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SAUDI ARABIA financing the alliance of Egypt with .... RUSSIA:

"...Sophisticated Russian S-400 missiles for Iran under new military pact, S-300s for Egypt, Syria, Hizballah
DEBKAfile Special Report January 21, 2015, 11:26 AM (IDT)
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Five months ago, Moscow signed a huge $3.5 bn arms deal with Egypt, financed by Saudi Arabia. This closed the Egyptian military market to the US munitions industry.

KSA, UAE to finance Russian arms deal with Egypt
Fri, 07/02/2014 - 15:06
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Al-Masry Al-Youm
Egypt has concluded a UAE- and Saudi Arabia-financed arms deal with Russia worth of US$2 billion, a senior official source told Al-Masry Al-Youm, noting that the Egyptian and Russian sides agreed on all details related to the agreement over the past weeks.

The source, who asked not to be named, said the two gulf kingdoms played a vital role in sealing the deal.

The official revealed that the first tranche of Russian weapons to Egypt will be delivered before mid 2014.The delivery and payments will both be phased, he explained.

In mid November 2013, Russia declared receiving an Egyptian offer to buy advanced defense systems, military helicopters, Meg 29 aircrafts and anti-tank missiles all worth of $2 billion.

Saudi Arabia and UAE, along with Kuwait, have been Egypt's top Arab financiers following the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsy with financial and in-kind aid worth of $12 billion.

 Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm
My darlings, this is the SMOKING GUN which proves that the "anti-Zionists", the "anti-CIA", the "anti-USA" are only macabre murderous (see Israel Shamir) clowns dancing and screaming to generate the cloud of dusts to hide the fact that the "enemy" (USA  & allies) is working for the "liberator of the world" (Putin's Russia & allies).

 Pls let me place here still a quote, I can't resist...:

Russia, Egypt seal preliminary arms deal worth $3.5 billion: agency

MOSCOW Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:16am EDT
 Russia's President Vladimir Putin (L) and his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah al-Sisi attend a welcoming ceremony onboard guided missile cruiser Moskva at the Black Sea port of Sochi, August 12, 2014.
Credit: Reuters/Alexei Druzhinin/RIA Novosti/Kremlin

 вторник, 20 януари 2015 г.
....and below another crucial post by Stilianov. You will see mentioned general Al SISI. A man with a central role in the Russian-Egyptian MILITARY agreement. After having read the Christo Stiliyanov's following article and having being put in knowledge with the facts presented in this post, you'll have even less doubts about ISIS terrorism as a Jesuit-Kremlin smelling affair...:
 сряда, 21 януари 2015 г.
The society of Jesus and their SISI poking the islamic beast

 Saturday, January 17, 2015
CHARLIE HEBDO - A JESUIT RETALIATION? [General Superior ordered it - "Islamist" GRU performed it?]

 Well, the army deal RUSSIA-EGYPT was in strict connection with the coupe with which Morsi was overthrow. 

"....In mid November 2013, Russia declared receiving an Egyptian offer to buy advanced defense systems, military helicopters, Meg 29 aircrafts and anti-tank missiles all worth of $2 billion....."
 Remember that Morsi and the Muslim Brootherhood wanted to do the holy war against Assad. For this reason the Roman Catholic US administration supported the military coupe against the Muslim Brootherhood.

See Global Research contradicting himself and quoted by RUSSIA TODAY  (with the below quoted horror-article of Israel Shamir):

“......Was Washington behind Egypt’s coup d’etat?
Michel Chossudovsky
Published time: July 05, 2013 13:56
From the outset of the “Arab Spring”,  the Obama administration’s objective was to undermine secular governments in the Middle East and North Africa and install a model “Islamic State”, which would serve US geopolitical and corporate interests ...(.....).....Let us be under no illusions.  While there are important divisions within the military, Egypt’s top brass ultimately take their orders from the Pentagon. General Al Sisi was in permanent liaison by telephone with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel  (right together with Al Sisi) from the very outset of the protest movement. Press reports confirm that he consulted him several times in the days leading up to the Coup d’Etat.  It is highly unlikely that General Al Sisi would have acted without a "green light” from the Pentagon.

  Well, many sources of information, "anti-USA", "anti-Israel", are living in a Western world where many people have been murdered in the most strange way in order to shut their mouth, but they are still alive. Who is protecting Global Research, Alex Jones, Michael Chossudovski, and many many many others, if not the same CIA???

 Israel Shamir Roman Catholic supporter of PEDOPHILIA (as he saluted with joy the massacre at the Charlie Hebdò) and open haters of Christians (Huguenots):

Trolling Russia. Russia will not Support the US-NATO-Israel Crusade against the Middle East

 118  5

Russian-Western relations: Courting the bear
The edifice of the post-1991 world order is collapsing right before our eyes. President Putin’s decision to give a miss to the Auschwitz pilgrimage, right after his absence in Paris at Charlie festival, gave it the last shove. It was good clean fun to troll Russia, as long as she stayed the course. Not anymore. Russia broke the rules.
Until now, Russia, like a country bumpkin in Eton, tried to belong. It attended the gathering of the grandees where it was shunned, paid its dues to European bodies that condemned it, patiently suffered ceaseless hectoring of the great powers and irritating baiting of the East European small-timers alike. But something broke there. The lad does not want to belong anymore; he picked up his stuff and went home. Just when they needed him to kneel in Auschwitz.
The Auschwitz gathering is an annual Canossa of the Western leaders where they bewail their failure to protect the Jews and swear their perennial obedience to them. This is a more important religious rite in our days, the One Ring to rule them all, established in 2001, when the Judeo-American empire reached the pinnacle of its power. The Russian leader duly attended the events. This year, they will have to do without him. Israeli ministers already have expressed their deep dissatisfaction for this although it was Russia’s Red Army that saved the Jews in Auschwitz. 

It was Jesuit trained and perhaps a Jesuit priest Joseph Stalin to cause the defeat of the Red Army at the beginning of the operation Barbarossa, in order to let the Nazi secretly allied forces to penetrate deeply in Russia and to 'clean' it from any Jewish presence, leaving the barbaric Jesuit Stalin with the 'clean' hand, in order then to hit with an ultimate stab the Jews the same, with the teathrical coupe of a "Stalin who liberate Auschwitz". But it was more thanks Stalin than to the SS (who were only the manpower) if the Western Russia was cleaned from the Jews.

Absence of Russia turns theHolocaust memorial day into a parochial, West-only, event. Worse, Russia’s place will be taken byUkraine, with its Nazi-glorifying regime.
This comes after the French Charlie demo, also spurned by Russia. The West hinted that Russia’s sins would be forgiven, up to a point, if she joined, first the demo, and later, the planned anti-terrorist coalition, but Russia did not take the bait. This was a visible change, for previously, Russian leaders eagerly participated in such events and voted for West-sponsored resolutions. In 2001, Putin fully supported George Bush’s War on Terrorism in the UN and on the ground. As recently as 2011, Russia agreed with sanctions against North Korea and Iran. As for coming to a demonstration, the Russians could always be relied upon. This time, the Russians did not come, excepting the token presence of the foreign minister Mr. Lavrov. This indomitable successor of Mr. Nyet had left the event almost immediately and went – to pray in the Russian church, in a counter-demonstration, of sorts, againstCharlie. By going to the church, he declared that he is not Charlie.
For the Charlie Hebdo magazine was (and probably is) explicitly anti-Christian as well as anti-Muslim. One finds there some most obnoxious cartoons offending the Virgin and Christ, as well as the pope and the Church. (They never offended Jews, somehow). 

Israel Shamir is a Nazi with a Jewish name.  Of course they never offended the Jews. Because the Roman Catholic church offended theme with centuries of persecutions.

A Russian blogger who’s been exposed to this magazine for the first time, wrote on his page: I am ashamed that the bastards were dealt with byMuslims, not by Christians. This was quite a common feeling in Moscow these days. The Russians could not believe that such smut could be published and defended as a right of free speech. People planned a demo against that Charlie, but City Hall forbade it.

Instead I cannot believe how the condoning murders by Israel Shamir could be published and tolerated as his "right of free speech". Israel Shamir simply claim the "right of free assassination". He  is a man who  is quite an ignorant or a man who deceives. He should know well that the virgin Mary, Catholicism, the Jesus Christ of Catholicism, the pope are the exact OPPOSITE of the Christendom. Truly he is a man of the assassin Counter Reformation. A nostalgic of the St. Bartholomew night.

Remember, a few years ago, that Pussy Riot profaned the St Saviour of Moscow in the way that Femen had profaned some great European cathedrals, from Notre Dame de Paris to Strasbourg. The Russian government did not wait for vigilante justice being meted upon the viragos, but had given them up to two years of prison. At the same time, the Russian criminal law has been changed to include ‘sacrilege’ among ordinary crimes, by general consent. The Russians do feel about their faith more strongly than what EC rulers prescribe.

Isreael Shamir is a friend of the Inquisition. An agit-prop for the mass murder of Christians labelled as "heretic" because they righteously offended the Antichrist, or the pope of Rome, considering him a creation of Satan.

In Charlie’s France, Hollande’s regime frogmarched the unwilling people into a quite unnecessary gay marriage law, notwithstanding one-million-strong demonstrations of Catholics. The Femen despoiling the churches were never punished; but a church warden who tried to prevent that, was heavily fined. France has a long anti-Christian tradition, usually described as “laic”, and its grand anti-Church coalition of Atheists, Huguenots and Jews coalesced in the Dreyfus Affair days. Thus Lavrov’s escape to the church was a counter-demonstration, saying: Russia is for Christ, and Russia is not againstMuslims.

Another smoking gun. As rats are nested in the sewer and cannot be else than the vectors of the plagues of those holes, so the "truth-sayers", "anti-USA" and "anti-Western" who are praising Putin as new "savior" of the world (but we ll see how the story will finish ...) cannot be else than the vectors of Putin's religious plagues and syphilis, the syphilis of the Jesuits' Counter Reformation and of the Gnostic Front with which the Catholic church seek to re-unite with every daughter by her generated along 17 centuries of bloody history.

While the present western regime is anti-Christian and anti-Muslim, it is pro-Jewish to an extent that defies a rational explanation. France had sent thousands of soldiers and policemen to defend Jewish institutions, though this defence antagonises their neighbours. While Charlie are glorified for insultingChristians and Muslims, Dieudonné has been sent to jail for annoying Jews. Actually, Charlie Hebdo dismissed a journalist for one sentence allegedly disrespectful for Jews. This unfairness is a source of aggravation: Muslims were laughed out of court when they complained against particularly vileCharlie’s cartoons, but Jews almost always win when they go to the court against their denigrators. (Full disclosure: I was also sued by LICRA, the French Jewish body, while my French publisher was devastated by their legal attacks).
The Russians don’t comprehend the Western infatuation with Jews, for Russian Jews are well assimilated and integrated in general society. The narrative of Holocaust is not popular in Russia for a simple reason: so many Russians of every ethnic background lost their lives in the war, that there is no reason to single out Jews as supreme victims. Millions died at the siege of Leningrad; Belarus lost a quarter of its population. More importantly, Russians feel no guilt regarding Jews: they treated them fairly and saved them from the Nazis. For them, the Holocaust is a Western narrative, as foreign as JeSuisCharlie. With drifting of Russia out of Western consensus, there is no reason to maintain it.
This does not mean the Jews are discriminated against. The Jews of Russia are doing very well, thank you, without Holocaust worship: they occupy highest positions in the Forbes list of Russia’s rich, with a capital of $122 billion, while all rich ethnic Russians own $165 billion, according to the Jewish-owned resource. Jews run the most celebrated media shows in prime time on the state TV; they publish newspapers; they have full and unlimited access to Putin and his ministers; they usually have their way when they want to get a plot of land for their communal purposes. And anti-Semitic propaganda is punishable by law – like anti-Christian or anti-Muslim abuse, but even more severely. Still, it is impossible to imagine a Russian journalist getting sack like CNN anchor Jim Clancy or BBC’s Tim Willcox for upsetting a Jew or speaking against Israel.

Mr. Israel Shamir, not only an instigator of murders, but quite well a total liar:

"...Anti-Semitism is experienced in daily life, he said, but gets no support or encouragement from the state, unlike in Russia, where the security services have tolerated and at times nurtured neo-Nazi nationalist groups with openly anti-Semitic agendas. Russia’s state-run news media regularly air the views of Aleksandr A. Prokhanov, the editor of the Zaftra newspaper, a notorious platform for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Russia preserves its plurality, diversity and freedom of opinions. The Pro-Western Russian media – Novaya Gazeta of oligarch Lebedev, the owner of the British newspaper Independent – carries the JeSuis slogan and speaks of Holocaust, as well as demands to restore Crimea to the Ukraine. 

Lebedev is a double-gamer, he simulate opposition against Putin meanwhile he is one among the men of Kremlin inside the Western world. See the friendship of Lebedev with Sawiris, the Coptic rich family who is the riches in Egypt, in my above linked "The spy who came - III"

But the vast majority of Russians do support their President, and his civilizational choice. He expressed it when he went to midnight Christmas mass in a small village church in far-away province, together with orphans and refugees from the Ukraine. And he expressed it by refusing to go to Auschwitz.
Neither willingly nor easily did Russia break the ranks. Putin tried to take Western baiting in his stride: be it Olympic games, Syria confrontation, gender politics, Georgian border, even Crimea-related sanctions. The open economic warfare was a game changer. Russia felt attacked by falling oil prices, by rouble trouble, by rating downgrades. These developments were considered acts of hostility, rather than the result of “the hidden hand of the market”.
Russians love conspiracies, as James Bond used to say. They do not believe in chance, coincidence nor natural occurrences, and are likely to consider a falling meteorite or an earthquake – a result of hostileAmerican action, let alone a fall in the rouble/dollar exchange rate. They could be right, too, though it is hard to prove.
Regarding oil price fall, the jury is out. Some say this is an action by the Saudis aimed at American fracking companies, or alternatively a Saudi-American plot against Russia. However, the price of oil is not formed by supply-and-demand, but by financial instruments, futures and derivatives. This virtual demand-and-supply is much bigger than the real one. When hedge funds stopped buying oil futures, the price downturn became unavoidable, but were the funds directed by politicians, or did they act so because Quantitative Easing ended?

Having Saudi Arabia financed the Russian-Egyptian military agreememt (do you have other effective labels to name it?), the job of pro Eastern Empire propaganda agents is to present in more positive light the once US ally of Riad.

The steep fall of the rouble could be connected to the oil price downturn, but not necessarily so. TheRouble is not involved in forming oil prices. It could be an action by a very big financial institution. Soros broke the back of the British pound in 1991; the Korean won, Thai bhat and Malaysian ringgit suffered similar fates in 1998. In each case, the attacked country lost about 40% of its GDP. It is possible that Russia was attacked by financial weapons directed from New York.
The European punitive sanctions forbade long-term cheap credit to Russian companies. The Russian state does not need loans, but Russian companies do. The combination of these factors put a squeeze on Russian pockets. The rating agencies kept downgrading the Russian rating almost to junk level, for political reasons, I was told. As they were deprived of credit, state companies began to hoard dollars to later pay their debts, and they refrained from converting their huge profits to roubles, as they had done until now. The rouble fell dramatically, probably to levels much lower than necessary.
This is not pinpoint sanctions aimed at Putin’s friends. This is a full-blown war. If the initiators expected Russians will be mad at Putin, they miscalculated. The Russian public is angry with theAmerican organisers of this economic warfare, not with its own government. The pro-Western opposition tried to demonstrate against Putin, but very few people joined them.

 The 'sanctions' and the 'financial attack' to Russia from the Western world, are aimed to ignite the support for Putin (at least for now - see Stiliyanov's last posts). But all that must be denied and the friends of Putin have the duty to present the goal of the alleged financial war as "aimed to destroy Putin" and not as truly happens, aimed to help Putin to destroy the pro-Western inner opposition.

 Ordinary Russians kept a stiff upper lip. They did not notice the sanctions until the rouble staggered, and even then they rather shopped like mad than protested. In face of shrinking money, they did not buy salt and sugar, as their grandparents would. Their battle cry against hogging was “Do not take more than two Lexus cars per family, leave something for others!”
Perhaps, the invisible financiers went too far. Instead of being cowed, the Russians are preparing for a real long war, as they and their ancestors fought – and won. It is not that they have a choice: thoughAmericans insist Russia should join their War-on-Terrorism-II, they do not intend to relinquish their sanctions.
The Russians do not know how to deal with the financial attack. Without capital restrictions, Russia will be cleaned out. The Russian Central bank and Treasury people are strict monetarists, capital restrictions are anathema for them. Putin, being a liberal himself, apparently trusts them. Capital flight took huge proportions. Unless Russia will use the measures successfully tried by Mohammad Mahathir of Malaysia, it will continue. Meanwhile, we do not see signs for change.
This could be the incentive for Putin to deal with Ukraine. If the Russians do not know how to shuffle futures and derivatives, they are expert in armour movements and tank battles. The Kiev regime is also spoiling for a fight, apparently pushed by the American neocons. It is possible that the US will get more than what it bargained for in the Ukraine.
One can be certain that Russians will not support the Middle Eastern crusade of NATO, as this military action was prepared at the Charlie demo in Paris. It is far from clear who killed the cartoonists, but Paris and Washington intend to use it for reigniting war in the Middle East. This time, Russia will be in opposition, and probably will use it as an opportunity to change the uncomfortable standoff in theUkraine. Thus supporters of peace in the Middle East have a reason to back Russia.
The New World Order est mort. Vive the Future!
Israel Shamir works in Moscow and Jaffa; he can be reached on



  1. Bro, it is right before our very eyes at this exact time:

    By Lyndsey Telford, Edward Malnick and Claire Newell

    12:00PM GMT 23 Jan 2015

    A tape apparently recorded by murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko a year before he was poisoned has revealed he was digging up links between Vladimir Putin and one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists.

    A Telegraph investigation uncovered the audio recording, in which the dissident claims from beyond the grave that Russia’s president had a “good relationship” with Semion Mogilevich - a Ukrainian crime boss who was on the FBI's most wanted list and whom Mr Litvinenko believed was selling weapons to al-Qaeda.

    And in an early indication of his fears of the Kremlin, Mr Litvinenko discloses in broken English that Russia had threatened him for working with a commission probing alleged Soviet links with Italian politicians. He says Russian special services were “very afraid” of the commission’s work.

    Mr Litvinenko identifies himself in the tape as a “former KGB and FSB officer” and explains that he had been providing Mr Scaramella with intelligence on a number of individuals – including Mogilevich, who remains today on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list.

    “Mogilevich have good relationship with Putin since 1994 or 1993,” he claims.

    “Semion Mogilevich is best person who is wanted FBI. And Semion Mogilevich has contact with Al Qaeda. Semion Mogilevich sell weapons, sell weapons to Al Qaeda. Before I gave a lot of information about Mogilevich to Mario Scaramella.”

  2. cont . . .

    “[The agent] has contact with Al Qaeda and he has contact with SVR and FSB agent from Arabian terrorist who has trained in Chechen rebels camp,” Mr Litvinenko claims.

    “This agent influenced to Chechen rebels through FSB and SVR. SVR influenced his secret agent to Chechen rebels structure and after this influenced to Al Qaeda terrorist organisation.

    “I gave information about [the agent] to Mario Scaramella… Take evidence about [the agent] criminal activity in Italy, and [the agent’s] friends’ criminal activity in Italy,” Mr Litvinenko says in the recording.

    Mr Scaramella, who is under Italian state protection, will appear at the public inquiry as a witness.

  3. and THE SAME DAY:

    ‘There will be a price’: Obama team reportedly fuming over Netanyahu visit

    The Obama administration reportedly is fuming over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to address Congress in March regarding the Iranian threat, with one unnamed official telling an Israeli newspaper he will pay “a price” for the snub.

    House Speaker John Boehner invited Netanyahu -- and the Israeli leader accepted – without any involvement from the White House.


    In public, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest politely describes this as a “departure” from protocol. He also says the president will not meet with Netanyahu when he visits in early March, but has attributed that decision only to a desire not to influence Israel’s upcoming elections.


    Evidently, now the "right wing" and the american "christianity" will be furious and ready to support Putin, until ... surprise surprise, Putin supports islam too!


    Obama and his Muslim allies may betray Israel but have no fear as the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the protector of Israel and we know based on Isaiah 21 that Iran (Elam) will destroy Saudi Arabia and not Israel.

    The American people are about to see a President about to betray all the values we hold so dear in America, pray that we can turn back this mess.

    1. It is in plain sight why they hold secret all the info about Kremlin's support to international terrorism, in order to protect the Putin's role of shifter and overturner of alliances
      It is very telling the contradiction for which Western intelligence is claimed tohave killed not only Litvinenko but also Politovskaja inside the same wolf's nest - Putin's Moscow, but in the western world is unable to silence an Alex Jones or Michael Chossudovski.
      But just wait the moment when these guys, 'prophets' of anti-USA hate will become useless, they could be discharged by their so cursed Westerner mastermind in a very spectacular way.

    2. Shoebat?
      you said it well, you were right when you told in that your post on how Jesuits & Catholic church work to appear using Putin's Russia as the only true protectors of Israel, making appear that melting pot of generic, confused Western values and Protestantism as the ''first cause of Israel's problems''.


      Notice how now they are usong the argument of the Mufti of Jerusalem, after being buried for decades.... mmmmh, i wonder, Nazi-Islam connection has been censored in Western world cause simple ideological appeasing towards Islam OR because a very effective emotional weapon to be used during the Last Time in order to bury the fleshy Israel forever in the Russian coffin within the Catholic grave?

    4. Absolutely. Trump cards, bro. These cards "age" well as parman prosciutto or vatican wine. You see how it all started in france, a country suffered by the nazi and their "surviving successors", the muslims.

      Now i have begun to understand a little more the role of the holocaust as a gigantic decoy from the millennial martyrdom of christians. Of course it happenned, but if we put aside the obvious reason of catholic anti-semitism, remains the theological question. And there always is a theological question. The conditions that led to the holocaust, including the movements and favoritism of jews in the previous centuries, im convinced, you are well familiar with (because im not,lol).

    5. Notice also the use of slandering exploitation of the bloodshed of Russian civil population, purposely exposed to the Nazi savagery by the disastrous military tactic of Stalin.

    6. The blodsheed of Russian population must substitute and erase the one of Holocaust melting both together in the concept of ''murdered in the name of female Christ/Sophia''.
      Not for nothing those six million philippinos - of course manipulated number, were a sort of message for that.
      But the greatest Holocaust in history has been the one who wiped away Christians, letting space only for the Whores churches. Jews will join the chief of the Whores, he Catholic one, and will thanks the Antichrist pope for the 'protection' joining themselves to the denial of the existence of THE church of Christ existing since apostolic age till our days... Paulicians, Novatians, Vaudoises, Cathars etc

    7. The Whores - Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantis/Reformed Baptism - neefs of the apostate Jewish 'blessing' in order to feny the true church of Christ.
      Well, if i m wrong or uncorrect tell me that bro, i would really be wrong....

    8. Well, the antichrist must be accepted by the jews . So you are right. The zionists and dispensationalist well know their theology smells like dead fish, so they are ready to sell their flocks to the pope in the exchange of continued power. You know, i was surprised very unpleasantly to find out that a large proportion of the american christians are AGAINST the separation of church and state. Which is the final jesuitical nail in the coffin of christianity in the USA. I often find myself filled with anger (God forgive me) at the americans, because while they are pouring money to the jews, millions of TRUE christians are dying and are being persecuted in Asia (unlike the false christians for the bloody islamic show of Shoebat). And Bro, their voices will be heard.

      James 4:17
      Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

      Yes, billions of dollars in aid for israel and fortifying the american-israeli political relationship. The US christianity is headed for shipwreck and its not because communism in the white house or gay rights.

      2 Chronicles 19:2
      And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

      2 Chronicles 20:37
      Then Eliezer the son of Dodavah of Mareshah prophesied against Jehoshaphat, saying, Because thou hast joined thyself with Ahaziah, the LORD hath broken thy works. And the ships were broken, that they were not able to go to Tarshish.

    9. and 5 days later is auschwitz liberation day. . . . pure coincidences

  4. Posted under:

    avlesJanuary 24, 2015 at 3:45 AM


    ".........Yemen crisis disrupts U.S. counterterrorism operations, officials say
    By Greg Miller and Craig Whitlock January 23 at 8:11 PM
    The Obama administration has been forced to suspend certain counterterrorism operations with Yemen in the aftermath of the collapse of its government, according to U.S. officials, a move that eases pressure on al-Qaeda’s most dangerous franchise.

    Armed drones operated by the CIA and the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command remain deployed for now over southern Yemen, where al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is based. But some U.S. officials said that the Yemeni security services that provided much of the intelligence that sustained that U.S. air campaign are now CONTROLLED BY SHIITE REBELS, known as Houthis, who have seized control of much of the capital.

    Even before the disintegration of the government, officials say, the growing chaos in Yemen had resulted in a steady erosion
    in intelligence-gathering efforts against AQAP and a de facto SUSPENSIONS in raids by Yemeni units trained, equipped and often flown to targeted al-Qaeda compounds by U.S. forces.

    “The agencies we worked with . . . are really UNDER THE THUMB OF THE HOUTHIS. Our ability to work with them is not there,” said a senior U.S. official closely involved in monitoring the situation. In a measure of U.S. concern over the crisis, officials also signaled for the first time a willingness to open talks with Houthi leaders, despite their suspected ties to IRAN and antipathy toward the United States.
    Other U.S. officials said that joint operations had been deteriorating since last fall, when Houthi militias began a series of advances toward the capital of Sanaa, but that cooperation had broken down in recent days amid a Houthi assault that culminated with the resignation of Yemeni President ABED RABBO MANSOUR HADI, A STAUNCH U.S. ALLY.....".

    what a farce, but let's see first the appointment years of Abed Rabbo Mansour.... :

    ".....‘Abd Rabbuh Manṣūr Hādī (Arabic: عبد ربه منصور هادي‎ [ʕæbd ˈrɑbːʊh mɑnˈsˤuːr ˈhæːdiː]; born 1 September 1945) is a Yemeni major general and politician who was the President of Yemen from 27 February 2012 until 22 January 2015, when he resigned after the Houthis seized the Republican palace. "


    ".....RT: Mr. President, what subjects did you discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin during your meeting?

    Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi: First of all, I’d like to thank RT's Arabic channel Rusiya Al-Yaum for what it’s doing for the Arab world as a whole and Yemen in particular. This is my first visit to Russia since I was elected in 2012. I came to thank the Russian government and Mr. Putin for supporting the people of Yemen at the time of crisis in 2011......"

    Unemployment behind increase in Al-Qaeda presence in Yemen - President
    Published time: April 04, 2013 15:40
    Edited time: April 06, 2013 07:48
    Get short URL

    Yeman is since 100 years a trustful ally of Moscow, to begin with the Czar's age. To hide all that and to hide the GRU/FSB tentacle within Al Qaeda and within International "Islamic" terrorism the farce of a "Yemen president staunch ally of USA" has been created by the World Democratic Government of the Jesuits.


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