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"Dr. Judy Wood - Thermite, Cold Fusion and Steven E. Jones" [video]


UFOs, Aliens, wormholes, Big-Bangology, etc. not only the backfire of heathenism/satanism to attack the Bible, but all that is also a colossal curtain of deception arisen in order to hide this:

Above video - the suppression of the Cold Fusion : "

Dr. Judy Wood - Thermite, Cold Fusion and Steven E. Jones

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[From the comment under the video]  "........Steven Jones is responsible for denying to the world a clean new energy source. Steven Jones sabotaged Cold Fusion in 1989 and destroyed the careers of Pons and Fleischmann. Dr. Eugene Mallove's book "Fire from Ice" documents the Cold Fusion cover-up and how MIT reproduced the Pons and Fleischmann effect but published false results - scientific fraud. The book includes much detail of Steven Jones' damage to Cold Fusion research. Aside from Pons and Fleischmann, Steven Jones' name is mentioned more than any other individual.

Steven Jones learnt of Pons and Fleischmann from an informant at the Department of Energy. Pons and Fleischmann decided to go public first to avoid being cheated, but were ridiculed by the media due to their Cold Fusion process not yet being perfected. Steven Jones sabotaged research and development of free energy technologies, in order to keep us addicted to oil.

Steven Jones is a long term cover-up agent who after sabotaging Cold Fusion in 1989, popped out of the woodwork in 2005 as a "9/11 truther". In 2006 he published a 9/11 paper called "Why Indeed" which contains doctored photos, lies and outright fallacies. He later made the ridiculous claim that the towers were destroyed using "paint on thermite". His role was to act as controlled opposition putting out disinformation to cover-up the use of weaponized free energy technology on 9/11............".

 So dont be surprised about the connection of the media broadcasting the garbage of the "Ancient Aliens", of the UFOs etc.  in near proximity with the energy corporations and the Evolutionist Satanism of the elites...
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

CEO of Discovery Channel linked to Fordham University and Energy Corporations interests


 See also the phenomena of Alien and UFO as curtain to hide further not-conventional technology:

 "......Author's note: In 1985-1987 a series of anomalous missile and space failures swept the U .S. and the West. These incidents were not unique, as many think, but were actually only a portion of thousands of related incidents showing the Soviet testing of advanced weapons throughout the world. This listing will show the types of incidents referred to......

Oct? 74 - Antarctic.
Ozone hole over Antarctic first detected. Did not appear in measurements from 1957-1973. Note did not appear until exhaust plumes noted from and around Bennett Island, with substantial activity. Looms over the continent every Oct. Diminishes through Mar.  More severe each year since 1974.
1975 - USSR.
Soviet article in International Life speaks of weather war, chang- ing the nature of lightning, increasing the power of lightning, and directing electric charges of tremendous power against specified targets. "Atmospheric electricity" can be used to suppress mental activity of large groups of people. Tip of the iceberg.  Unclassified reference to Soviet's scalar EM (energetics) weapon program. Note involvement of "lightning" in destruction of U.S. missiles a decade later.

 Aug 73 - Over ocean.
USAF Minuteman ICBM is launched from Vandenberg AFB, aimed for Kwajalein missile range. Unidentified object appears and is tracked next to the ICBM's nose cone. Crossed the RV's trajectory. Object about 10 ft long. Seen by 2 separate radars. Three other identical objects were seen in the vicinity.
Probable Soviet advanced flying vehicles. Also a deliberate stimulus to see if U.S. knows of the technology, and how the U.S. reacts. (Source: Clear Intent.)......

 [   ]

Is there any link with UFO's abductions, and various UFO 'encouters'??? ....

 ".....together with six other former or retired USAF personnel who witnessed nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents—to urge the U.S. government to end it's six-decade policy of secrecy regarding these momentous events...."

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Time Machine - II

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