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World wide anti-Baptist (and anti-Protestant) strategy unifies Marxist China and Ukrainian low intensity war.

 #1 - Jesuit logo "IHS".

 #2 - Double headed Russian (also Hapsburg) eagle. Today: Putin & pope aka "P2".

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"...They need to slow the evangelization of China to give more room for Catholicism to grow. ...." etc. etc.

Of course! Till Protestants, in any case not-Catholics are over 50 millions and Catholics only over 20 millions for the Jesuits it is OK an atheist Communist China.... This is why the atheist communism fell in Russia but NOT in China, as in Russia they are already 'Christians' (Eastern Catholicism) and if they are not yet openly kneeling to the pope's idol, at least they can still be used to fill the religious space with their presence and to obstacle the spreading of dangerous (for Satan's plans) Protestantism i.e. Baptism (and of course of other anti-popish forms of Christendom). But why? Simple, making "war" between Russia and what is commonly presented as the "bulwark of Protestantism", therefore making the Orthodoxy (Byzantine Catholicism) to turn in anti-Protestant colors, a fact which is clearly under the eyes of everyone and Ukraine is the central point of this religious Jesuit strategy. Ukraine, the "Bible belt of USSR", is used to deepen the anti-Protestant hate of the Orthodoxies with the low intensity war against Ukraine, and to render it epidemic to the Communist China, in order to make turn also the Chinese ally of Putin from day to day more anti-Protestant. So you can see perfectly the answer to that "why" about the strong presence of those Chinese Baptists in Ukraine. Probably in great part unaware, but they could have been sent there surely by someone who knew in advance (and whom they trusted in good faith) the future or our days, because now, for the transitive property, in a context of deepened alliance between Moscow and Beijing (recently not only declared but exhibited just near Philippines with joint operations), the Chinese Baptists will presented as allies of the Putin's enemies and therefore enemy of atheist China. With great advantage for the Roman Catholicism spreading in the land of Confucio. Therefore in China the Communist regime will exist till the moment when Roman Catholicism will take the upper hand in the growth, and will start to suffucate other Christian denominations using a general despise from the average Chinese towards anything smelling "Protestant and Baptist". The anti-Protestant attitude of the Chinese must become a sort of "second nature" of the Chinese and must take roots in the Chinese souls very early, when they are still "atheist". From this point of view my observation about the true goal of the Marxist China's provocations against Philippines are confirmed: the more the God fearing country of Philippines will start to hate China the most water will bring to the mill of the Roman Catholicization of China, being the Philippines the 13th country in the world as Protestant presence (in percentual) and the first in Asia (always as percentual).

[Edited: the proportion between Catholics and Protestant are even more unbalanced. 9 millions against nearly 60 millions. See References]

   Thanks again to the hints coming from Hristo Stiliyanov. The above comment in response of his:

They need to slow the evangelization of China to give more room for Catholicism to grow. And when China becomes totally Babylonian(overthrow of CPC after miracles, war with Russia?), the axes will be buried and everyone will embrace new China, especically the phillipines. And at that point the protestants and baptists will have no choice but accept the reconciliation and the growing influence of Catholicism within their own country (not mentioning the miracles).
See the Soviet Union's (Russia's) Bible Belt:

Soviet Union's Bible belt:

"......Vitaly Chernetsky, a professor of Slavic languages at the University of Kansas and president of the American Association for Ukrainian Studies, told RNS. “Ukraine is sort of the BIBLE BELT of the former Soviet Union. This is the part of the former SOVIET UNION where evangelical churches are the STRONGEST.”......(.....)....Associated Baptist Press (ABP) reported that with 2,362 churches and 121,645 members, the All-Ukrainian Union of Associations of Evangelical Christians-Baptists is one of the largest Baptist bodies in Europe......"

P2 - Putin & Pope in the "search and destroy" Continuing Counter Reformation warfare?

Bible Belt:

Confront both maps:
[edited comment 05/15/2014: confront with the above maps also this other interesting map: "The following map shows the current extent of all lands grabbed by the government under the guise of environmentalism. "
in the page:]
Well, Douglas Willinger should win a Pulitzer for the title of his blog, because CONTINUING Counter Reformation is something of the most fitted titles I ever heard in the last ten years in Internet, to not see THE most fitted:

pls. compare also with the religious history of the Commonwealth:

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Reformation in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
 And please look at Ukraine as a neuralgic point for the spreading of Baptism in Marxist China:


    "......Four Chinese Baptist Churches Exist in Ukraine
    5 June 2013, 10:13 | International relations | 2 | | Code for Blog | |

    1370268396_0.jpgAt a missionary forum in Luhansk, pastor Yin Haozhan and his wife, Duan Zhiyue, talked about serving among Chinese students, Religion in Ukraine reports with reference to the site of Baptists in Ukraine.

    "In 2010 in Luhansk a Chinese-language church appeared. It is the smallest among the four Chinese churches in Ukraine. But despite this, God blesses us. We are few, because every year about 10-15 of our students return to China as part of their exchange. Brothers and sisters talk about God to their parents and family, and many have become believers. The mission is the duty of every Christian. Thanks to modern technology – transportation, telephone, Internet – the world is without borders. We should use these tools for the mission, and we will not have to go far to do this,” said the pastor.

    A young minister, Artur Nadiyiv from Brianka, studied Chinese and is eager to go on a mission.

    “The one meaning of Christian life is to be a witness, because only people will be in eternity. Not our talents, our apartments, cars, property and money. Only those people who come to God through us,” he says.

    Artur expressed his for all people to see how great the Lord is, and that He is not only the God of Ukraine but God of other peoples.
    Система Orphus........"
 Of course  the president of Ukraine is a Baptist:

The Moscow Patriarchate, meanwhile, has repeatedly suggested that Orthodox and Catholics should make common cause as social conservatives and upholders of Europe's Christian heritage.

It also taunts Ukrainian president Oleksandr Turchynov for being a "heretic"—he is a BAPTIST preacher—and portrays Arseny Yatsenyuk, the prime minister, as a Scientologist; in fact he is Greek-Catholic


"He (Turchinov) doesn't simply confess the (adult) baptism, but preachers sermons himself. Turns out a preacher once headed the ukrainian national security agency ...... Yatsenuk's sister is the head of the largest scientologists organisation in the USA..."

Preparing the future massacre of baptists in all continents?

Its advocates like Orthodox Christianity as a mark of difference from the West, but they are not much interested in Christianity as such.

As I mentioned in a recent posting, Vladimir Putin revealed his own openness to such thinking when, in 2010, he stressed the commonality that many people saw between Orthodox Christianity and Islam.

See the above comment (and many  others) under:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

From the Baltic sea to the hills of Jerusalem


     Proportion Catholics/Protestants in Marxist China. From under the post:

Anyway I found this encouraging - in Marxist China Protestants are the majority of Christians - I still thinking about the revival told to you by the American pastor:

Other Protestant
< 1,000
< 0.1
< 0.1
Other Christian
< 10,000
< 0.1
Total Christian
Population estim......."


  1. I have not adequately researched the 'Baptists' of Ukraine and China, though have done some on the 'Southern Baptist Convention' in the US- if you study religious maps, one will see that the so called 'Bible Belt' in the south eastern U.S. started out as Anglican- making me suspect that such 'Baptists' are simply re-badged Anglicans, which are really closet Roman Catholics.

    Indeed, just consider the name 'Baptist' - were not the original Protestants with that word WITHIN their name known as "Ana-Baptists' aka anti-Baptist or rather anti-childhood Baptist. By dropping the "ana" or "anti" part, their name conforms to what the original such Protestants in England weer supposedly against?

    The 'Southern Baptist' adherence to the pharma-cigarette-alcohol criminal mercantilsim of the Vatican, along with the of the Eastern Orthodox Church, to me only further brands these churches as all being just other daughters of Rome.

  2. Every Protestant, from Wycliff to Tyndale, from Luther to Calvin was before a Catholic and a papist. If Rome could have put her pawns on Luther, she would have only condemned and executed a "bad Roman Catholic" monk.

    Martin Luther was very much Romish inside his theology, He brought inside his doctrine the theological foundation of the Roman Catholic Empire, the supersessionism and the s.c. Replacement doctrine, which is the basis of anti-Semitism or, better said, anti-Judaism/anti-Jewry. (= God annulled the previous Covenants with his people, Israel, as form of punishment; but this is only a personal subjective deduction of the Roman Empire's pagan theologians who needed that the Jews' God had to seal a "new Covenant" with their evil empire, trashing the old one).

    Therefore I am still and more not convinced that they were the Jesuits to write his anti-Jewish booklets, but this could be at the opposite a deception. The SAME Lutheran doctrine about Jews was perfectly aligned with the Roman Catholic one. Then take note that there was also a respectable Lutheran presence inside the first Masonic lodges which were used as a sort of neutral zone of agreements between Lutherans and papists (I had to write it years ago basing on documents I detain - historical books - but i always needed time i hope for the future).

    The "only", but you can say only with the marks around, true contribute of Luther to the freeing of Christandom from Rome's oppression, was the doctrine of Salvation, a fact for which his figure will always be among the most important Reformers in the world.

  3. Yes you are right that those Southern Baptists aligned with the Jesuits' Pharmacratic empire are like those Lutherans of Norway every day more in communion with Islam.

    But we should make distinction from an invite to not use substances to afford problems for which the Bible clearly indicates the origin and gives different form of solution (Faith), from the ideological support to a crusade against those substances for the benefit of the Jesuitical Pharmacratic system. Told in a simple way: if it is criminal to ban Marijuana, it does not mean we have to make out of it an object of religious cult, a 'savior'. No more or less than football, the cars, movies, drinking, etc. Yes, I believe here is lying the source of so much contrasts and polemics.

    As pertain Lutherans you the same pointed out the astounding corruption of their Scandinavian bulwarks in an time when I even was disposed to defend them. In the case of Lutheran doctrine it is not a surprise the Scandinavian apostasy. As the Islam's Old Testament REPLACE Isaac - on the sacrificial altar - with Ishmael, the ancestor of today's Islamic nations, it gets the same theological goal of the Replacement doctrine. With the difference that instead to break the old Covenant and invent a new one (Roman Empire, Lutheran Replacement etc.), they simply tried to replace the Jews, as object of the Covenant, with their following Islamic empire as heirs of Ishmael (from here the 12 kings or princes of Islam etc.) .

    ".......Indeed, just consider the name 'Baptist'........" etc. etc.

    ----> I believe that with the word "baptist" it goes for a reaffirmation of the true baptism, not the fake Romish baptism of babies which is only exorcism etc... I believe it is a question of taking back of the right of the exact meaning of the words. In fact John the Baptist was not baptizing babies, babies cannot be baptized, only exorcised.

    1. "----> I believe that with the word "baptist" it goes for a reaffirmation of the true baptism, not the fake Romish baptism of babies which is only exorcism etc... I believe it is a question of taking back of the right of the exact meaning of the words. In fact John the Baptist was not baptizing babies, babies cannot be baptized, only exorcised."

      Indeed. But what ever happened to the term Anabaptist? That was a term used in the 1600 and 1700s that seems more appropriate than the word without the "Ana".

    2. If not "AnaBapitist" then perhaps "AdultBaptists". Or "Free Will Baptists" which WAS the name of the group that started my Hillsdale College, which later became independent of that groups.

      I have not studied the "free Will Baptists". However, my Hillsdale College is alas APOSTATE- their Christian studies program is heavily focused upon St Augustine and Roman catholicism and primarily features Calvin and his predestination-ism as a negative alternative to the RCC.

      Also- Hillsdale College is famous for supposedly supporting limited government- yet can not bring itself to even review the criminal pharmacratic inquisition which it would defend as a legitimate government law prescribing "morality" - as if such market interference with all its ill effects could ever be properly seen s such NOT.

    3. "......seems more appropriate than the word without the "Ana"........".

      I believe that "Ana" was wrong only because the Catholic church abused and used the word "baptism" for an exorcism on babies, but it would mean to refuse the term "Christian" because the pope uses it for himself. The concept of baptism is already born with that "adult" within, because John the Baptist baptized adults and of course Acts 8:37, so much attacked by Rome, clearly indicates the adulthood as condition for baptism (or even teen ager etc. but well aware humans, not babies): Ac:8:37: "And Philip said, If thou BELIEVEST with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I BELIEVE that Jesus Christ is the Son of God" [God raised Him from death].

      I suggest Romans of Paul, where there's clear that the Baptism for Christians is similar of the circumcision for Jews with the difference that circumcision was a seal requiring the rest of your life to fight for living at the level of honor to you given by the ascendancy from Abraham [who was blessed just cause his faith], meanwhile Christian baptism meant also a struggle before (personally I see it a personal process which reflex the entire Old Testament history of Israel), and only when you were ready to accept the sacrifice of Jesus Christ as your way of salvation, you were (pardon, are) baptized, a little like a diploma after the examination. In fact Paul in Romans says that with the Baptism we are baptized in Jesus' death/death of the tyranny of our flesh on our spirit (Ro 6:3).


    5. I never saw Vaudoises from the perspective of the Baptism, but from the perspective of the most probable first translator of the Bible in Latin, about 157 a.C. . OK Hristo, thank you, I have not now time to deepen (and even not ink to print this very very interesting information, but it will be printed to read with calm!) in the reading of the page, but only from a superficial look It seems to me that they confirms 'Waldensians' (but more righteously Vaudoises), as Baptist:

      [from the same URL you gave] ".......The burden of proof definitely rests on those who would deny that any of the Waldenses opposed infant baptism. There is irrefutable evidence to show that many Waldenses held the modern Baptist position with regard to infant baptism.........".

      So check the label "TAV" in my ABE blog, for example the post:

      Saturday, March 16, 2013

  4. ".....Yes you are right that those Southern Baptists aligned with the Jesuits' Pharmacratic empire are like those Lutherans of Norway every day more in communion with Islam. .......".

    I forgot to insert "they are both supporting the Jesuitical ideological establishment "

    1. Indeed, look at Sweeden's 'royalty' with its queen as a spokesperson for this pharmacratic inquisition.

    2. Notably, the political push for the pharmacratic inquisition through the USDA (Department of Agriculture) came in 1904- mere months after Angelo Mariani's 2nd and last time getting a gold papal medal as a benefactor of humanity for making coca available to the world:

      I suspect the falling out between the Vatican and Angelo Mariani came as the result of them revealing to him their St Bartholomew Days' massacre plan for Eastern Germany and by extension Eastern Europe (given the French being angry over Alsace Lorraine); and that the April 1, 1914 death a murder- I would love to see that police report.

    3. What you say about Cocaine, the deadly version of Coca, is pretty right... I never heard such a similar act of brutal violence under the effect of Marijuana, frankly if I should condemn someone for using Marijuana it would be because I saw many lazy people using it, but NEVER for murdering their family - it just happened yesterday and this confirm your research:

      "........May 17, 2014
      Santhiá, a massacre under the influence of cocaine
      The 25 year old: "I wanted money, I lost my head"
      The investigators argue for the hypothesis that Lorenzo acted alone.
      19:35 - He wanted to steal and was under the influence of cocaine Lorenzo Manavella, the 25-year-old volleyball player killed in their home in Santhià Tullio and Pina Manavella, grandparents of 85 and 78 years old, and Aunt Patricia, 56 years . The boy admitted "almost" everything during the more than seven hours of interrogation at the barracks in Vercelli. The young man is accused of murder and aggravated robbery . The investigators argue for the hypothesis that he acted alone.
      The young man had spent the evening with a friend , then she made ​​her home (he can not drive the car). Once at home has apparently taken cocaine and at night he acted. "I lost my head ," he repeated interrogation . His lawyer office was limited to confirming that the young man " has provided ample confession." The 25 year old would kill to take away only 300 Euros .

      Meanwhile, begin to emerge the first detailed details about the massacre : the 25 year old hit the grandparents Tullio and Pina, and Aunt Patricia, both with a blunt instrument , either with a knife. The three victims were all in their pajamas . Manavella Patrizia , aunt , was found lying on the bed in a room on the first floor. The grandmother , Pina, on the bed in his room on the ground floor . His grandfather, Tullio , near the bedroom, as if he had tried to escape . The bodies of the three victims were taken to St. Andrew Vercelli for an autopsy .

      The friends and acquaintances of Lawrence have confirmed that the 25 year old in the past had drug problems . There is also talk of an arrest under house arrest for drug dealing . " But - reported - was out of the loop, had no ties to that world ." His father, Gianluca Manavella , is upset. He had left the boy home alone to accompany his partner in Sardinia. And he was the first to have had the suspicion that something must have happened in Santhià because no one would answer the phone more . And 'he was , in fact, to give the alarm ........."

    4. But I think that this was only for youth to support Matteo Renzi:

      ".....Government Renzi to the bill Penalties: no to the crime of illegal immigration and decriminalization of marijuana cultivation.......So the government two months of taking office after the most difficult for the approval of Senate reform in recent days, has given rise to a major reform of the sanctions, sanctioning the end of Prohibition Italian on soft drugs; also removed the offense of illegal, decriminalized the cultivation of marijuana for personal use and approved the law on alternative sentences to imprisonment, which include house arrest for minor offenses, with penalties of not more than three years, detention time, work utilities, put to the test, and the elimination of default. (....)

      The Daily has also communicated the decriminalization of certain offenses, which will become mere administrative offenses, such as the abuse of popular credibility, the non-payment of social security deductions do not exceed 10 thousand euro, theater or cinema abusive.....".

      The decriminalization of cultivation is not a true opposition to Pharmacratic system but more a way to drag votes of the youngest. The other decriminalization go in the direction of supporting the job of the next 'revolution' , now the work of propaganda of the subversive ideologies with free cinema and theater is easier. I always think to the radical left wing in Italy and his Jesuitical propensity for the use of the arts and theater in order to spread revolutionary hysteria and hate (see the Movement year 1968).

    5. "........I suspect the falling out between the Vatican and Angelo Mariani came as the result of them revealing to him their St Bartholomew Days' massacre plan for Eastern Germany and by extension Eastern Europe (given the French being angry over Alsace Lorraine); and that the April 1, 1914 death a murder- I would love to see that police report........".

      Indeed if you see this preventive death of Angelo and then the IWW, you see for example the bombing of Reims by Germans it caused deep emotions in France... In WWII see Jesuitical Eisenhower...:

      ".......Reims escaped major damage in World War II, although France was defeated and occupied by the Germas (June 1944). The parially restored Cathedral was untouched. Perhaps fittiningly, Reims would be General Eisenhower's headquarters after the liberation of France (August 1944) and the place where the NAZIs finally surrendered to the victorious Western Allies (May 1945). ........."

      Reims since the massacres of Huguenottes was the simbol of Catholic revanchism in France:

      ".... The Treaty of Troyes (1420) ceded it to the English, who had made a futile attempt to take it by siege in 1360; but French patriots expelled them on the approach of Joan of Arc, who in 1429 had Charles VII consecrated in the cathedral. Louis XI cruelly suppressed a revolt at Reims, caused in 1461 by the salt tax. During the French Wars of Religion the city sided with the Catholic League (1585), but submitted to Henri IV after the battle of Ivry (1590)...
      In the invasions of the War of the Sixth Coalition in 1814, anti-Napoleonic allied armies captured and re-captured Reims; in 1870–1871, during the Franco-Prussian War, the victorious Germans made it the seat of a governor-general and impoverished it with heavy requisitions.

      In August 1909 Reims hosted the first international aviation meet, the Grande Semaine d'Aviation de la Champagne. Major aviation personages such as Glenn Curtiss, Louis Blériot and Louis Paulhan participated.

      Hostilities in World War I greatly damaged the city. German bombardment and a subsequent fire in 1914 did severe damage to the cathedral. The ruined cathedral became one of the central images of anti-German propaganda produced in France during the war, which presented it, along with the ruins of the Cloth Hall at Ypres and the University Library in Louvain, as evidence that German aggression targeted cultural landmarks of European civilization...".

      "......The Massacre of Vassy, also known as the Massacre of Wassy, is the name given to the murder of Huguenot worshipers and citizens in an armed action by troops of Francis, Duke of Guise, in Wassy, France on 1 March 1562. The tragedy is identified as the first major event in the French Wars of Religion...
      On 1 March 1562, Francis (François), the second Duke of Guise, travelling to his estates, stopped in Wassy (Vassy) and decided to attend Mass. He found a large congregation of Huguenots holding religious ceremonies in a barn that was their church. Some of the duke's party attempted to push their way inside and were repulsed. Events escalated, stones began to fly, and the Duke was struck. Outraged, he ordered his men to fortify the town and set fire to the church, killing 63 unarmed Huguenots and wounding over a hundred.[2]

  5. [I erased this comment to edit it: not "bashing" but "sentiments"]

    avlesMay 17, 2014 at 4:59 AM

    But in fact, pls, look at how China is becoming a nation of ANTI-JEWISH sentiments... The more they are Catholicizing/Romanizing Marxist China, the more she must become anti-Jewish.... It only question of Replacement doctrine and here Lutherans, even if they were NOT among the mastermind of Holocaust etc., cannot efffectively compete against the Catholicization of China because they should compete against their proper doctrine or part of it. But others protestant denominations, among which Baptists, have not Replacement doctrine..... if this is not a confirmation, what is this? Go to the link of the comment:

    Христо СтилияновMay 11, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    In this respect, the material echoes traditional antisemitic conspiracy theories such as The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, The International Jew, and Nazi propaganda like Der Stürmer.[24] This is seen as rather unusual as China is not generally known for antisemitism.

    [a comment in:]


  6. Well those Chinese Baptist churches what else are they if not the same of those Protestants, mostly Lutherans, of Silesia and of those part of Germany who supported Hitler because facing the danger of a Polish invasion? I imagine that Wlodimir Ledochowsky did the possible and impossible to turn Nazi the Protestants and keep anti-Nazi the Catholics just to drag on them the Stalin's bloody revenge. If I am not wrong the SECOND German university, as regard importance, KOENISBERG, was transformed in a circus of the Nazi ideology, to drag on it the Destructor of the jesuits, Stalin. Those Chinese Baptists are placed in a country which all the media of the world present as "ruled by CIA" exactly for this reason, to drag on them the rage of the Chinese anti-American nationalism. Other Protestant denominations will be firmly invited to participate in the cleaning of China from Baptists and if they will refuse and remain coherent with themselves they will be labelled "enemies of the party and of the Chinese people"... We should already know the machinery of Jesuits.

  7. Doug, do not miss in the bush of the South Baptist etc. hypocrite support to the Jesuits' pharmacratic system and not see the entire forest of the GLOBAL Jesuits' strategy, because this fact of Ukraine as the "Bible Belt" of Soviet Union and the Chinese Baptists in Ukraine are confirming the crusade against the today heritage of Polish Lituanian Commonwealth as born with the spreading of Lutheranism and CALVINISM in Poland and Lithuania (see Sigismond I & II). The Western and Eastern Roman empires are just seeking to join and melt (end 1054 Schism you linked with supernova ) in the name of a common crusade against the 'heresy', together with Communist China - if this is not a confirmation of what you said from years about the Commonwealth, what the H. is it???


  8. Doug, the Southern Baptist Convention isnt nearly the same as the generic "independent fundamental baptist" across america and the world. This liason/servility towards jesuit agends(including in the economic, not only religious field) by large organizations is precisely the reason a local church should be 100% independent. There are many problems(including wordliness) with these type of conventions. The core of the Independent Fundamental Baptists reject any sacramental works salvation, only preaching the pure gospel of faith which puts them as the most hated crowd on earth(look how easily they counterreform lutheranism). Protestantism is dead. The protestant concept of a church and the replacement theology(and other Roman Catholic baggage) destroyed them. Only partisan warriors have remained, in the USA and all the world.

    The other reasons being they emphasise "soulwinning(sharing the gospel)" and "separation from the world", very destructive doctrines for Satan's kingdom. They(or rather we) are the bona fide christians and last soldiers of God of the end times. In China and Africa, even now thousands of them are fighting against sects created to destroy them, muslims, secular governments etc. . .

    Even in Bulgaria communists(and postcommunist) propaganda in the newspapers claimed baptists eat babies(like jews eating babies) and they ranked FIRST on a list of dangerous cults (above Jehova witnesses and Mormons)

    1. ".....Only partisan warriors have remained, in the USA and all the world.......".

      Like it this definition. After decades of Yugoslav's Partisans films, and recently CHINA (ìBeijing not Taiwan!) is restoring one of this film, I am tired of the hypocrital rethorical, true Partisans today are the one - to use the words of Paul - who use the "helmet of Salvation" and the "armour of the Faith" (I use memory could be a little un-exact), those Christians scattered inside many "Protestant" tribes who today, like once the German and Celtic ones, are only COLLABORATIONIST Legions of the pope of Rome.

    2. "Jesus Christ Partisan Army", if I would do this blog again today I would use just this title for it, with the famous verses of Paul related to the "helmet" and "armour" as header.

  9. BTW, where Rome doesn't have a very strong influence (even through the Orthodox church) they seed a lot of sects like the charismatics (legion infested and most of them unsaved) and other more worldly, attractive false gospel, sin-loving type of churches to attract anyone who is interested in the Lord Jesus Christ and blind the eyes for salvation. USA is not an exception - just look at the mormons, Jehovah witnesses, fake baptists, charismatic megachurches etc. . .But that "eastern lightining" cult in China is just beyond normalcy. Its absolutely Satanic like the gnostics, the radical peasants of the time of the reformation. Satan isn't sleeping.


    a comment of mine in:

    avlesMay 18, 2014 at 12:21 AM

    Ah discovered in FB just now. Other confirmation that Ukraine is the next Eastern Prussia - 1945 ', great massacre of Baptist coming, with the methods of Assad. This is why they did the civil war in Syria, because now everyone will accuse the "Hitler" at power in Kiev, a BAPTIST president....:

    Bret Wade‎Exposing the Jesuit Order
    7 hrs ·
    HERE IS WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT Roman control
    'No to the Nazi coup d'etat in Ukraine!' Rome protesters rally against fascism
    A few hundred protesters gathered outside the Ukrainian embassy in Rome...
    Like · · Share

    Bret Wade Google catholic Hitler then Stalin
    7 hrs · Like
    Avles Beluskes Ukraine is considered the "Bible Belt" of former USSR, with one of the largest Baptist bodies in Europe. For this reason they need to put an "Hitler" at power in Ukraine, with the face of BAPTIST president of Ukraine. So when the 'liberators' will arrive, the new Stalin, they'll murder all the Baptists and Protestants of Ukraine. Exactly like in Eastern Prussia.
    1 min · Like
    Avles Beluskes
    Write a comment...


    Allen points out that although Bartholomew in Constantinople is the "first among equals," the real Orthodox power lies with the much bigger Russian Orthodox Church.

    The substance of the relationship between the Vatican and the Orthodox world is not located in Constantinople, it has to be worked out in Moscow."

  12. "...Bartholomew ..." ----> it recalls me an ill-famed massacre.

  13. Today I had another meeting in Skype with my mate and Pastor of local Baptist community in Davao city... i could receive cell phone calls but when i tried to answer the call fell... OK not the first time many times before happened... I usually call with old cell p. with Slovenian card, it more cheap like Italian one... my mate calls in that Slovenian card and there's field... but when i try to call her (to not make her pay the call) the field, the area,DISAPPEAR...... so i have to switch to an Italian operator, result: for a minute or little more talk you pay instead two or less euro of the Slovenian operator, you pay SIX euro... bloodsucker but with religious intelligence... this is Vatican Communism, the expropriation of 'heretics' money.... then it arrives night and my mate is in danger of pneumonia... I prayed God with tears in my eyes for the sufferance of my mate.... so I have to send some money extra for physician and medicine and check ups to be performed with urgency in the next five or six hours... BUT Western Union, which I use since September, DOESNT WORK.... and this is the FIRST time it doesn t work since September.... Yes it true, persecution, tribulation is even more near, it is already here...

  14. Sorry to hear that. Is she OK now? God bless.

    1. yes thank you it better now but not completely out of danger she must be checked at the end of this week after antibiotic therapy.

  15. "....China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins........Activists accuse Communist Party of ‘barbaric’ campaign against Christianity after demolition teams and police descend on a church that became a symbol of resistance ......

    By Tom Phillips, Shanghai

    9:47AM BST 28 Apr 2014.......Sanjiang church in Wenzhou, a wealthy coastal city known as the "Jerusalem of the East", made headlines earlier this month when thousands of Christians formed a human shield around its entrance after plans for its demolition were announced............"