Friday, January 9, 2015

Islamic Terrorism as diversion to hide the PUTIN-IZATION of Europe?

The same pattern which followed the Moscow Bombings and many other terrorist attack like the Beslan Massacre which strengthened the dictatorship of Putin:

"....EU pushing for new anti-terror powers to monitor air travel

EU will seek new anti-terrorism powers in the aftermath of terror attacks in Paris 

2:47PM GMT 09 Jan 2015

European Union security officials are pushing for new databases to monitor all travel in or out and within Europe in order to track terror suspects in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack.
A new era of travel surveillance is expected to be introduced after the attacks which has reinforced concerns that the EU’s free movement zone makes it harder for security services keep an eye on jihadis with links to Syria or Iraq.
Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, compared the situation after the Paris attacks to New York’s 11 September 2001, terrorism that led to controversial new EU powers such as the European arrest warrant.....".

 Why Tusk was so hasty in to push for new steps  to increase the dictatorial control over the EU's countries? Maybe because he needs of an "Islamic" terrorism in order to hide his collaboration with the Putin's terrorism???
Just give a look to what mean the couple of words "Donald" and "Tusk" - it alludes to the collaboration in the mass murder of Lech Kaczinski + 95 other people...:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Smolensk air disaster 'was caused by mystery explosion' [The Telegraph]

Above in that picture you have two guys who from the "terrorist Islamic threat" gave enormous increase to their wealth and power. Not for nothing you had 13 years of obsessive propaganda against the "CIA & Mossad" controlled Al Qaeda. Fight fire with fire so hide the Kremlin's Islamic terrorism with the CIA's funding of Islamic terrorism.

That the "Islamic" terrorist attacks in Paris were realized in coordination of a larger schema of brainwashing all through Europe, can be  understood by some events which occured with a perfect timing, in advance respect the 7th January massacre of Charles Hebdò magazine. 

I ask myself, such events like the Anti-Islamic march in GERMANY, a country which needs to be brainwashed with other form of threats in order to forget Putin, a march occurred less than one month before the "Islamic" massacre at Charles Hebdò in France, was planned by the same Mastermind behind the Kouachi brothers who allegedly maybe could have never shot a single bullet.

"....Anti-Islam march in German city

With the risk of being persecuted by the pro Islamic government, 10.000 protested in Dresden.
About 10,000 people have taken part in a march against “Islamisation of the West” in the east German city of Dresden.
A large counter-demonstration of more than 5,000 people was also held. No major incidents were reported.
Dresden is the birthplace of a movement called “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West” (Pegida), which staged a big rally a week ago.
Chancellor Angela Merkel warned Germans not to be exploited by extremists.
“There’s freedom of assembly in Germany, but there’s no place for incitement and lies about people who come to us from other countries,” Mrs Merkel said in Berlin.
[A typical trap. Protestant Merkel, is well known to have an epidermic repulsion for Putin. They prepared a trap for her and all the German's sector of the society supporting her anti-Putin stance. An exaggeratedly extremist rally against the Islamic world, fitted to provoke in the German prime minister the typical reaction held by every government's head of a Western world in whose country never happened serious Islamic terrorist attacks since 1972. Of course in the rich and wealthy Germany where the economy grows thanks many Islamic Turks, the first preoccupation of the leaders of the country is to calm down every possible source of social troubles and riots. What the Chancellor Angela Merkel didn't know was that the rally has allegedly programmed having in mind an already planned Massacre in the neighboring France. She shouted against the rally and now the blood in Paris is shouting against her. A perfect Jesuit trap.]

“Everyone [who attends] needs to be careful that they are not taken advantage of by the people who organize such events.”
In Monday’s march, protesters chanted Wir sind das volk (we are the people) – a rallying cry used in the city in the weeks before the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago.

Source: The BBC
My comment:
The despotic ideology of Islam is s stranger to the European continent. By letting more Muslims immiragte, Europe is slowly digging its own grave.
Today in Peshawar. Tomorrow in your own home town.
Today in Peshawar. Tomorrow in your own home town.
Today the American branded “peace makers” of Taliban slaughtered 129 school children in Peshawar in Pakistan.
What can we conclude from this carnage?
It impossible to apply the human rights on people who have no respect for human rights, but behave like demonized barbarians.
The reason for why Taliban exist is the continued support of the movement from Washington D.C.  

[My note: evidently Catholic USA must supply strong psychological reason in order Europe and Israle abandoning Washington in order to fall in the arms of Putin?]

From the day Pentagon and CIA trained the first Taliban’s in the late 1970-ties

[My note: such are the effects of the Russia-Israeli military agreement of 2010; the USA boat has been abandoned so long by Israel who jump on the Putin's Corsair ship. Closing both eyes on the GRU fabricated "Islamic" terrorism within Russia]

......till todays transfer of money and theology to “moderate Muslims” in Kabul. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been gifted to corrupt government officials and local war lords. People who in the very next moment have deserted the naive Americans, and joined al-Qaeda or the Taliban.
If Europe do not start to deport Muslims from London and Paris, it will soon be a blood bath in their streets. 

[Read: if Europe do not start to definitively fall in the arms (and banks) of Putin, it will soon be a blood bath in their streets]

 If Muslims who follow the example of Muhammad are not deported back to their own despotic kinder gardens, the post-Christian continent will go to the dogs.  It is only a question of time before the Jihadist’s will lay claim to Europe. 

 [The time established by Jesuits when they will let Orthodox Russia to join the Western Roman Catholic Empire (EU) in the crusade to extend Catholicism till the Bering Straits and to murder Christians deemed "naturally born allied of Sunni Muslims"]

In their footsteps comes terror and eventually a civil war.
Why do Europe listen to its apostate and completely disconnected leaders?
Why is Islam presented in public schools as the religion of peace?
Why do Europe want to harm it self in this way?
Will there be an end to these lies, and a full reversal of the present suicidal immigration policies?
We know from scriptures, that the sons of the devil work overtime to complete Satan’s work on Earth. We also know that this work will lead to the complete degeneration of civilized culture and society. But its time to acknowledge the problem, and ban the ideology of Islam from European soil.
This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
May the name of Jesus the Messiah be glorified, and people lead into repentance for permitting a former Christian continent to be dragged down the path of destruction.
Written by Ivar...".

Friday, January 9, 2015
"Nine million euros from Russia " [the integral article + Jean d'Arc, Bitch of Satan]


  1. Yes, that was a huge blow to Merkel and especially germany's role as a "mediator", a role now not only unneeded, but also a hindrance to the work of the last crusade. As you said a blow, which also reinforced the anti-semitic perception of USA/Israel against germany

    (germany against demonization of islam + islamists kills jews = germany is equal to islam in antisemitism = germany is nazi).

    Now take that "nazi antisemite" sentiment and consider this event from yesterday:

    Merkel: no end to Russia sanctions if Minsk agreement not met

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that the key to ending sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine conflict was the full implementation of September's Minsk agreement, between the government in Kyiv and pro-Moscow separatists.

    Speaking in Berlin at a press conference with Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Merkel said "the implementation of sanctions had certain causes, and these sanctions can only be lifted when the causes are eliminated again."


    meeting with "Nazi" Yatsenyuk.

    1. Imagine a future moment when Merkel (as a embodiment of protestant tolerance) repents (the end of schism on political level) for not recognizing the threat of islam, most of all within germany.

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    3. We are overemphasizing putin as a figure, it is more proper to call it the "russian macho" emblem. After all, all this merry conservative cathorthodox tea party that is now forming will be interrupted by renewed hostilities and provocations between NATO (caused by USA?) and Russia and perhaps even Russian indifference to the sufferings of europe. Putin is the carrier of the corpse of communism, oligarchy and humanism and has to go to the grave with it.

    4. He is the "john the baptist" of tzar romanov, as some russians have said.

    5. "We are overemphasizing putin as a figure"

      Of course he is only for the moment waiting the new "Czar" (with his Tridentine Mass), but he has the task to fill the void within the Western masses, who have been PURPOSELY deprived of true males political leaders.
      Putin macho opposed to an homosexualized Western world.

    6. "He is the "john the baptist" of tzar romanov, as some russians have said."

      Yes and even if also a commitment for serial murders, he is with an human side, at least choreographed (maybe KGB had training in theatrical art, for example how to cry like an actor at the request of the scene).
      Curious to see who's the next "Savior" of the world. I believe Jesuit Gnostics will make out of him a "child with iron rod", mocking chapter 12 of Revelation

    7. btw i imagine you already noticed the "female Christ" embodied by Marine Le Pen with the horizontal hands - in the picture taken with Jean d'Arc in the background