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"Nine million euros from Russia " [the integral article + Jean d'Arc, Bitch of Satan]


 Above image - "Election présidentielle 2012 : Marine Le Pen célèbre aujourd'hui le 600e anniversaire de Jeanne d'Arc."

Marine Le Pen as re-incarnation (allegorical) of Jean d'Arc, the Catholic heroin of Middle Age.

"..... and by Fr. Jacques Turck, former director of the French Episcopal Conference’s (CEF) National Council on the Family and Society and parish priest in Issy les Moulineaux. Adista underlined that in the book, the two figures place an emphasis on the incompatibility of the Gospel’s values and the Church’s social doctrine with the political plans of radical right parties....."

Merveilleux. The story board written for Marine Le Pen exactly repeat the psycho-dramatic tales of Jean d'Arc. A Catholic which was despised by the Catholic church not because against Catholicism but because her model of Catholicism was a perfect ideal. Jean d'Arc was the fabricated anti-"heretic" of the popes. Where the Vaudoises and Albigenses and Cathars (= Puritans) were attacking the Catholicism for being Satanic, the counter-Vaudoise Jean d'Arc was attacking the Catholic establishment for being "too weak" in Catholicism.

Therefore it is an oblige dictated by the Jesuits' storyboard the emargination of Marine Le Pen by the same traditional Catholic establishment of France. If Catholicism today must become POLITICAL CATHOLICISM (a dirty job done by the Shoebatniks in USA) as prelude and pedagogy  for the ULTRAMONTANISM, if it must go back to the Dark Ages of the crusades against the Christians, it needs of an external agent who make him rise from his sleep: the Jean d'Arc/Sophia/Marine Le Pen:

David Chazan, Paris
4:36PM BST 22 Aug 2014

Brigitte Bardot, the 1960s icon of liberated, bikini-clad French womanhood, has described the far-right leader Marine Le Pen as "the Joan of Arc of the 21st [777] century" in an interview with Paris-Match.

Marianne - the HARLOT:

"...Marianne is a national symbol of the French Republic, an allegory of liberty and reason, and a portrayal of the Goddess of Liberty.
Marianne is displayed in many places in France and holds a place of honour in town halls and law courts. She symbolises the "Triumph of the Republic", a bronze sculpture overlooking the Place de la Nation in Paris. Her profile stands out on the official government logo of the country, is engraved on French euro coins and appears on French postage stamps; it also was featured on the former franc currency. Marianne is one of the most prominent symbols of the French Republic, and is officially used on most government documents....

 Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix (1830), which celebrates the July Revolution (Louvre Museum).
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Here, Jean d'Arc, the Bitch of Satan, the Harlot of the popes in the crusade against Christian Hussite:

Catholic Historian, Christopher Check, reads a letter of St. Joan of Arc to the Hussite heretics. You will notice that there is not one bit of the accursed 'ecumenical dialogue' in her letter. Let us pray that more Joan of Arc's rise up to either convert or rid the Church of the Modernist Heretics that have occupied her buildings, seminaries, monasteries, convents and universities for the past 50 years. This clip was taken from an audio lecture entitled, "St. Joan of Arc" which can be purchased at - I own a copy of this lecture and is excellent.

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   Below the integral article about the Putin's funding of Jean d'Arc/SOPHIA today. Reported in my:

 Thursday, January 8, 2015
"NINE MILLION EUROS" or: From Russia With the Euro

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Posted by Nine million euros from Russia

Here's a long complex article, that I have abridged somewhat, on the finances of the Front National, exposing the circumstances that led Marine Le Pen to ask for and receive a loan of nine million euros from a Russian bank (the First Czech Russian Bank), and the possible consequences of such a transaction. While it does not appear to involve illegal activities, it does raise the issue of Russian influence in the internal affairs of France.
The article, posted at François Desouche, originates at Mediapart where a subscription is required.
"The loan has arrived", confirmed a member of the political bureau. A close adviser to the president of the Front National also confirmed the signature on the loan, at an interest rate of 6%, that offers the party a right to withdrawal "according to the need". Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, European deputy and former consultant to Dassault, presumably served as the go-between in Russia.
Unblocking this loan to the Front National from a Russian bank comes at a critical moment in the relations between the European Union and Russia, hampered by the crisis in Ukraine. Five Russian banks (Sberbank, VTB Bank, Gazprombank, Vnesheconombank and Rosselhozbank) are being hit by sanctions and 119 persons, among them oligarchs and bankers, are forbidden to enter EU territory. One of the FN's contacts, deputy Alexander Mikhailovich Babakov, is among them.
"Legally, nothing can prevent a political party from obtaining a loan from a French or foreign bank, provided of course that the loan is not concealing a gift from an individual or money laundering," noted Jean-Christophe Ménard, a lawyer specializing in political financing, and a former rapporteur with the CNCCFP (national commission on campaign accounts). (…)
"The origin of the funds lent to the party is obviously crucial," he goes on. "In this case, we would have to be concerned about the conditions of the loan or even the potential participation of the Russian State in the bank's capital. The problem is that the CNCCFP is not authorized to monitor the legality of this type of financial deal, that is at times complex.
The CNCCFP explains: "A party certainly has the right to obtain a loan from a foreign bank. It will appear necessarily in the accounts of the party, but we only have the global sum of the loans. It is the commissioners of accounts who have the details and who do the monitoring. We can monitor gifts, not loans."
Note: Here the article switches to another topic - a potential accusation against Marine Le Pen because of actions taken by her "micro-party" in the form of loans granted to FN candidates. This is a separate issue, but a "micro-party" is a new concept to me. It is a small party formed for the purpose of legally getting around the laws on political financing. It is recognized by the CNCCFP as a political entity that must be transparent, and that must not receive any direct subsidy. This is all I know for now, except that her micro-party is called "Jeanne", after Joan of Arc.
If we can believe Marine Le Pen, it was against her will that the Front National turned to foreign banks. "Our party asked for loans from all the French banks, but none agreed," she explained on October 23 to le Nouvel Observateur. "So we asked several foreign establishments, in the United States, Spain and yes, in Russia."
"We made contact with many French and European banks," Wallerand de Saint-Just, treasurer of the Front National explained to Mediapart, in late October. "It was nyet in France. They won't lend a dime after the rejection of Nicolas Sarkozy's accounts. So we widened our horizons. In this type of negotiation, the more discreet, the better. We contacted the biggest banks. We sent letters, that's all. Most of the time, there was no reply."
Note: Sarkozy has been involved in all kinds of financial scandals. Here is some basic information in English about his overspending in the 2012 campaign and his falsified invoices.
"Banks are nervous about lending to political parties, whatever they are", confides a member of the political bureau. "It's not a boycott of the Front National, it's a generalized fear. When it's not a gift, or a subsidy, which would be illegal coming from a foreign State, it doesn't shock me."
"Why shouldn't it be good news to have found a bank willing to make the loan? It's no worse that borrowing from Qadhafi. Why not a Russian bank?" was the reaction of Russophile Christian Bouchet, departmental secretary of the FN in Loire-Atlantique and former revolutionary nationalist.
Note: A reminder that Qadhafi financed Sarkozy's campaign in 2007, only to be betrayed later by the man he thought was his ally. France, like the United States, chose a lethal policy of betrayal in favor of the Islamists of the "Arab Spring".
Obtaining this loan is the result of a political rapprochement undertaken by Marine Le Pen from the moment she became head of the Front National in 2011, when she said she "admired" Vladimir Putin. Intense lobbying of Moscow took place at the same time as her visits to Russia.
Marion Maréchal Le Pen went in December 2012, Bruno Gollnisch in May 2013. After a visit to the Crimea, Marine Le Pen went to Moscow in June 2013 with Louis Aliot. She was received by the president of the Duma, Sergei Naryshkin, a former general who knew Putin in the KGB and the FSB (national security). She also met Alexei Pushkov, who leads the foreign affairs committee of the Duma, and vice-prime minister Dmitri Rogozin. She became the apostle of "deeper ties between France and Russia" stating:
"I think we have common strategic interests and I think that we also have common values, that we are European countries. I have the feeling that the European Union is waging a cold war against Russia. Russia is portrayed as diabolical, a sort of dictatorship, a country totally closed off. That is not the objective reality. I feel more in tune with this model of economic patriotism than I do with the model of the European Union."
Below, Marine, June 2013, with FN vice-president Louis Aliot on her right and Alexei Popov on her left. The third man is her adviser Ludovic de Danne.

A true declaration of political allegiance. (…) In April 2014 she returned to Moscow for a private visit with Sergei Naryshkin. Her pro-Russia commitment became more obvious with each visit. The Russians, for their part, have been courting the French extreme right for many years, and reserve a warm welcome for Marine Le Pen. "You are well-known in Russia and you are a respected political personality," exclaimed Sergei Naryshkin during her 2013 visit. As le Nouvel Observateur noted, she frequently meets in private with Alexander Orlov, the Russian Ambassador to France. Her visits to Russia are enhanced by the presence there of Aymeric Chauprade, her eminence grise for four years, officially her foreign affairs counselor since 2013, and the motor behind the alliance with Russia. (…)
Chauprade had launched an appeal in the Duma in June 2013 to resist the "world-wide extension of rights of sexual minorities." He has been repeatedly invited to Moscow until last September, and in March 2014, he was one of the "observers" of the referendum organized by the Crimean separatists. An international consultant in Vienna, in the offices of Lee & Young GMBH, elected deputy in June 2014 to the EU Parliament, Chauprade is in contact with an oligarch of the government, Konstantin Malofeev, head of Marshall Capital Partners, an investment firm, and of the Saint-Basil-the Great Foundation, the largest Russian Orthodox charitable organization.
On May 31, 2014, the two men met in Vienna during a celebration of "200 years of the Holy Alliance", that brought together about a hundred guests behind closed doors. They met again on September 12, at the President Hotel in Moscow, during the visit of a delegation of French deputies.

Note: For more on Konstantin Malofeev (above), see Slate. Author Joshua Keating is not entirely enthusiastic about Malofeev, but even his critical assessment cannot hide the fact that this is a gifted and determined Russian patriot, and very close to Vladimir Putin.
And for a little more on the secret Vienna meeting, see this article from The Local that a reader sent to me a while back.
The acronym GMBH above is the German equivalent of LLC - a limited liability company.
The last part of this long article deals with the role played by Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, formerly a consultant at Dassault, now a deputy in the EU Parliament, though not a member of the Front National. Schaffhauser introduced Marine Le Pen to powerful Russian nationalists, and has been active on behalf of Ukraine separatists. He claims to be the one to have obtained the loan for the Front National from a small bank created in the Czech Republic in 1996 - the First Czech Russian Bank, that was gradually taken over by a Russian giant - Stroytransgaz, a leader in the construction of pipelines, only to fall into the hands of Roman Yakubovich Popov, a former financial executive of Stroytransgaz:
Today an independent banker based in Moscow, Popov has created several branches within the First Czech Russian Bank, notably the European Russian Bank that plans to open to European countries, especially Italy. While his establishment has been rated the 42nd Russian bank, Popov seems to be well placed in the Moscovite establishment. He co-presided over the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gargarin's space flight along with the prime minister of the Federation Dmitri Medvedev.
The article ends with speculation over the methods used by the FN and the origin of the money, especially since the bank is in the hands of a former State banker. However, FN representatives assure they are not taking the Kremlin's money. Top, Marine in Moscow with representatives of the patriarchates.
Below, the two protagonists, Marine Le Pen and Vladimir Putin. I could not find a photo of them together.

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    Catholic Historian, Christopher Check, reads a letter of St. Joan of Arc to the Hussite heretics. You will notice that there is not one bit of the accursed 'ecumenical dialogue' in her letter. Let us pray that more Joan of Arc's rise up to either convert or rid the Church of the Modernist Heretics that have occupied her buildings, seminaries, monasteries, convents and universities for the past 50 years. This clip was taken from an audio lecture entitled, "St. Joan of Arc" which can be purchased at - I own a copy of this lecture and is excellent.

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