....

".... Le't go back to our Paolo Dall'Oglio SJ "kidnapped" by ISIS. How it will possibly end this reality film? With a Jesuit as pope, with millions of potential Catholic martyrs all around the world from Indonesia to Nigeria, from Iraq to Mexico (but martyrs of the bloody intrigues of their the same church of course), all they need in order to enter in the full Third Age of Counter Reformation is of an ideal spiritual symbol of martyrdom, given to the next millions of 'martyrs' for the cause of the papacy, as incitement to their sacrifice.       Maybe for Dall'Oglio SJ the spectacular career is not yet at the end:...."
Sunday, August 17, 2014
Paolo Dall'Oglio S.J: Production Stills/ Making Of and Candids. [*]
Here just some little examples of the Jesuits' bloody psychodrama for geo-political and geo-religious goals:
Thursday, December 19, 2013
Spanish Civil War to supply alibi for Vatican support to Nazis?

Friday, August 15, 2014
Can Jesuit cast out Jesuit?


Below a scheme of post I wanted to do to show how Jordan and all the Sunni world traditionally hostile to Assad's Sirya now cannot be anymore the enemies of Assad but join him in not only Geo-political, but also Geo-religious alliance. Shia are kept alive in order to be the intestine of the Jesuits where to digest and metabolize the Sunni world? [I have much, much more to say, sorry, no time nothing only they have resources for propaganda]. Notice how the downing of the F 16 (a LOCKHEED Martin company product, being Lockheed a Jesuit linked corporation) smells to have been planned and organized as part of a very broader scheme of Gnostic Geo-politc:


ISIS a tool to drag Jordania in the Assad's Sirya orbit.


"........ — Jordan executed two prisoners early Wednesday morning to avenge the burning alive of a Jordanian fighter pilot in a move that seemed likely to thrust the usually peaceful country into the front lines of the battle against the Islamic State.

Read more here:
“While the military forces mourn the martyr, they emphasize his blood will not be shed in vain. Our punishment and revenge will be as huge as the loss of the Jordanians,” Mamdouh al Ameri, a government spokesman, said in a statement read on Jordanian TV.
What other steps the Jordanian government might take were uncertain, but officials suggested that they would move rapidly to crack down on the group’s sympathizers and that other measures were likely, including stepping up the country’s role in the U.S.-led military coalition against the Islamic State.
The prospect of an all-out offensive against the Islamic State inside Jordan could prove unsettling to a country that has prided itself on remaining largely outside the line of fire in the region’s many wars. Even during the U.S. occupation of Iraq, Jordan remained largely free of violence, with the notable exception of a series of suicide bombings in 2005.
Al Qaida in Iraq was the precursor of the Islamic State, which now has designs to establish a caliphate that would stretch from Iraq to the Mediterranean and take in what is known as Greater Syria – which includes the modern nations of Syria, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan.....
The video and Kasasbeh’s death is likely to deeply stress Jordan’s close-knit and tribal society. Kasasbeh’s family comes from a politically powerful tribe and had become unusually vocal advocates of a trade to keep their son alive.
Yousef Kasasbeh, the pilot’s father, had demanded the release of Rishawi, describing her as “nothing,” in exchange for his son’s life, but at no time did the Islamic State promise to release Kasasbeh, but rather only promised to kill him if the exchange for Goto failed."

Read more here:

Read more here:

The pilot, Flight Lieutenant Moaz al-Kasasbeh, was seized by IS fighters after his jet crashed while conducting a bombing mission near their Syrian stronghold of Raqqa on 24 December.
His aircraft was the first from the US-led coalition against IS to be lost over the group's territory since air strikes on its positions in Syria were launched in September.
It is still not clear why the jet crashed - US officials denied IS claims that it was hit by a heat-seeking missile - but Lt Kasasbeh was found by militants and paraded on camera within hours.
In 2009, he graduated from the King Hussein Air College and joined the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF), the IS-run propaganda magazine Dabiq quoted Lt Kasasbeh as saying in an interview, the circumstances and veracity of which are not known.
After undergoing further training, he qualified as an operational pilot in 2012 and joined No 1 Squadron at the Muwaffaq Salti Air Base, which flies F-16s.
Lt Kasasbeh told Dabiq that his jet was hit by a heat-seeking missile as it flew over Raqqa province as part of a mission to destroy anti-aircraft batteries.
"I checked the system display and it indicated that the engine was damaged and burning. The plane began to deviate from its normal flight path, so I ejected."...."

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Is al-Baghdadi a [Jesuit] CIA blackmail to FSB/GRU?


  1. Islam unifying under banners of "moderateness". The sunni tentacles south and the shia tentacles west spreading. Shoebat is right about this. Even japan has gained dividents for its militarization from ISIS:

    But notice also in Egypt Al Azhar condemning ISIS. This may have to do with it (in the eyes of the public) giving a bad name to the MB, not secularist illusions. But ISIS secretly benefits the MB, because makes them look innocuous.

    And of course all of this involves the stirring ot sunni and shia against Saudi Arabia as supporter of ISIS and destabilizatior of the area. Recent news:

    Saudi Oil Is Seen as Lever to Pry Russian Support From Syria’s Assad

    1. SA helped very much FSB & GRU in to create the ''foreign islamic terrorism'' in Chechnya, an alibi for the invasion and the rise on power of Putin's group of former KGB.


      . . .

    3. ".......Chechen leader blames US & Western intel for Islamic State terrorists
      Published time: February 06, 2015 10:26
      Get short URL
      Kadyrov also suggested the West was backing IS in order to distract public attention from numerous problems in the Middle East, in the hope of destroying Islamic nations from inside.

      Ramzan Kadyrov is a devoted Muslim known for his staunch support of believers and his opposition of radical movements within Islam.In September last year, he vowed to destroy the Islamic State, after the group threatened to attack Russia. The threat surfaced in a video message and was a reply to Moscow’s support of Bashar Assad.

      Unfortunately we are not aware of the use by GRU/FSB of ISIS, in order to manipulate Muslims withing and near the borders of Russian Federation.
      Significantly an article of the same day of the one before:

      ".............Akhmed Zakayev: ‘Assassins of Ramzan Kadyrov’s father are in Moscow’ (Exclusive) PDF Print E-mail
      Friday, 06 February 2015 19:04
      ‘Ramzan Kadyrov is not an independent man, he says what he is ordered to say.

      He is fully manipulated by the Kremlin,’ said to Azeri Daily Akhmed Zakayev,

      a former foreign minister of Chechnya under Dudayev, who now lives in London.

      The former leader, who still has considerable influence among the Chechens, believes that the responsibility for

      everything that happened and what is happening in the occupied territory of Chechnya lies with Moscow.’

      ‘The Chechen people were occupied and destroyed. This poor people went through deception and violence.

      We bow our heads before all Chechens dead, whether they are on the one side or the other; they are all ours.

      We are fighting for the life of every Chechen and do everything possible to save these poor people.

      In fact, besides Kadyrov’s milieu, who is supported by no more than one percent of the population, the rest are

      destitute, living below the poverty line, constantly being in a critical situation. Security and stability in

      Chechnya is possible only in an independent Chechen state,’ he said.

      Zakayev called Ramzan Kadyrov short-sighted, unlike his father.

      I knew Akhmad Kadyrov personally. He was the mufti of Chechnya during Dudayev. This man knew that

      only Chechens should dispose of oil and other riches and they should have the right to their own opinion on

      the development. For this he was assassinated. Ramzan Kadyrov is well aware that the killers of his father

      are in Moscow. Apparently, the fear that he will share his father’s fate makes him grovel more before his

      masters,’ clearly stated Zakayev.

      It should be noted that Kadyrov recently took over the role of the ‘Kremlin’s mouthpiece’

      as well, thus taking away the laurels of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. ....".

  2. Btw the new imam of al-Azhar University graduated the sorbonne. . . .

    He is considered to be one of the most moderate Sunni clerics in Egypt.[1] El-Tayeb holds a Ph. D in Islamic philosophy from the Paris-Sorbonne University, and has been president of Al-Azhar University since 2003

    1. If i am not wrong, also Jesuit Retlinger graduated in the same university.
      And the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who had to appear among the Nazi criminal in the Nuremberg trial, escaped the post-war justice just in the city of Paris...


    Pentagon 2008 study claims Putin has Asperger's syndrome

    1. This may be in line to prepare the fall of Putin in the Western world opinion and substitute him with a Catholic 'Romanov' who loves Tridentine mass, as you already exposed in Leviathan post

    2. That ''failed neurological development'' is more an allusion to the failed full acceptance of sin and related perfidy.

      As you already pointed out, the character of Putin is based on the honorlike the typical JAPANEESE character.
      He could have been a typical ''protestant lord protector'' but the Jesuits' geo political craftiness made out of him a,,lod protector'' of the fetus of Cathorthodox church.

    3. Its only that "honour" according to them doesnt exist without Popery, and even there it is only another commodity dispensed by the pope. Putin as a character has two phases. In the first he is what you call "lord protector" or simply a authoritarian father.In russia they call him "uncle vova". In the second he transforms into Hitler ver. 2.0. to show there are no other fathers but the pope and the children on his lap- the kings.

    4. Putin represents "sin" in the sense of "ignorance", of course as an archontic puppet. That is why he will be "devolving" or becoming more ignorant, thinking he is the only and highest ruler (as in gnostic theology).

    5. ''Because they have forgotten the blood spilled for the freedom of religion. Because they listen to their jesuit mentored bible college teachers and not the Bible.''.

      Practically i recognize they have built around me a psychiatric environment aimed to destroy psychically my person, basing exactly on the above quoted scheme coming from the above mentioned artcle.

      Italian state, a banana republic of Vatican, is a rough state.

    6. Sorry this is the right comment, above it a mistake:

      Instead, Porges said, his analysis was that U.S. officials needed to find quieter settings in which to deal with Putin, whose behavior and facial expressions reveal someone who is defensive in large social settings. Although these features are observed in Asperger's, they are also observed in individuals who have difficulties staying calm in social settings and have low thresholds to be reactive. "If you need to do things with him, you don't want to be in a big state affair but more of one-on-one situation someplace somewhere quiet," he said.''.


    7. "If you need to do things with him, you don't want to be in a big state affair but more of one-on-one situation someplace somewhere quiet," he said.''.…

      practically they have surrounded me with an ideologically hostile environment built with Fascist /Anarchists haters of the Bible.

      This is called ''psychiatric engeneering"of social context of the targeted victim.

      The city of Trieste is par excellence the capital of psychiatry not only in Italy but also in the old Austrian-Hungary empire.
      Not for nothing this city is an European capital of the Gnosticism and Satanism as exposed in my Novo Ordo Seclorum blog.

  4. more gifts from CIA to GRU/FSB:

    If SA, the biggest enemy of Iran (and hence Russia) ordered 9/11, then Russia's hands are clean in the Al Qaeda (also in MB, and ISIS)

    1. ".....The Qaeda member, Zacarias Moussaoui, wrote last year to Judge George B. Daniels of United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, who is presiding over a lawsuit filed against Saudi Arabia by relatives of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.....".

      They murdered 3,000 people in the 911 attack and weren't able to shut the mouth of this guy?.. of all the ones who are in contact with the "truth"???... Or it just because they need to spread such truth? Like on the 11 September they needed a clear sky in order that everyone could see the "lateral explosions"????

      The date of news is again.... ---> FEB. 3, 2015.

      With an EGYPTIAN arming (= RUSSIAN weapons) campaign funded by SAUDI ARABIA, with an "Iraqi" Al Qaeda built up by EGYPTIAN guys....

      "....."Mashadani confirms that al-Masri and the foreign leaders with whom he surrounds himself, not Iraqis, made the operational decisions" for Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia
      The ruse, Bergner said, was devised by Abu Ayub al-Masri, the EGYPTIAN-born leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, who was trying to mask the dominant role that foreigners play in that insurgent organization...."
      ...quoted in:

      FSB/GRU trained/adviced Al Qaeda boss, Al Zawahiri, is pure EGYPTIAN guy.

      Saudi Arabia is officially married with USA, but secretly goes in bed with Putin etc., like Egypt of SISI. The most Saudi Arabia accept on herself the blame for "funding Al Qaeda", the most Putin's Russia is free from the accusation and therefore deserve to Saudi Arabia a
      favorable treatment.

    2. Indeed, all of these recent news are to remove suspicion from Russia in the affairs of the southern Levant, nothing more, nothing less. And to consolidate "moderate" - future caliphate islam agains the "fingers of western services"

    3. breaking news, Catholic churches 'attack' cause protests in India --->

      "........Police in the Indian capital, Delhi, have detained dozens of people who were protesting against recent attacks on churches in the city.

      There have been five attacks on churches in Delhi since December.

      Christian groups accuse hardline Hindus of carrying out the attacks, but police say there is little evidence for this.

      Some protesters have accused India's Hindu nationalist BJP government of not doing enough to reassure the city's Christian minority.

      Thursday's protest came after a church in Delhi was vandalised on Monday, and an unexplained fire gutted another in December.

      Protesters carrying placards reading "Enough is Enough, What are police doing?" gathered outside the city's main CATHOLIC Sacred Heart Cathedral in central New Delhi."

    4. news of today the one of the Catholic protest in Delhi :

      5 February 2015 Last updated at 09:48 GMT
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      Fresh protest against Delhi church attacks

    5. Ayman al-Zawahiri: EGYPT
      Khalid al-Habib: EGYPT
      Saif al-Adel: EGYPT
      Mustafa Hamid: EGYPT

      in the article:

      7 December 2014 Last updated at 00:03 GMT

      Al-Qaeda's remaining leaders

      Al-Qaeda has evolved as prominent figures are killed - including, of course, its leader Osama Bin Laden in 2011 - and the geographical focus of militant activity shifts.

      Here we profile some of the most prominent names:

      Noteworthy Saif al-Adel:

      "......He is suspected of being a member of the group which assassinated former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.

      In 1987, Egypt accused Adel of trying to establish a military wing of the militant Islamic group al-Jihad, and of trying to overthrow the government.

      He is believed to have been involved in the 1998 US embassy bombings in East Africa, training the Somali fighters who killed 18 US servicemen in Mogadishu in 1993, and instructing some of the 11 September 2001 hijackers.

      Following the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, Adel is believed to have fled to Iran with Suleiman Abu Ghaith and Saad Bin Laden, a son of the late al-Qaeda leader. They were allegedly then held under house arrest by the Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). Iran has never acknowledged their presence......"

      It was surely an interest of Russia the assassination of Sadat in 1981. Therefore it confirmed that the Sunni terrorism is a tool of the foreign policy of former USSR, today's Putin's Russia:

      "....Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri organized an al-Qaeda congress on June 24, 1998. A week prior to the beginning of the conference, a group of well-armed al-Zawahiri's assistants had left by jeeps in the direction of Herat. Following the instructions of their patron, in the town of Koh-i-Doshakh they met three unknown Slavic-looking men who had arrived from Russia via Iran. After their arrival in Kandahar, they split up. One of the Russians was directly escorted to al-Zawahiri and he did not participate in the conference. The Western intelligence succeeded in acquiring photographs of him, but he disappeared for six years. According to Axis Globe, in 2004, when Qatar and U.S. investigated Russian embassy officials whom the United Arab Emirates had arrested in connection to the murder of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar, computer software precisely established that a man who had walked to the Russian embassy in Doha was the same one who visited al-Zawahiri prior to the Al-Qaida conference.[58]...".

    6. Probably Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev knew too much about the involvement of FSB/GRU in the Islamic International Terrorism and Al Qaeda, and was eliminated, in order he could not bring info to Qatar, yes in very good relation with IRAN and therefore not a sworn enemy of Moscow, but it better to keep a potential ally with the less possible info about the home "Islamic" terrorism of Putin's Russia?

      "....On February 13, 2004, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev was killed when a bomb ripped through his SUV in the Qatari capital, Doha. Yandarbiyev was seriously wounded and died in hospital. His 13-year old son Daud was seriously injured.[6] Some, but not all, reports said two of his bodyguards were killed, but this has not been confirmed.
      The day after the attack, Qatari authorities arrested three Russians in a Russian embassy villa. One of them, the first secretary of the Russian Embassy in Qatar, Aleksandr Fetisov, was released in March due to his diplomatic status and the remaining two, the GRU agents Anatoly Yablochkov (also known as Belashkov) and Vasily Pugachyov (sometimes misspelled as Bogachyov), were charged with the assassination of Yandarbiyev, an assassination attempt of his son Daud Yandarbiyev, and smuggling weapons into Qatar.....".

      And now read again the above excerpt on Al Zawahiri and all appears clearer --->

      "....After their arrival in Kandahar, they split up. One of the Russians was directly escorted to al-Zawahiri and he did not participate in the conference. ......".

  5. ".......February 05, 2015, Thursday/ 01:08:35/ REUTERS / ABU DHABI
    The United Arab Emirates has withdrawn from flying air strikes in the US-led international coalition campaign against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) fighters, who are occupying parts of Iraq and Syria, US officials said on Wednesday.

    The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the UAE had suspended its participation in the air campaign because of concern for pilots' safety after a Jordanian Air Force plane went down over Syria on Dec. 24..........."

  6. ISIS is the consolidation tool/gravitational force for islam
    and islam is the consolidation tool for "Christendom" (holy roman empire)

    1. Worsening of Ukrainian crisis + victory of Tsipras = coordinated?

      Tsipras/Orthodox Greece will represent the begin of a "1905 European Revolution" with which to 'baptise' what you called the Cathorthodox church? (anyway always under the control of Jeuits)?
      "....Father Gapon was born in what is now Ukraine to a family of peasants.".

    2. ????!!!! --->

      ".....Father Gapon, under the financial support of Colonel Motojiro Akashi of the Imperial Japanese Army[2] organized the Assembly of Russian Factory and Mill Workers of St. Petersburg, which was also patronized by the Department of the Police and the St. Petersburg Okhrana (secret police). ........".

    3. "........Akashi was sent as an itinerant military attaché in Europe at the end of 1900, visiting Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, staying in France in 1901, and moving to Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1902. As a member of the Japanese Secret Intelligence Services, Akashi was involved in setting up an intricate espionage network in all major European cities, using specially trained operatives under various covers, members of locally-based Japanese merchants and workers, and local people either sympathetic to Japan, or willing to be cooperative for a price.

      In the period of growing tensions before the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War, Akashi had a discretionary budget of 1 million yen (an incredible sum of money in contemporary terms) to gather information on Russian troop movements, naval developments, and to support Russian revolutionaries, in particular Litvinoff, Orlovsky, and Lenin.
      Akashi helped funnel funds and arms to selected groups of Russian anarchists, the secessionists in Finland and Poland, and disaffected Moslem groups in the Crimea and Russian Turkestan. Akashi is also known to have met with Konni Zilliacus in Stockholm as well as Lenin, then in exile in Switzerland. It is widely believed in Japan that Akashi was behind the assassination of Russian Interior Minister Vyacheslav von Plehve (whom many in Japan held responsible for the war), as well as supporting Father George Gapon who had organized the Bloody Sunday Uprising[3] and the Potemkin Mutiny...."

    4. You can see how this can be exploited by the future vatican monarchy in Russia to point a finger at japan for historically supporting the bolsheviks and indirectly their heirs, the putins. After all, putin called Nicholas II "bloody nicholas" (same as communists do).

      Although japan is now supporting Ukraine . . . .

    5. Shoebat is only the speaking tongue on the top of this colossal evil iceberg.
      I wish to know the Jesuit in Japan, influencing the government, their role in to push japan foreign policy in the desired direction, preparing for that country the future psyco-dramatic role

    6. For example the jesuits were the owners of the harbour of Nagasaki.
      How much did that influence the Japan foreign policy?

    7. I don't know much about japanese politics, but their pop culture has been soaked in anti-christian themes(gnosticism) and nihilism.
      Catholic wife of Abe:

      From VA, a powerful political family, Hatoyama:

      Kazuo was a graduate of Yale University


      During and after the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, Takahashi raised foreign loans that were critical to Japan's war effort. He met personally with American financier Jacob Schiff, who floated half of Japan's loans in the U.S. He also raised loans from the Rothschild family in Britain.

    9. And these

      This one is "baptist mason"

      Ichirō was a Master Mason and a Protestant Christian (Baptist).

      LOL the jesuit fingers all over this sentence

    10. I forgot that EJP's VA is a good source of information as regard documents, forgotten or destroyed by the Jesuit Aggression for world dominance (WDG):

      Chapter 8
      The Jesuits — 1614 – 1867; 1941
      Expelled from Japan; Assassination of Emperor Komei
      Warlord Emperor Meiji, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Iwakura Tomomi
      Masonic Emperor Hirohito, Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Kido Koichi
      and Fascist Puppet Tojo Hideki, “the Sword of the Church”
      “Rome is now egging on Japan to annex Mexico, seize on the Philippines,
      on Hawaii and Alaska, to wipe off the United States of America from the
      map of the world’s great powers [as the Jesuits have controlled the
      Emperor’s court since no later than 1868]. While our Presidents [Taft and
      Wilson] are attending mass the Jap and other foreign emissaries in America
      are busy stealing plans from the Navy Department [which would be secretly
      working with Japanese Intelligence via the Jesuit Order by 1941] and
      studying every weak spot in our National armor, to report thereon promptly
      and fully to hostile governments. . . . Will America’s army, papalized and
      foreignised, be so weakened and emasculated by Romanistic control as to
      make it easy prey for the perfidious Jap!” [Is this not how Rome is using
      China, whose Navy, according to the Jesuit-ruled BBC, has been practicing
      (as of January, 2002) in the Straits of Formosa for the West Coast Invasion
      of North America?] {1} [Emphasis added]
      Jeremiah J. Crowley, 1913
      American Ex-Irish Priest
      The Pope—Chief of White Slavers,
      High Priest of Intrigue
      “The next step in the Vatican’s Great Scheme is to make war between this
      country and Japan after the latter country has been placed under full
      dominance of the Jesuits. . . . The writer was told by a Japanese Christian
      minister . . . that the Roman Church had gotten into his country under the
      guise of Mohammedanism . . . the Roman Catholic politician, [SMOM]
      James Phelan . . . sent to the United States Senate in 1913 . . . has been a
      prime mover in the anti-Jap agitation [even as the Jesuit Order’s Council
      on Foreign Relations, including Fox News Network, is behind the presentday
      anti-Moslem agitation] . . .” {2} [Emphasis added]
      Miss Burke McCarty, 1924
      Protestant American and Ex-Romanist
      The Suppressed Truth About the
      Assassination of Abraham Lincoln......".

    11. I always wondered if the collapse of EJP's image among the anti-Jesuiter was a calculated effect also to make sink much very important info he gathered in his book.

      I remember well that the ONLY true belief of EJP, continually praised even after his fall in disgrace, was his anti-Sunni and pro-Shia stance.

      Too much suspicious to not have at least an hypothesis about.

    12. Vatican Assassins 3rd Edition (Reformatted 2010).pdf

      Free download:

    13. I better understand the hate of Catho-Islam Shoebat:

      "....Religious rivalries

      Adams, a Protestant, was seen as a rival by the Portuguese and other Catholic religious orders in Japan. After Adams' power had grown, the Jesuits attempted first to convert him, then offered to secretly bear him away from Japan on a Portuguese ship. The fact that the Jesuits were willing to disobey the orders set down by Ieyasu that Adams might not leave Japan betray the degree to which they feared his growing influence. Catholic priests insisted that he was using this influence to discredit them. In 1614, Carvalho complained of Adams and other merchants in his annual letter to the Pope, saying that "by false accusation [Adams and others] have rendered our preachers such objects of suspicion that he [Ieyasu] fears and readily believes that they are rather spies than sowers of the Holy Faith in his kingdom." [11][12]

      Ieyasu, influenced by Adams' counsels and social trouble caused by the numerous Catholic converts, expelled the Jesuits from Japan in 1614 and demanded the Japanese Catholics abandon their faith. Adams also apparently warned Ieyasu against Spanish approaches."

    14. Again on EJP's VA III ed. on "William Adams" --->

      "......Chapter 8
      The Jesuits — 1614 – 1867; 1941
      Remembering the purpose of the Jesuit Order, it set out to conquer the Far
      East, particularly Japan, and upon that victory, the Chinese Empire. First came the
      priests, and then came the foreign soldiers. In attempting to capture Japan with
      Francis Xavier arriving in 1549, the Jesuits converted many of the Japanese lords
      called “daimyo.” The sect most subservient to the Order was the Choshu Clan, later
      banished for centuries. The Jesuits then incited them to destroy hundreds of Buddhist
      temples and slaughter the priests. But it came to pass that the risen Son of God would
      send a Protestant sea captain to the court of the Emperor’s shogun. Having saved
      William Adams from being crucified by the Jesuits, the shogun Iyeyasu held many
      interviews with the mariner. There he learned of the Order’s bloody history including
      the extermination of the West Indian races and of the Inquisition in Spain. As a
      result, the Englishman rose to extraordinary favor and was created a Samurai........".

    15. continuing with EJP's VA on Jesuits in Japan, it clearly seen that Japaneese were not fighting the Christians, but the CATHOLICISM:

      "............The shogun then purposed to resist the Pope’s political agenda of the Roman
      Catholic Hierarchy guided by the Jesuits and their evil Council of Trent. We read:
      “From the beginning of his reign Iyeyasu had been organizing and unifying
      his empire and establishing his power to cope with the foreign conspirators.
      In 1606 he issued an edict forbidding further mission work and proclaiming
      that those who had adopted Christianity must abandon it. By Christianity
      he meant what Voltaire meant by “the Infamous,” the intriguing system of
      Rome which aimed at the overthrow of the native government and the
      sectarian domination of the country.” {3} [Emphasis added]
      With this understanding, by 1642 the Tokugawa shoguns, Iyeyasu (1603-
      1616), Hidetada (1616-1623) and Iyemitsu (1623-1651), successfully expelled the
      last Jesuits with their minions, the Spanish and the Portuguese, allowing only the
      Protestant Dutch to trade with the Empire until 1854!".

    16. yes, and if you compare jesuitism with japanese society you can quickly see the incompatibility. the japanese society based on honour, true piety (although not christian), openness and austerity, compared with the jesuitical manipulations and machinations behind curtains and controlling of wealth and pomp, emotional blackmailing etc.

      Martin Scorcese has chosen the right time - the now initiated by jesuits japanese expansionism,militarization and rejection of westernity, to produce his ANTIJAPANESE movie about the jesuits - Silence (2016)

      Recall also Angelina Jolie with her movie about WW2 "Unbroken" where the american-ITALIAN POWS were forced to communicate propaganda from japan , EXACTLY LIKE ISIS DO TODAY. Movie is from 2014 and Jolie met the pope

    17. probably a miracle

      After the war ended, Fuchida became a Christian evangelist and traveled through the United States and Europe to tell his story. He settled permanently in the United States but never became a U.S. citizen.[2]

    18. " the american-ITALIAN POWS were forced to communicate propaganda from japan , EXACTLY LIKE ISIS DO TODAY."

      ....and then they activate their Shoebats pumping some hatred towards Christians, masking it with the anti-Islamic crusade: "join us or you are an heretic".

      Here's how the Catholic church recognizes and enjoys relations with the greates supporter of Hama$ so blamed by the Shoebat's blatantism:

      [notice the gender of the Qatar's diplomatic ambassador, in perfect Gnostic relation]

      "....Vatican's Secretary of State Meets Qatar's Ambassador
      Published 12/25/2014
      The Vatican/ Information Office/ 25 December 2014/ The Vatican's Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin met here with HE Qatar's non-resident Ambassador to the Vatican Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Thani.
      During the meeting, they reviewed bilateral relations between the two countries and ways of boosting them."

      "...........Pope Francis Awards Qatari Ambassador Vatican Official Medal
      Published 10/23/2013 "

    19. "yes, and if you compare jesuitism with japanese society you can quickly see the incompatibility. "

      there are few truths of higher value than this one!

      All the efforts of the Society of Devil founded by Ignatius (Ignatius=to ignite as you recalled) Loyola have been aimed to reverse the beginning of that alliance and sympathy with the Protestant world started with William Adams. The most important goal of the Devilish Jesuits was to put enmity between Protestant USA & Japan, as a way to "seal with an hot iron" the spiritual heart of Japanese in order to vaccinate them against the Christendom from USA.
      The decision to launch two nukes on Japan was a pure Counter-Reformation perfidy of the Jesuits.

    20. Yes, because the only way to bury the memories of jesuit machinations and the sights of philippines spanish iniqusition burning and flogging of heretics, is to melt several thousand people in a ball of fire. The fire of the a-bombs, the napalm attacks of vietnam etc are only the gnostic parody of the lake of fire, naturally for propaganda purposes in Asia.

    21. Like they bury the inqusition with the murders by ISIS
      And the middle age holocaust with the jewish one

  7. Soon to explode war? I believe Tsipras in agreement with Vatican & Putin's Russia:

    "....Putin Invites Greece's Tsipras To Russia Amid Ukraine, Economic Talks
    By Dennis Lynch @neato_itsdennis on February 05 2015 11:09 AM
    Russian President Vladimir Putin invited newly elected Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to visit Moscow as a gesture of good will after the two leaders discussed expanding ties between their economically deflated countries in a phone call Thursday. Greece’s controversial anti-austerity prime minister is expected to visit Russia May 9.

    The leaders’ discussion focused partly on possible routes to send Russian natural gas through Greece into the rest of the European Union, the state-owned news service Sputnik reported. Russia previously sent a large proportion of its gas through Ukraine to Europe, but the conflict between the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed rebels has put that arrangement on hold.

    Russia wants to build a new gas route through TURKEY that would carry 50 billion cubic meters of fuel to Europe every year. Russian and Turkish officials are reportedly working out the technical aspects of the ambitious project, which would see gas pumped between the countries under the Black Sea. The gas could then potentially be pumped through Greece...."

  8. Some on the Soviet/Russians and the benefit of Islamic terrorism for the Russian international policy - Sadat:

    "......KGB operatives used disinformation not only directly against Western governments, but also against governments not following pro-Soviet policies. For example, KGB operatives used disinformation tactics in attempts to destabilize Egyptian president Anwar Sadat for his increasingly pro-Western policies by issuing false statements and writing attributed to Islamist fundamentalists. The disinformation not only contributed to the assassination of Sadat, but also helped fuel Islamist terrorism.

    Read more:

    "..........Just after that war, a weakened Nasser granted more concessions to the Soviets, but his successor Anwar Sadat soon turned toward the United States. Although the Soviets spied effectively on his secret communications with the Americans, they chose not to support actively pro-Moscow Egyptians plotting a coup against Sadat, and so, were powerless to stop him. The KGB restricted itself to forging documents to persuade Sadat that the Americans were tricking him and portraying Egypt's leader in non-Egyptian Arab media as the dupe of Jewish bankers, a CIA agent, a sexual deviant, a drug addict, and mentally ill. Sadat so infuriated KGB officials, some advocated his assassination. Moscow was never directly involved in such an effort but knew its contacts in Syrian intelligence and the Palestine Liberation Organization were, though Islamists beat them to it in 1981............"