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Lady of War flying over Ukraine?


Latest news from Maidan Square.
Eliseo Bertolasi, a research associate of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Geopolitics and editor of the magazine "Geopolitics", directly from the Maidan Square presents us the picture of the situation.

- Dr. Bertolasi tell us the latest news from Maidan Square? What's going on?
- At this time I am in the Maidan. The police are gone, protesters have completely taken possession of the square. They're cleaning up, removing all the burned on the pavement, due to the two days of clashes with police. They are lifting the pavement of the square to build with these bricks and stones new barricades.

- The Kiev subway was reopened?
- The subway is completely closed. This creates heavy inconvenience to the entire population. It only moves forward with taxis and some bus that goes crazy with queues of waiting.

- Let's talk about the other buildings. Universities, banks, shops near Maidan Square closed? What is the situation in the area?
- Around Maidan everything is closed. As soon as you exit the Maidan Square about 400 meters there is a semblance of normalcy.

- There are stocks of food, how is the organization in the square from this point of view?
- From this point of view nothing is missing, there are lots of points of distribution of beverages and foods, from cakes to sandwiches, from water to milk and yogurt. In the square there are girls with trays that offer free food at all.

- We can say that the protest starts from zero because the square is in the hands of only the protesters?
- Yes, the police is disappeared and you are returned to the previous situation. It is difficult to make predictions, predict what will happen in the coming hours is absolutely impossible. Now the protesters fear a repeat of the sniper attacks from the buildings around the square.

- We have received your video of the night you spent in Maidan. This is the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. You can hear the prayers in the background, we see the place on fire. Could you describe what you felt that seeing all this?
- The situation was literally surreal in the sense that there were screams, explosions and in the background you could hear the prayers constantly. On stage right during the battle in the streets, there were representatives of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church, priests of the Uniate Church and the Catholic Church. All of them supported the revolt. On stage there was also a delegation of Ukrainian Radio Maria!
- The famous Radio Maria that we all know?
- Yes, the famous Radio Maria!


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Above image - Radio Maria:  (no English page at disposition)

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Crafted in Austria 'West Ukrainian' Nationalist Movement

      I thank the person X who made me notice me the article about Radio Maria. In References see again "From Dingle Bay...etc." and "Wardrobe's skeletons etc." historical posts. Here a link about Vatican religious mediatic harrassment of protestants in Central America. I too am daily harrassed and threatened, a psychological attack. I can for now tell only this. If not it would not a threat. All that is happening to me is called "Institutional Stalking".

There is definetely an anti-Orthodox media campaign right now, coinciding with the events in Ukraine. Recently there has been several pornography/homosexual scandals with priests from the orthodox church in Bulgaria. The jesuits are up to something, I don't know exactly what will happen, but I know the end result (probably in 2017 with the miracles)
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Nueva Italia - Nueva Europa - Nueva America


Putin and Lady of War:

".....Rebels Capture Ukraine Rovno Nuclear Power Plant At (Video)....
 .....This is possibly a troubling development and could easily lead to and be the reason for a Russian invasion of the Ukraine.  ..........."  [   ]

I mean: aren't those Nazi's organizations and Polish organizations interfering in Ukraine, representing the classical image of the N° 1 and 2 Enemy of Mother Russia? Therefore, aren't those openly Nazi and Polish organizations at the opposite, an open invitation aimed to the Russian nationalist pride for a Russian invasion of Ukraine? .... And then, to use the invasion as alibi to start a classic-style World War? (Third Hot Thirty Years' Jesuits' War?)..... And to definitively handle the Eastern Polish question? ....

Here the two historical posts:

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Skeletons' Wardrobe Of The Little Fuhrer Of Russia Hidden In Switzerland?

This is an old message of Dec 22 2007 on The Unhived Mind. It's time to put it again at the light of the day, to show how much it was prophetical. One of the most incredible traitors of the (rests) of genuine and true Orthodox Christendom is Wladimir Putin. I remember well that 17th February 2008 when the Islamic ally of Rome in the Balkans was awarded by the master – the pope – with the first victory after centuries on the Europen soil: Kosovo Independence declaration day. I remember well the screams and warnings exited by the mouth of Wladimir. And the total complete void which followed all those “terrible pronouncements”. A traitor? No, a soldier of the Romanist Catho-Islamic Steel pact. But it seems that very very few realized that.

After the Muslims went used to ‘dismiss’ the Byzantium empire in the XV century, after they were used as an useful threat with which to polarize and submit the secular monarchies and bloodlines of Europe to the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum design, they have been again resuscitated in the XX century in order to gain, in front of a purportedly led to the decadence Western population, that desired ‘moral’ legitimity which only the martyrdom can supply.
Brother Rivera, a former Jesuit who abandoned the evil order (and paid for that with the life), did not properly reveal a truth but was simply confirming what the historical quite analysis of the events in Eurasia are exposing with a bright evidence. Brother Rivera said that in about 1960, when he was in Rome for a seminary, monsignor Augustin Bea, another Jesuit, told him that “….yes, we (the Vatican – my note) are the ones who created the Islam for our interests…”.

The Masonic cult created by Rome and named “Islam”, spread all through Eurasia in order to realize important tasks for the Vatican. If you think that the “false flag operations” have been invented by CIA & Mossad who “… created the fake case of Racak Massacre in Kosovo or the false flag attack of 9-11..” for example, you should better to change site and to visit the official Disney web pages where you’ll find information more appropriate for you.

I recall to you that a true Orthodox Russian church has been definitively wiped away by the Roman Catholic Jesuit priest Josiph Stalin in the 30ies (a man whose intelligence in II world war was headed by a knight of the Roman Catholic military order of Malta, Turkul), starting from that 1937/38 when, in Germany, the Roman Catholic church started to detect the ‘bad’, ‘deviant’ Roman Catholics identifying them with the encyclical “Mit brennender Sorge”. A coincidence? So all those Jesuit priests, disguised as member of Oriental churches submitted to Rome, as Capuchins, and under thousands of other different costumes, rebuilt the Orthodox church of Russia.

Today they are completing the mummifying process also with the Orthodox Christian prey of the Balkans: 1) infiltrate 2) kill 3) deprive from the inner living organ 4) wear the superficial mummified skin as a disguise. Stop.
They started to shipwreck Orthodox Serbia putting a trusftul soldier of the Vatican - the then Peter I of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes - at the head of the Serbian crown. Do you think that a man who fought against the Protestant Prussia with the French army in 1870/71, and whose bloodline started that enmity with the Hapsburg empire which would have been then used by Rome for the destruction of both Catholic but no more obedient to Rome Hapsburg as 'heretic' Protestant Kaisers, a man under whom Serbia signed a Concordat with the Vatican just a month before WWI , a concordat written by the hand of the same father of the Nazi-Vatican concordat - those Pacelli and his Roman Catholic Austrian Fuehrer (the R.C. Hitler who killed more than 5,000 Serbs of Beograd with the terrorist boming of '41, who ordered to slaughter the Serb children in many Serbian villages, who....etc.), would have not led - wanting it or not - Serbia on the path of the Hell? The truth is under your eyes, decide you.

But Rome can wait the moment when she will join again together with the ‘orthodox’ church of Russia. Because if possible, she would use that controlled cult as a weapon for the final assault on America, on the western world and on every form of human organization or individual who doesn't recognize the papacy as the "imperial divine authority of the world". Never, never, never forget that boy Bill Clinton who bombed Serbia, he is a Jesuit puppet, who was trained by the Jesuit order at the Jesuit Georgetown University which controls the (Andrew) White House.
At the top of the military power of Russia there’s a gang of which Putin is a member. He received the money from Rome and now is blackmailed by those “evil Zionists” like Berzowsky who knows many secrets about the Putin’s career. As happened in America where the “Islamic terrorism” has been used as an alibi to invade Irak (and to start the martyrdom of the Islamic world to destroy morally America), so in Russia the “Zionist threat” has been used by the crypto Vatican crusaders to wipe away the last rests of Freedom. For all those dirty jobs Putin received the money of the Antichrist, not “of the Jews”, money which is conserved now in the Vatican bulwark of Europe, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

The Skeletons' Wardrobe Of The Little Fuhrer Of Russia Hidden In Switzerland?

Dec 22 2007, 11:57 AM

Putin is blackmailed via Guardian? Does he have to realize an important step for the Vatikan NWO? Anyway, his occult broother George Bush (=anti-missile shield farce) and the 'Zionist' Berezhovsky (=financial farces) and others helped him to get an alibi to build the final tyranny in Russia. Now the tyranny is complete, and the rest of 7 years to 2012 will be spent on the final destruction of America and every Freedom in the rest of the world.
Just an introduction before the Guardian's article: Lenin travelled from Switzerland to Russia in a sealed train with the sign of the Vatikan monarchy:
Lenin was trained by the Jesuit Order in Geneva Switzerland, it was Diego Bergen Germany�s ambassador to the Vatican during Germany�s Welmar Republic & during Hitler�s NAZI Germany that provided transport for Lenin into Russia via Vatican�s Sealed Train.

Coat of arms of the city of Geneva:
(by Craig Oxley)
QUOTE (DouglasWillinger @ Aug 29 2007, 03:48 PM)

I recall that Lenin was in Switzerland during most of WW1- was he staying with Wladimir Ledochowski?

Good question! I forgot that Lenin was in Switzerland during the first years of the reign of Ledochowsky:

"....When the First World War began in 1914, and the large Social Democratic parties of Europe (at that time self-described as Marxist, and including luminaries such as Karl Kautsky) supported their various countries' war efforts, Lenin was absolutely stunned, refusing to believe at first that the German Social Democrats had voted for war credits. This led him to a final split with the Second International, which was composed of these parties. Lenin (against the war in his belief that the peasants and workers were fighting the battle of the bourgeoisie for them) adopted the stance that what he described as an "imperialist war" ought to be turned into a civil war between the classes.

>>>>>........As war broke out, Lenin was briefly detained by the Austrian authorities in the town of Poronin, where he was residing at the time......

>>>>> .......On 5 September 1914 Lenin moved to neutral Switzerland, residing first at Berne and then Zurich [7]. In 1915 he attended the anti-war Zimmerwald Conference, convened in the Swiss town of that name. Lenin was the main leader of the Zimmerwald Left...."

>>>>>>......The Swiss communist Fritz Platten nonetheless managed to negotiate with the German government for Lenin and his company to travel through Germany by rail, on the so-called "sealed train".....

And now, let's see what happens after 90 years:,00.html
Secretive oil firm denies Putin has any stake in its ownership

· Company rejects claims it benefits from Kremlin ties
· Group admits co-founder and president are friends

Luke Harding in Tashkent
Saturday December 22, 2007
The Guardian

The secretive oil company Gunvor yesterday broke its silence over its alleged links with Vladimir Putin, denying that the Russian president was the company's "beneficiary" owner but admitting that he was a friend of its founder.

In a statement, Gunvor's chief executive officer, Torbjorn Tornqvist, said it was "plain wrong" to suggest the company had benefited from its alleged close connections with the Kremlin.

The company said Putin "was not a beneficiary" of its activities. "None of the shares of this organisation are held by President Putin or anyone allied by him," Tornqvist wrote in a letter published in today's Guardian.

Article continues
The letter is the first time that Gunvor, which is based in Geneva, has contested persistent claims in the media that Putin "effectively" owns much of the firm.

In the Guardian yesterday, Stansilav Belkovsky, a Russian political scientist, claimed that Putin controlled "at least 75%" of Gunvor, through a "non-transparent network of offshore companies".

He told the Guardian: "Putin's name doesn't appear on any shareholders' register, of course. There is a non-transparent scheme of successive ownership of offshore companies and funds. The final point is in Zug [Switzerland] and Liechtenstein. Vladimir Putin should be the beneficiary owner."

Additionally, the president controls 37% of the shares of Surgutneftegaz, an oil exploration firm and Russia's third biggest oil producer, and 4.5% of Gazprom, Belkovsky alleged. Putin's personal fortune was $40bn (£20bn), he added.

The claims, which have appeared in several publications over the past month, appear to have leaked from the Kremlin as rival factions battle for supremacy ahead of Putin's departure in May.

In the letter, Tornqvist confirmed for the first time that Putin is friends with the company's co-founder, Gennady Timchenko, a publicity-shy Russian businessman who lives in Switzerland. The size of his fortune is not known.

"[Timchenko] did indeed know President Putin in the days before the latter became famous," Tornqvist wrote. "However, suggestions that they share a KGB heritage or have been in business together are completely wide of the mark."

Gunvor declined to say how Timchenko and Putin met. The firm said Timchenko denies having ever worked for the KGB or its foreign intelligence service - an allegation made repeatedly by the Russian media over the past eight years. The two met via KGB circles, it was reported.

Founded 10 years ago, Gunvor is now the world's third biggest oil trader and handles 30% of Russia's seaborne oil exports. The company's competitors say it has used its political contacts to cut favourable deals with Russia's state-owned energy companies, including Rosneft, which is chaired by Putin's deputy chief of staff, Igor Sechin.

In his letter Tornqvist claimed that Gunvor's profits have been exaggerated. They amount to "hundreds of millions" of dollars rather than the billions previously suggested, he said. The firm refused to give a figure for its 2007 profits but confirmed turnover was $43bn.

"This is the norm for a business of our scale operating in our sector ... It is simply wrong to suggest that we benefit from favours granted over trading contracts in Russia and leading to multi-billion profits," Tornqvist wrote.

Discussion of Putin's wealth has previously been taboo. But the claims of his fortune have leaked out against the backdrop of the vicious fight inside the Kremlin between a group led by Sechin and a "liberal" clan that includes Dmitry Medvedev.

The Sechin group is made up of siloviki, Kremlin officials with security/military backgrounds. It is said to include Nikolai Patrushev, the head of the federal security service (FSB), Russia's KGB successor agency, his deputy, Alexander Bortnikov, and Putin's aide Viktor Ivanov.

Those associated with the "liberal" camp include Roman Abramovich, the Russian oligarch who is close to Putin and the Yeltsin family, Viktor Cherkesov, head of the federal drug control service, and Alisher Usmanov, the Uzbek-born billionaire.

Insiders say the struggle has little to do with ideology but is a war between business rivals. Putin's decision to endorse as president Medvedev, who has no links with the secret services, dealt a blow to the hardline Sechin clan, they add.

Yesterday's Vedomosti newspaper, meanwhile, suggested that Putin could become chairman of Gazprom, in effect swapping jobs with Medvedev.

To deepen:

And the thread:"Politkovskaja, Putin, Gorbachev, Lebedev,...ROME?"
In early posts I named the European regions of NOrth Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Bavaria as "Catholand". They are marked by hig mountains or desolated regions where Rome found a bulwark. These regions are a domain apart respect Catholic Spain or French, these two countries have other duties as regard the N.W.O. of RCC: they are countries projected 'outside'. At the opposite Catholand and its Alps has to be the real Vatikan FOrtress, the Jesuit refugee. NOw as 2000 years ago when the Romans did the dirty works for these bunch of Babilonian satanists. This is the reason for which in Catholand all is particular 'clean', 'ordered' etc.: Rome granted the possibility to manage the little civic administration life of these countries IN EXCHANGE of their total submission to Saint Peter! The bulwark of the Master of World cannot be a discharge as the rest of the 99% of the world they transformed in!

Best regards from a North Adriatic Anti-catholic isolationist


(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world


Above image - "...Eurasia is a continent or supercontinent covering about 52,990,000 km2 (20,846,000 mi2) or about 10.6% of the Earth's surface (36.2% of the land area) located primarily in the eastern and northern hemispheres. Geographically it is a single continent,[1] comprising the traditional continents of Europe and Asia (with Eurasia being a portmanteau of the two); the concepts of Europe and Asia as distinct continents date back to antiquity and their borders are geologically arbitrary. Eurasia, in turn, is part of the yet larger landmass of Afro-Eurasia, whereby Eurasia is joined to Africa at the Isthmus of Suez.

Eurasia is inhabited by almost 4 billion people, more than 72.5% of the world's population (60% in Asia and 12.5% in Europe)......"

The church of Rome must absorb the remains of the Schismatic churches of East Eurasia. She has just agreed the conditions for the end of the Schism with the Orthodox Russian elite which is the most important controller of the rest of the Orthodox world in East Europe. The head of Russian Orthodox church, plus the actual usurpers sitting on the once throne of Romanov in Kremlin (shortly the group Putin & Medvedev) are just completing their final requests to the pope of Rome before to officially be part of the immense future Roman Catholic super-empire with more than 1,5 billions inhabitants (*).

If the Eurasian province of the empire is destined to range from Ireland to Vladivostok, all that could arise some worries in the minds of the Muslims and of the Chinese. China and Islam would find a common enemy and things would turn very hard for Rome. For this reason, the consent of the Islamic elite has been purchased also supplying it with a comfortable enemy, the “Jewish and American enemy”, which can be comfortable used by the Islamic power as a distraction in order to hide at the eyes of Islamic exploited and oppressed masses their deep and strict alliance with the plans of Rome for the global domination.

Then there’s the Chinese potential enemy. Also this one has been bought giving in his mouth the leverage of the world economy, giving to him one of the most important stock exchanges of the world (Honk Kong), the possibility to exploit the American and Western in general technology and the precedence on the exploiting of the immense treasuries of Africa.

But near China there’s another important piece of the chess, India. An enlargement of the church of Rome at the border of Islam could arise a call for the unification of the Islam inside India with the rest of the brothers. For this reason her interests are opposed to Islam and China who, in turns, both want be assured that once Rome will reach Vladivostok, she will not use India to divide them. In fact India is important for Rome because the sub-continental peninsula can kept divided the south routes between China and the rest of the continental Islamic world. Not for a case India has Islamic problems with Kashmir. And twenty of the twenty eight Indian states are infested by the Maoist guerrilla. The Russian inferences in the affairs of the central Asia Islamic countries can be seen, from this perspective, as an attempt of Rome to control the continuity between her
Eurasian allies, Islam and China, and to prevent an alliance between them at the expenses of Rome, the undisputed leader of this Triple world alliance. The historical Russian boots which must be moistened by the waters of the Indian Ocean, are hiding only the feet of the pope.

The “Zionist and American threat”. As mentioned in previous messages, the false flag 911 attack was just like those Russian dolls. It contained hidden another false flag attack, which ideological and religious sign is the opposite of the the previous one used as alibi to provoke it: to supply Islam with a threat in order to hide the collaboration with the plans of Rome and in order to supply the Islamic elite of an alibi to fight the eternal centrifugal forces which ever fragmented the Islamic galaxy. The threat of an enlargement of Rome from Ireland to Kamchatka is replaced in the perception of the world events by the “Neocon plan for the American century”.
But America is practically a country which will follow the destiny of Germany. The Roman Catholic half of Germany was used in the thirties and early forties of the previous century like a knife at the throat of the German ecumenism (National socialism): “do the religious purge (WWII) as we are commanding to you or we’ll instigate the fifty percent of Germany – the Roman Catholic one – against you and your 'anti-Christian' regime” (this is the reason for which the German ecumenism in the name of Lutheran anti-Judaism, after having created by the Jesuits, had to be pushed down the slope of the attrition with the church of Rome – see the encyclicals).

All the rest is pure and simple optional. The true engine of the events of the world is just the enlargement of the domains of the church of Rome from Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering. The World Democratic Government, the coalition at the power of the world with three “parties”, China, Islam and Rome, with the latter as the undisputed leader of the other two, is the tool used to reach this goal. It is not excluded some exciting coupe-de-theater, as usually happened in those old gangster-noir when, after the robbery concluded, and meanwhile the members are dividing the plunder, one of them suddenly extract the gun......

*** *** ***

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The Art of Devouring (Eastern Schsmatics?)


Pope Benedict XVI and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew at the Vatican 18 Oct 2008/Osservatore Romano


(*) "..Based on the numbers of adherents, Orthodoxy is the second largest Christian communion in the world after the Roman Catholic Church.[14] The most common estimates of the number of Orthodox Christians worldwide is approximately 300 million...".

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


  1. Thanks for the article
    Yes, good old "maria"..... nothing new under the sun....

    A facebook prophet of the Russian revolution to come?

    Russian guy working in Kiev
    Crude translation of snippets:

    "To everyone in Russia, I suggest you start thinking. This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for Putin who supports Janukovich ....."

    "He(Putin) will drown Russia in blood (a few years in the future) like Janukovich is doing right now.....

    There isn't much time left ....."

    The vatican is resurrecting the corpse of the USSR to advance toward the ending of the schism. I wonder if the events in Ukraine will really be contagious for the Russians ....

  2. i heard about two kind of protests... the moderate and the extreme... the moderate could have been engineered in order to be DELUDED by govt and so to give an ALIBI to the extreme factions.... the same scheme it repeats here

  3. "......I wonder if the events in Ukraine will really be contagious for the Russians ..........."

    yes this is really among the most important questions: Ukraine like TUNISIA, and Russia like EGYPT? .... see Arab Spring Epidemic....

  4. I remember the death of Otto von Habsburg.... i the same did a post or two on him... Otto was a warm supporter of EU, or the new Holy Roman Empire... absorbing, digesting and metabolizing what remains of Protestants and Orthodoxies after having religously cleansed the social landscape wiping away liberal Catholicism... the "fifth column of Reform" inside the "mother church".... as pertain Ukrainan 'nationalist' (papist?) movements crafted in AUSTRIA, i think it good to resumee one or two things about mister Otto....:

  5. "........Otto von Habsburg played a central role in the revolutions of 1989, as a co-initiator of the Pan-European Picnic. Later he would be a strong supporter of the EU membership of central and eastern European countries.[9] A noted intellectual, he has published several books on historical and political affairs. Otto has been described as one of the "architects of the European idea and of European integration" together with Robert Schuman, Konrad Adenauer, and Alcide De Gasperi.[10]..........".

    It from Stalin-pedia... pardon.... Wiki-pedia:

  6. .........."strong supporter of the EU membership of central and EASTERN European countries".....

    ........"Reportedly blaimed Serbia for bringing about the end of Austria-Hungary"...........

    no comment.

  7. Just a bag of bones, the hidden friend of the "nationalists". Nationalism seems to be a real "cash" cow for Jesuit & co, supplying alibis.

    "He was reportedly a patron of the Three Faiths Forum, a group which aims to encourage friendship, goodwill and understanding amongst people of the three monotheistic faiths of Christianity, Judaism and Islam in the United Kingdom and elsewhere"

    "He obtained the support of Winston Churchill for a conservative "Danube Federation", in effect a restoration of Austria-Hungary, but Joseph Stalin put an end to these plans"

    Of course, I'm sure he meant well toward his good friends, the slavic, orthodox countries, not like the bad nazis and the Stalin *sarcasm*

    The Europenian Union is a Jesuitical dream come true, breaking the bones of compromised, desperate orthodox countries with a soft tongue. . .and then enslaving them in a even worse way than the dictator. . .

    Yulia Tymoshenko being released...Notice the stars on her head(12 in some pictures, 13 or 14 in others)

    An allegory of Inanna descending to hell and coming back (mockery of Jesus)
    Sentenced in 2011, released in 2014 (3 years)

    In this context the story has interesting parallells with the New Testament: Jesus, too, descends into the underworld, remains there for three days, and returns triumphantly

    "Inanna is stripped of one item of her apparel as she passes through each of the SEVEN gates of the underworld."

    On 11 October 2011, a Ukrainian court sentenced Tymoshenko to SEVEN years in prison after she was found guilty of all charges.

  8. ".....Yulia Tymoshenko being released...Notice the stars on her head(12 in some pictures, 13 or 14 in others)......."

    Inanna or a more recent revisitation of Inanna, the "Joan of Arc" of Ecumenic Europe against the 'barbarian' Eastern Christians who don t want to submit to (un)Holy Roman European Empire?... a Putin is needed to control the opposite front?... and to led it to the disaster no more or less Hitler did with protestant Eastern Prussia?....

    Yes, numbers & allegories all fits...

  9. Saturday, February 22, 2014
    The spy who came.

  10. ".......But on March 13, 1820, according to Abate Leone, Alexander
    expelled the Papal Caesar’s Militia of the Black Pope for opposing the free
    circulation of the Holy Bible. Two years later, Freemasonry was banished from
    the empire. For this the Jesuits murdered him in 1825, slipping him “the poison
    cup.” One hundred years later, after the Order had initiated a century of anti-
    Jewish pogroms from Tzar Nicholas I to the abdication and escape of Tzar
    Nicholas II, the Company of Jesus was re-admitted into its “USSR” in 1922 by
    Lenin and his Masonic Jewish Bolsheviks. Having used the Pope’s “Court Jews”
    to visibly carry out the Revolution, the Order’s NKVD later executed all but one.
    Russia In War and Peace, Alan Palmer, (New York: The Macmillan Co., 1972)............."

    From Vatican Assassins by Eric John Phelps, third edition, also free download.


    The Russian Orthodox Church has already indicated a resistance to the call for a pan-Orthodox council.

    So, in 2016 the orthodox churches are having an ecumenical council, and guess who is not coming - Russia. A probable scenario is the Russian orthodox church declining and then suffering the cost or the "chastisement" of the Fatima prophecy......

  12. Jesuits calls, Patriarch answers?

    "..... Home > Ecumenism > 2013-11-30 13:28:29
    A+ A- print this page Invia articolo
    Pope Francis to Patriarch Bartholomew: world needs our common witness

    Then here why these years so important... 1700 years ago...:

    "....Noting the present context of the 1700th anniversary of Constantine’s Edict, which put an end to religious persecution in the Roman Empire in both East and West, and opened new channels for the dissemination of the Gospel, Pope Francis writes, “Today, as then, Christians of East and West must give common witness so that, strengthened by the Spirit of the risen Christ, they may disseminate the message of salvation to the entire world,” adding that there is an urgent need for effective and committed cooperation among Christians in order to safeguard everywhere the right to express publicly one’s faith and to be treated fairly when promoting the contribution which Christianity continues to offer to contemporary society and culture.

  13. ".....A probable scenario is the Russian orthodox church declining and then suffering the cost or the "chastisement" of the Fatima prophecy......."

    Via a collapse caused by a war in Ukrajne with great loss of lives and a riot inside Russia against Putin?

  14. The orthodox and lutheran churches,being a state organization ( Luthers doctrine on separation of church/state touched primarily theological independence, but a organization that is such a large unit cannot exist without economic stability/state wellbeing and support, unlike biblical local churches of few believers) are toast. Those organizations' reputation is also dependent on their respective country's.

    Everyone knows in war small partisan units are far more efficient than battalions in a non-open field, say a forest

    Mark 8:24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking... KJB

    .. Therefore these enemies of Rome- the state churches (orthodox,lutheran,anglican) have a soft belly - the country they are so tied with is vulnerable by both internal and external conflicts, because of the worldly/fleshly nature of the state and its citizens. They are check mate from the moment they were created, because Satan will ALWAYS achieve his desired political/economic chessboard configuration.

  15. I realized that the new pope ws elected just in the same day of the expulsion of the Jesuit order from Russia by Alexander I... with the news you made me note about the consecration of Russia to Immaculate etc. and by the same new pope, i think it really a sign of the times.

  16. fabricated or not, anyway, a sign.

  17. Yes, I think the jesuits have pressed hard enough for unity in the western world already.
    this Francis pope has "done" more in a year than the good old John Paul 2 for decades. This year, I feel, will be crucial for the next reconfiguration of the world map. They will not need their dirty dog - Russia for too long anymore. They hate it and have kept it only because of their geopolitical goals in central europe.

    I think when anyone is thinking in the 21st century that war is highly unlikely, but the attitude of the 20 century was the same - nobody thought the imperialistic war mongering of the 19 century could come back . . . but it did and even more bloody.

    Like I said, a simple splitting of Ukraine is probably not the goal but only a step, the casus beli and the beginning of a much larger purge. You have quite well discerned that the jesuits will polarise that region of Europe into a pro-EU ecumenical crowd and a pro-Russia orthodox crowd with any other element undesired and destroyed. And if Russia take Ukraine they will clear it from the "fascist" or rather the true nationalists/baptists and other heretics along the brainwashed CIA/KGB puppets. This secret genocide you described in your articles in the past about Slovenia and in general the lands between Italy and the Balkans, where the purges and the increasing fascist sentiment destroyed the genuine dissidents and heretics among their own puppets.

    The news in the last month have been so many and so dense, that I have trouble keeping up with everything, although I am sure we will be able to talk in eternity.

  18. think only that even WWII till the attack of Norway was simply called the "phoney war" as they thought that the paralysis on German/French front would have led to armistice and shaping of borders.... but suddenly the attack to France and Norway and true WWII started there....
    They want to Roman Catholicize the entire North emisphere and i believe that a good step in this direction is the invasion of Ukraine maybe after provokations against Orthodoxies there or maybe also in your country.... al lthat would led a new Afghanistan with many victims especially in the russian army which will ignite protests and riots inside Russia with consequent political collapse... at the same time a similar mechanism is believable to operate in North America with Mexico as Ukraine, where the sefl defence militia is built up with Jesuit led guerrilla who hates the North American gringos... D. Willinger in his blog mentioned sometimes the territorial pretences of Mexicon over USA and this could be the trigger.... I would send a US commando in Mexico to take some narcos in order to put in front of an US court,.... all that would cause a massacre also among civilians.... general riots in Mexico against USA.... the government falls and a new one ask back the old Spanish territories.. and also USA will have their "Ukraine".... then the war will enter in the politic .... chaos in USA, collapse.... and the Catholic crusaders of the pope will meet each other on the Strait of Bering. The End.

  19. It is funny how they are exploiting old rivalries, feuds etc, world war 2 sentiments that those kids on the squares know nothing about, proving all this being much more than anything a spiritual game. At the same time Islamic-Catholic bad relations are only in the past. And the evil secular governments of europe being so intolerant of the poor muslims (especially italy drowning the poor emigrants in the sea) Anyway, I don't see any unification with islam possible at all, without (as Rivera said) the "queen of heaven" being the mediator. Islam is a big evil dog with a brain as big as a grain of rice. We'll see in 2017

  20. I really don't know what will happen to Bulgaria. It is an extremely poor country. We are laughing, because the greeks have 500 euro pensions and are protesting, we have 60 euro pensions and nobody cares. The country is destroyed economically. Whatever production is left is in the hands of greedy oligarchs and the heirs of the communist rulers. There is no christianity, it is extremely difficult to work with Bulgarians, both soulwinning and any kind of work. The slightly richer people in the capital are proud, vain, pro-western consummerism indulging parvenus. A very proud and obstinate nation, like the Serbians. Nihilism and fear, alcoholism and poverty.

    The only good thing about this country is that we have saved most of our jews thanks to king Boris 3, who was later murdered after many attempts for his life.

    I don't see how the jesuits can use our country except exterminate and send to hell the already unbelieiving people here. They are hopeless. But me, my family and the missionaries have hope, because each soul saved is more precious than the whole world. We work mostly with the Roma people.

  21. The invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is sending a ripple effect through out Eastern Europe. With the prospects now for possible cold war starting all over again investors brace for sanctions against Russia. And with the already falling economy of the Ukraine, investors and business are bailing out as fast as they can.

    During the next few years, the Ukraine economy will be pushed to its limits. Currently, the Ukraine desperately needs 30 billion in loans to survive, and with ousted former president Viktor Yanukovich having already pulled the country out from the European Union, and the new government wanting nothing to do with Russia, the government will be in dire straits.

    The US State department has issued a travel warning urging Americans not to travel to the Ukraine. Tourism is a huge part of Ukraine economy. with hotels, airlines and restaurants depending on tourism. As these businesses cut back, the ripple effect in cities like Kiev, Odessa and Yalta will have devastating consequences on the economy. Just as when the housing market died in the US, the effects were felt world wide. Not only will Ukraine's economy continue to decline, but most of Western Europe's fragile economy will also feel the effects.

    One industry that seems to thrive on the situation is the foreign bride market, A Foreign Affair operates four office in the Ukraine. Kenneth Agee the marketing director says, "In the last few weeks we have seen the biggest surge ever on women signing up. Not only have we seen the biggest surge, but we have seen the highest quality of women signing up; doctors, engineers, even some of Ukraine's most beautiful models, With the possibility of war looming over the horizon, American men are looking very desirable." A Foreign Affair 's new member Irina of Kiev says, "America is stable, American men have very good family values. These are important to Ukraine women; we want a good environment to raise our families. With Russian tanks rolling down our streets, I do not see a bright future here for starting a family.

    The future does not look good for the Ukraine. Russia has no intention of letting Ukraine have complete independence. Most western Ukrainians have had a strong dislike for Russia for many generations, and will do what ever it takes to resist Russian influence or occupation. This being said, the country will have a long battle and many lines drawn in the sand, from serious economic sanctions to full out war. At this time, it looks like this struggle could go on for a decade or more.

  22. "....Russia has no intention of letting Ukraine have complete independence....."

    Games are already decided and the quartering of the area of old Commonwealth is a matter of fact. Then i consider probable that they'll use an hypothetical invasion of Ukraine by Russia as a sort of Afghanistan-II in order to rise political instability inside Russia and to make her collapse... Христо Стилиянов made me to note the Twin Towers Petronas which are in Asia... SJ Adolph Nicholas told in 2008 when elected general superior that the "future of the church is in AFRICA and ASIA"... The Twin Towers in America are fallen down,... in Russia the bombing of buildings allowed Putin to become president.... I m starting to think if that the allegory of WTC7 Twin Towers falling down was representing the future crash of both Russia and USA.... and the Petronas Twin Tower, not touched, the ASIA (China) and AFRICA (given to China by Rome) of which SJ Nicholas was talking about...

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