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Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia - 2


     These are simply Jesuits' methods. Do you want to make gulp down the throat the apostate cult of Madonna to an entire nation? (and possibly also to foreign countries?). Make her figure at center of a scandal. Use the secular legality of the state as stage on which the cult of Madonna is exhibited to all the country... Read well with attention the following article and you ll discover the refined Jesuit dialectic of the communication. The Mafiosi "don't deserve" to be honored by the image of the Madonna = a way to impose the sacredness of a blasphemous cult to all the nation, in subliminal way. Hammering in a subtle way in the head and soul of the spectator the concept that THE CULT OF BLASPHEMOUS MADONNA IS AS MUCH LEGAL IN THE CHRISTENDOM AS THE CULT OF THE LEGALITY IN THE SECULAR SOCIETY.

     "Jesuit", "Jesuitical": not for nothing the word is synonymous of deceit and falsehood.

Let's give them the honor to award them for their true talent:

"...Defying pope, Italian church parade makes detour to stop by Mafioso's house in tribute


In apparent defiance of Pope Francis, a church procession detoured from its route through a southern Italian town to honor a convicted mobster under house arrest.
Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Sunday denounced the tribute in Oppido Mamertina, a Calabrian town and 'ndrangheta crime syndicate stronghold, as "deplorable and disgusting." He praised three Carabinieri policemen who abandoned the procession in disapproval.
On June 21, Francis, visiting Calabria, had denounced the 'ndrangheta for its "adoration of evil" and said its members were excommunicated.
The July 2 procession included clergy, the mayor, parents pushing baby strollers and dozens of local men carrying on their shoulders an ornate Madonna statue.
Carabinieri officer Andrea Marino said he and his fellow officer walked away from the procession after the detour and headed to the church to complain about what happened.
One of Calabria's anti-Mafia prosecutors, Nicola Gratteri, told The Associated Press that the detour to the mobster's house appeared to be a "challenge to the diktat" of Francis.
'Ndrangheta, a global cocaine trafficker, is one of the world's most powerful crime syndicates. Religious rituals hold an important place in the mobsters' mentality.
Oppido Mamertino's bishop, Monsignor Francesco Milito, said he would take undescribed "measures" against those exploiting the church procession to pay homage to the 82-year-old local boss. The mobster, because of his age, was allowed to serve out his life sentence at home for murder.
Elsewhere in southern Italy, other 'ndrangheta members appeared to have paid attention to the pope's words but perhaps not in the way he intended.
Another bishop, Monsignor Giancarlo Bregantini, told Vatican Radio Sunday that some 200 inmates in the maximum-security section of Larino prison told their chaplain they would boycott Mass, reasoning if they were excommunicated it made no sense for them to attend anymore....".
    Oh stay sure that all was pretty coordinated. Italian President Giorgio Napolitano,  the day before he visited  the shrine of Madonna at Monte Santo/Sveta Gora:

"July 7, 2014

Woe to question the principle of unity and of integration in the European Union", were the warning of the Head of State during the ceremony at the Holy Mountain [Italian: Monte Santo; Slovenian lang.: Sveta Gora] where he is together with the President of Slovenia Borut Pahor to inaugurate the" Bench of peace ", a sign of strong ties between the two countries a hundred years after the First World War. -
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13th September, Jesuit pope near Trieste to launch a message on the RED LINE.

     I'm keeping this post always upgraded with the most interesting news involving the stuff. Waiting September.

     As regard Sveta Gora/Holy Mount, give a look to what happened near it and caused the creation of the shrine:

".........It was Saturday, a certain Saturday of June in Pentecostal period of the year 1539. Urška Ferligoj from Grgar was attending the herd and praying on the solitary mount Skalnica. Mary with little Jesus on the womb appeared and ordered to her: Tell the people, in order that they could build to me here an house and they could pray to me. Urška went to Gorica and in the surrounding villages in order to spred the desire of Mary. Some insulted her saying she was a swindler, other immediately believed to her - and these ones were many more. The people then was shaken by great excitement........."

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Brother Primož Trubar and the 'Holy' Mount

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Vaudoises of Calabria and Calabrian Mafia: guilty by association

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