Thursday, February 6, 2014

Home-made dustification?


In 2007 i became deluded by my holy hand-grenades... So i forgot them until some months after i heard a KA-BOOM coming from the upper father's attic.... "come, come upward and see what you've done..."... i went upstairs and i was appalled...:

Well, it worked and too much good. Earlier, when i didn't perceive anything from those objects, I thought to have produced only some souvenirs in honor to the circus of the 'orgonite', but,... but it 'only' crumbled the plaster...

Well, it worked good, but at the moment i was so busy with other affairs that i said to those devices: "you worked too late, now i have no more time for you". And i cleaned and putted new plaster in the hole and forgot the event.

But years after i went on the dr. Judy Wood'site and suddenly i had a flash in my mind. I associated that Ka-boom and the home disaster with the Twin Towers dustification and those events from that moment never separated in my mind.

Do you see where the holy hand-grenade was sitting? Probably (I m trying to study the matter) the coils inside the stereo CD interacted with the quartz inside the holy handgrenade which worked as a resonance device for a particular electomagnetic wave such as Maxwell's original equations or Tesla could have well understood... I remember a video of Hutchison, how he explained the dustification/softening of metal, showing a scheme where electromagnetic waves, whose lenght was the same of the crystaline separation of atoms of a material, were softening the structure of the matter making it to 'resonate'... My mind now goes to the crystal of quartz as diapason inside the holy hand-grenade, giving the right 'note' to electromagnetic waves from the under lying coils, and as plasters is a matter of crystals, its crystalline structure resonated till the point to crush... Ony keep in mind that this surface was the most health surface of plaster of the entire room... the worse section of plaster in the same attic, for example, was only colored of black cause infiltration of water (mold) but never substituted as perfectly health from the point of view of the structural function (it ws only painted again to hide the black color of mold),...  so imagine that  disaggregated/pulverized section which until the demolition was perfectly dry and sane...

I sent last year some pictures also to Judi Wood's e-mail address but never got an answer.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Finally I decided to open a new album on line, photobucket, here you have both pictures those SOBs and M.F.s blocked me from uploading here and on Google album online:

avlesbeluskes's Photos and Videos

[you see Madonna images on the wall don't fear it's my father's attic there are gathered old odds and ends, memories of old family etc. I live in Roman Catholic subliminal society it's part of the cultural landscape]
I chose to leave at his place this post with virulent language, a witness of their methods: 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Holy hand grenade and Hutchison effect.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Dr. Judy Wood - Steel to Dust " + other [video]

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