Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jesuits' soccer: 2417 or 7142


Recently I exposed on a local forum the result of the match Germany-Brazil:

Every German Goal in Its 7–1 Victory Over Brazil Made History. Here’s How.


Of course you have to reverse the result to obtain the "17" of year 2017, the 500th anniversary of the hammering of the 95 Thesis by Luther at Wittember. Germany is the homeland of the Reformation who broke also politically the Catholicism letting Christian world for a period to be protected from the devils of the Rome. Brazil represents the Catholic world defeated by Luther. 

Don't ask me how it could have been obtained such a result, but one thing is for sure: it a fabrication. I smelled something before and I also was convinced that Argentina would have defeated Holland in order to front Germany in the last match. I was only confirmed when I heard that effectively Argentina defeated Holland:

Argentina Defeats Netherlands 4-2 on Penalty Kicks, Advances to World Cup Final
Jul 9, 2014, 6:53 PM ET

Of course all has been planned. The final match represents the match between the OLD world (Europe 'dominated' by 'heretic' Germany and the related Reformation) with the NEW world (Catholic South America, with her assault Catholicism of Jesuits and their Jesuit pope from Argentina).
And I also sent a comment to Stiliyanov's blog:

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Yes it simply Problem-Solution-Reaction, these ISIS' guys are only Babylon/Rome attacking herself in order to have the alibi to......:

And when it came the moment to type the code-number I had confirmation of what previously exposed in a local city forum:
Above image - Jesuits' soccer:  2417 or 7142 [Germany-Brazil + Argentina-Netherlands]

     Well, you are warned how it works the Jesuits' Cyber-Counter Reformation war. 

     Ah, I forgot. Germany-Argentina match is planned to be played on Sunday, 13th July - but before appreciate the game with the numbers of the dates by the Cushites:
".........The 2014 World Cup final on Sunday sees South America take on Europe after Argentina defeated Holland on 4-2 on penalties, a day after Brazil suffered a 7-1 drubbing against Germany. ............" 

      Notice how in the year 2014 there are the goals of respectively Holland, Brazil and Argentine, only the ones of Germany are lacking with a zero instead of a "seven".

Sun, Jul 13, 3:00 PM on ABCFinal
Estádio Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro
".......After French soldiers had occupied Turin at the end of the 18th century and later abandoned it to the Kingdom of Piedmont, the corps of Royal Carabinieri was instituted under the Royal Patents of 13 July 1814.[5].........."

Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 and the "Mexican butchery".

Saturday, June 7, 2014

13th September, Jesuit pope near Trieste to launch a message on the RED LINE.


  1. I think I've had several such interesting "captchas" , but can't remember the exact words.... one i think was "catechism" or something....

    Football is a very creepy showcase of Jesuit supremacy. Pope Francis' beloved Argentine should be the crowned champion. If Brazil was the Catholic world of 1517, then Argentina should be the one of 2017, overcoming the last traces of protestantism.

    Aside from his predictions involving Germany, Paul also foretold Spain's win against the Netherlands in the 2010 World Cup Final by eating a mussel from the box with the Spanish flag on it

    Of a total of fourteen predictions, Paul chose Germany eleven times, the only other choices being Spain (twice) and Serbia

    He FAILED TO PREDICT their defeats by Croatia in the group stage,[23] and BY SPAIN IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL

    Paul correctly predicted the outcome of the semi-final, by choosing the food in the box marked with the Spanish flag. German supporters drew hope from his incorrect choice for the Germany versus Spain match in the UEFA Euro 2008 but were disappointed. The prediction led to death threats as GERMAN FANS CALLED FOR PAUL TO BE COOKED AND EATEN.[28][29] In response, Spanish Prime Minister José Zapatero offered to send Paul official state protection, and the Industry Minister Miguel Sebastian called for Paul to be given safe haven in Spain.

    The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, criticised Paul, accusing him of being a symbol of Western decadence and decay

  2. In line with

    The German government said Thursday it is expelling a person it describes as the representative of U.S. foreign intelligence services based at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

    This comes after two allegations emerged of Germans spying for the United States over the last week, claims prompting an investigation by Germany prosecutors of a suspect accused of passing secrets.

    1. NOT a surprise,... the smell of a big shot was already in the air:

      ".....Wednesday, April 23, 2014.....
      Now Germany, after the recent case of the espionage by the American NSA/CIA, want it or not, cannot anymore rely on the White House administration and therefore she is now without the only powerful ally which could have helped in to build a solid opposition to the Putin's expansionism. Putin's Russia, pressing like a crazy bear over the entire Eastern Europe, is even more burying the German borders inside the religious Golden Cage of E.U., built for Germany, paid by the South Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Europeans and mastered by the Vatican..............."


    But of course

    Benedict (Germany-Reformation) vs Francis (Argentine-counter-reformation)

  4. I also posted in your last post:

    avles14 юли 2014 г., 7:49

    Russia signs nuclear deals with Argentina during Putin’s tour of Latin America

    13/07 06:33 CET