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Obsessed with the Flood - 10 - Despicable Gnosticism


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I wanted to do a post related to 25 EGYPTIAN fisherman killed by containership on 13 Dec. (about) in the RED SEA, and the link with the new film about MOSES and the EXODUS and therefore with the RED SEA catastrophe where God annihilated the army of the Pharaoh and the Pharaoh the same.

Take note that both birthday of Bergoglio SJ and the beginning of the SATURNALIA are of the same day: 17th December.

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival in honor of the deity Saturn, held on December 17 of the Julian calendar

".....Pope Francis (Latin: Franciscus; Italian: Francesco; born Jorge Mario Bergoglio,[b][c] 17 December 1936) is the reigning pope of the Catholic Church,
Remember that the episode of the Red Sea annihilation of the Pharoh is the renewal of the Flood where Pharaoh represents the destroyed humanity used as vessel by Satan.
All that was repeated by God many times for example the Teutoburg disaster.
Remember that the SATURN deity is aka THE HIDDEN GOD, and it was the label for Cush the daddy of Nimrod, being both father & son represented with two pillars and with the MOON and the SUN (the Arabic idol from which came the Crescent of Islam was a MALE idol).
Remember that the "hidden" refers to the figure of the Noah's family "hidden" in the Ark therefore the "hidden" related to Cush is referring to HAM his father who was the vessel "hidden" within the Ark and used by Satan in order to transport cursed human flesh from the Old World to the New World.
Remember that the obsession of today for the Global Warming is symbolically represented by the WATERS which SUBMERGE causing damages and death; all that because the Flood which destroyed an humanity possessed by Satan must be repeated today in a giant psycho-drama where Satan uses the Global Warming as pedagogy in order to arise - thanks traumatic natural events which can resemble the Ancient Flood -  sentimental solidarity of the today's depraved humanity for the judged and condemned humanity of Satan of the before-Flood world.

Therefore: forever obsessed with the Flood.

 [I slightly differ from the interpretation of Alexander Hislop, but it is indisputable that "hidden" refers to the Ark and Noah]

 ".....The Wodan of Mexico, from the following quotation, will be seen to be the very same: "According to the ancient traditions collected by the Bishop Francis Nunez de la Vega," says Humboldt, "the Wodan of the Chiapanese [of Mexico] was grandson of that illustrious old man, who at the time of the great deluge, in which the greater part of the human race perished, was saved on a raft, together with his family. Wodan co-operated in the construction of the great edifice which had been undertaken by men to reach the skies; the execution of this rash project was interrupted; each family received from that time a different language; and the great spirit Teotl ordered Wodan to go and people the country of Anahuac." This surely proves to demonstration whence originally came the Mexican mythology and whence also that doctrine of baptismal regeneration which the Mexicans held in common with Egyptian and Persian worshippers of the Chaldean Queen of Heaven.
Now, wherever Noah is celebrated, whether by the name of Saturn, "the hidden one,"--for that name was applied to him as well as to Nimrod, on account of his having been "hidden" in the ark, in the "day of the Lord's fierce anger,"--or, "Oannes," or "Janus," the "Man of the Sea," he is generally described in such a way as shows that he was looked upon as Diphues, "twice-born," or "regenerate."
The month Athyr was the second month after the autumnal equinox, at which time the civil year of the Jews and the patriarchs began. According to this statement, then, Osiris was "shut up in his coffin" on the 17th day of the second month of the patriarchal year. Compare this with the Scriptural account of Noah's entering into the ark, and it will be seen how remarkably they agree (Gen 7:11), "In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the SECOND MONTH, in the SEVENTEENTH DAY of the month, were all the fountains of the great deep broken up; in the self-same day entered Noah into the ark."..."
[From the Two Babylons by Alexander Hislop]
"SECOND MONTH, in the SEVENTEENTH DAY of the month"
2 and 17

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Obsessed with the Flood - 9 - The Hydroplate Theory


  1. the pope's edict on climate, probably dealing with "global warming", was announced this month

    The pope, like Nimrod is a "repairer" of cities and a "comforter" of souls after the great floods of the Philippines and now in Malaysia and Indonesia.

    1. Well if "no sign will be given to this adulterous and wicked generation", possible that the Global Warming is an effect of some Star Wars technology'?? [and the Chemtrails a giant deception/diversion?] --->

      Anyway found this --->

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