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First May, the feast of the Vatican pillage of heretics?


  Roman Catholic roots of Marxism and Communism [a secretly blessed heresy].

282. The Church's social Magisterium sees an expression of the relationship between labour and capital also in the institution of private property, in the right to and the use of private property. The right to private property is subordinated to the principle of the universal destination of goods and must not constitute a reason for impeding the work or development of others. Property, which is acquired in the first place through work, must be placed at the service of work. This is particularly true regarding the possession of the means of production, but the same principle also concerns the goods proper to the world of finance, technology, knowledge, and personnel.
The means of production “cannot be possessed against labour, they cannot even be possessed for possession's sake”.[606] It becomes illegitimate to possess them when property “is not utilized or when it serves to impede the work of others, in an effort to gain a profit which is not the result of the overall expansion of work and the wealth of society, but rather is the result of curbing them or of illicit exploitation, speculation or the breaking of solidarity among working people”.[607]


       This is the reason why historically the church has supported the most savage form of capitalist exploitation (Rome was the first and last to bless slavery in the Western Christian world),... It not simply a question of tactical stirring up the people against the cursed bourgeoisie (eternal Reformation's 'virus' nest)  through well engineered economical crisis. The First May is the feast of the proletarians, the ones "who own nothing except their kids", and they represent the "state-of-grace" of humans by the core of Catholic Roman doctrine: "You own anything if not allowed by the infallible pope".

      Therefore the sharing of wealth in the Jesus' gospel is transformed by Satan, via his church of Rome, in the alibi to punish the God-fearing people and anyone else who dares to limit the power of the popes on earth. And also because when you have no more wealth to share you cannot help who really needs of you. And if you cannot give anything in order to satisfy the Catholic request of penance,  you are deemed guilty by the Roman Catholic theology of salvation through material works. Therefore you are perpetually guilty in front of the material church of Rome and of his absolute despotic, satanic power. As you can see Satan and his Jesuits are very cunning.

     I join no more the First May celebrations as did once when I was out of the Grace of God. Firstly I started to avoid those rallies and feasts cause a deep but not well identified sense of hypocrisy among the participants. Today I can perfectly individuate that hypocrisy: marching in those rallies at the First May celebrations,  you think to defend the workers' right, but truly you are only trampling the ashes of millions of 'heretics' who are the true saints of the Christian church (the "[??]" is mine):

The Inquisition was an ecclesiastical court and process of the Roman Catholic Church setup for the purpose towards the discovery and punishment of heresy which wielded immense power and brutality in medieval and early [??] modern times. The Inquisitions function was principally assembled to repress all heretics of rights, depriving them of their estate and assets which became subject to the ownership of the Catholic treasury, with each relentlessly sought to destroy anyone who spoke, or even thought differently to the Catholic Church. This system for close to over six centuries became the legal framework throughout most of Europe that orchestrated one of the most confound religious orders in the course of mankind.

    Here you are served. Here you have the origin of Karl Marx, of the First May feast, and of the once total support of the popes to the early capitalist exploitation and the amazing (in appearance) today support of the popes to the Communist expropriation of the Capitalists... Well after having grabbed together in her safes so much wealth (just only think the wealth seized by the church during the WWII), she needs no more of apostate capitalists to infiltrate and corrupt the planet, therefore the church of Rome can today occupy also the throne of the World Communism, once occupied by the Soviet Union. 

    The next phase of the world seizure of wealth will be directed to all layers of society, to the middle and little bourgeoisie in every country. Bourgeoisie is the nest of the Reform in a Christian country, and the bourgeoisie of the Christian countries of the world must be heavily purged by the members not loyal to the global political issues which are only the encrypted dogmas of the popes.

    Of course atheist Communists are too heretics to Rome, but useful heretics. The popes and the Jesuits allows to them what they deny to others, or to read dogmas - like the point 282  above mentioned, giving a personal interpretation of them, a fact that is prohibited by the same theology of the Catholicism. But could popery survive without providential heresies? NEVER. Because the popes and Jesuits are "fighting fire with fire" or fighting the 'heretics' with other 'heretics'. Therefore where a providential heresy cannot be found in order to counter another more dangerous 'heresy', it must be invented. All along 1700 and 1800 there was the Golden age when Jesuits invented many heresies to turn people against the Protestant and Christian 'heresy'. Communism was the most important.

     Below: Tom Woods defend himself saying that he "never frequented Jesuits' schools". I was searching material on the possible links of Ron Paul with the Jesuits and found this article. I believe that it was truly an error of the forum, in any case the same words of Tom Woods are betraying not only a confidence with the Jesuitism in America, but also a solid participation in the Jesuits' global Communist take over of the wealth of the 'heretic' middle and little bourgeoisie today:


Ron Paul, Tom Woods, and the Jesuit Conspiracy to Take Over the World
25th April 2012      by: Tom Woods     

This post cites me as evidence that Ron Paul is a tool of the Jesuits. It says I graduated from “Campion Jesuit High School” in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in 1960.
That would make me 70 years old.
Actually, I graduated from North Andover High School in Massachusetts in 1990.
Then it is said that I have spoken at “Jesuit Education Facilities.” Wheeling Jesuit University, where I have indeed spoken, is cited. Not mentioned is that I spoke at WJU’s Center for the Study of Capitalism and Morality, an institution the university and its Jesuits despise.
Also not mentioned, ever, by the Jesuits-run-the-world so-called researchers (we can see the caliber of their research in the above), is that for more than 40 years the Jesuits, with a handful of exceptions, have been hard leftists who despise the free market. I can think of precisely one Jesuit who supports Ron Paul.
Oh, and I am referred to as a Jesuit throughout the post, probably because I supposedly went to a Jesuit high school — an invention of the writer. You’d think glancing at my YouTubes, which the writer has indeed done — he actually embeds one — might indicate that I’m a teensy bit younger than 70. Either that or I’m aging faster than I thought!

     Oh really?.....maybe 1958 was 56 years ago and they sold out that 'junk' before the 1970's?....:

".......The Jesuits owns shares of the steel company Republic Steel and National Steel. They have shares in the most important military airspace companies as Boeing, Lockheed, Douglas and Curtiss-Wright. They control the oil company "Phillips Oil Co." and the "Creole Petreoleum Co." who owns concessions in Venezuela...." [from der Spiegel/L'Espresso, 1958]
Quoted in my:

 Sunday, June 15, 2008 

A Buried Standard 


  1. Notice the date 1872, the year of Protestant Bismarck's expulsion of Jesuit order from Germany,...:


    Not since 1872! China to topple U.S. as world's largest economy

    By Catholic Online (NEWS CONSORTIUM)
    4/30/2014 (19 hours ago)
    Catholic Online (
    It's an extremely humbling moment for the United States. For the first time, since 1872 - the U.S. most relinquish the crown of the World\'s Largest Economy to China. That's' from the latest estimates from the International Comparison Program, hosted by the World Bank. And it's due to happen later this very year.

    But he larger Protestant nation of the world, USA, has to pay the 'penitence' for the guilty to not bow down to the pope of Rome, and demonstratE his loyalty to Rome sharing his wealth with the next greatest "Christian" [Roman Catholic and popish] nation in the world , Marxist China, and to contribute to his enlargement and after the completion of that, when that largest Protestant nation (USA) will be drained and sucked up by her wealth, it will be quartered like Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth:


    Report: China to Be ‘World’s Most Christian Nation’ in the Next 15 Years

    April 21, 2014

    According to research from Purdue University professor Fenggang Yang, within less than a generation, China could be home to more Christians than any nation on earth. Though officially, the communist country of 1.3 billion is atheist, Christianity has spread so rapidly, that by 2030, it could be home to more than 247 million Christians. In an interview with The Telegraph, Prof. Yang noted that the country’s Protestant churches had just one million members in 1949; in 2010, that number was 58 million. Many of those attend unsanctioned, “underground” house churches in an effort to avoid government oversight. Catholicism is also growing in China. The Telegraph report showed that beyond just church-going, interest in Christianity is on the rise throughout the country. The story notes that, “A recent study found that online searches for the words ‘Christian Congregation’ and ‘Jesus’ far outnumbered those for ‘The Communist Party’ and ‘Xi Jinping’, China's president.” Prof. Yang told the paper, “Mao thought he could eliminate religion. He thought he had accomplished this. It's ironic—they didn't. They actually failed completely" ...

  2. Therefore also the impoverishment of USA is an effect of the II Vatican Council principle: "equal sharing of wealth in the world" or translated in more common language: destroy the 'heretics' and suck up their wealth to build the world Roman Catholicism.

  3. Well, the USA is losing steam in all spheres. My friend and Pastor told me that now the Philippines are actually sending more missionaries around the world than the USA. They are experiencing a revival. The same might be to an extent true about China(although it is probably getting more Catholic than anything and this might be used by the jesuits in the close future against the Russia or the Asian heretics) It seems events are shifting to the eastern hemisphere..... maybe the Lord is giving them some decades of light . . . along with more darnkess from the Babylonian system. . .it will be interesting to see what happens in Asia after Europe and USA are done (after the revival of Holy Roman Empire/Columbian - Latin Americas)

  4. "....They are experiencing a revival......". It even caught me.

    Yes we must have Faith, the Lord has His plans in mind of which we are not allowed to know the whole, but we are encouraged to decode the plans of Satan. Marxist China is the prey of Rome and the Jesuits agree with the absence of religious freedom in that country because at least it helps to suppress the 'heretics', or the protestant competitor. I believe that Roman Catholicism will be offered to Marxist China's ruling elite as a way to take control of the society of 1.5 billion souls in order to build a sort of 'spiritual' dam against the interference of the culture and religion of the cursed 'imperialist' America. In this way Catholicism will start to spread in China at the expenses of the protestantism ("tool of America"). From the other side of the Atlantic Ocean the left hand of Catholicism could well build a foreign and economic policy of US Department towards China in order to justify the role of Catholicism in Marxist China. If you look well the Capitalism of State of China without freedom and controlled by the Communist party is perfect to avoid the creation of centers of economical power too much near the spirit of the Reformation. Then think to Africa as a way to Catholicize also many Chinese there sent for economical agreements.... But who knows if also for Africa the Lord has His plans to counter Satan?

  5. I will comment later on China more extensively, but look these:

    Ms. Wang, who plans to attend college in the United States, says she has enjoyed learning about church doctrine, which she sums up like this:
    “Do good, avoid evil.”
    ---------the doctrine of Satan of the fake gospel of works-salvation will be soaked by the Chinese, a traditionally hard working people.

    As a result, China consecrates its own bishops and overrides the decisions made by the Vatican. Because many Catholics believe in papal supremacy, many have remained or relocated to underground churches. This issue presents a major complication between the two countries.

    --------Of course, China might acknowledge papal authority in order to consolidate against the muslim extremist threat or to receive WDG support (by martyr's blood) in a future revolt against capitalistic exploitation(like you pointed out)

    In China, the new leadership should stir optimism. Pope Francis is the first Jesuit pontiff. The Jesuits, in the 16th century were the first Catholic order to establish the church in China. While the Pope has yet to make any pronouncements toward Beijing, he and President Xi Jinping have exchanged letters. It is confirmed that South Korea will be the destination of the Pope’s first visit to Asia this summer, and there are currently talks of a stop in Beijing.

    ----------To talk with the jesuit educated South Korean president ( Sogang University) and give the next orders for China

  6. Also of interest

    I wonder if China and this present (Putins Russia) form a sort of an alliance that will work to eliminate the enemies of China in the far east/pacific area - Japan, Philippines etc, but might be broken at some point with China stabbing Russia in the back. Those two nations never really liked each other. . . After this chastisement, Russia might be "reformed" by the Fatima (IF the theory is correct that Putin is only a fuse, a sort of failure for a secular ruler) and become Catholic before China, which will be already longing for a release from the grip of the "party" working with methods from the corrupt capitalists.

    Another option is simply them growing in power together and Russia being Catholicised by the Fatima without chastisement(at least from China) and China following suit close after.

    Anyway quoting "Raphael" the Orthodox monk guy(on expecting war with China):

    interviewer ".....Many expect the future Russian King after a war with China...."

    "I heard that Russia and China will go to war ..... Europe might protect Russia..... many Chinese will accept Orthodox christianity...."

    This guy may be deceived by Satan, but the point is not what the outcome will be, but that there will be a king and a war with China . . . Only element he probably got wrong is that it will be "catholic" not "orthodox" the religion of Russia and China.


    The coming of the Antichrist draws nigh and is very near. But before the coming of the Antichrist Russia must yet be restored – to be sure, for a short time. And in Russia there must be a Tsar forechosen by the Lord Himself. He will be a man of burning faith, great mind and iron will. This much has been revealed about him

    He will not be a Romanov, but he will be of the Romanovs according to the maternal line

    He will be of the family of the ROMANOVS according to the female line. Russia will be a powerful state, but only for ‘a short time’… And then the Antichrist will come into the world, with all the horrors of the end as described in the Apocalypse:

    When the East will get stronger, everything will become shaky. Numbers are on their side. But not only that: they have sober workers and industrious people, while there is such drunkenness with us.

    The East will be baptised in Russia. The whole heavenly world, together with those on earth, understand this, and pray for the enlightenment of the East

    If we are worthy, the Russian people will elect a Tsar, but this will become possible before the very enthronement of the Antichrist or even after it for a very short time.

    The Antichrist will come to power and will begin to persecute Orthodoxy. And then the Lord will reveal His tsar in Russia. He will be of royal family and will be a strong defender of our faith. When the Lord will give this very intelligent person, life will be good. The Antichrist will declare himself from America. And the whole world will bow down to him except Tsarist Orthodox Russia." . . . .

  8. "......interviewer ".....Many expect the future Russian King after a war with China...."This guy may be deceived by Satan, but the point is not what the outcome will be, but that there will be a king and a war with China . . . Only element he probably got wrong is that it will be "catholic" not "orthodox" the religion of Russia and China.........".

    Yes it seems to me the most probable... Before Satan has to consolidate the grip on Russia with maybe a Catholic Oriental rite king with Orthodox court chaplain (like Berlin with Calvinist Kaiser and Lutheran court chaplain)... The China could simply collapse due to the democratization, to materialism/consumerism etc. and fall in the hands of the Catholicism. But if the Catholicization of China go before the one of Russia?

  9. It is evident that the Catholicization of the China is increasing enormously. Therefore it is right to believe that it was Vatican to give Hong Kong to China and are the Jesuits keeping down the traditional adversary of Marxist China... the price is to allow the forced Catholicization of the country... And if China become Catholic before Russia?....

    From the page by you quoted:

    "........The Rev. Mark Vaillancourt, the principal, says only half jokingly that Beijing has become his fourth recruitment district, after the Bronx and Putnam and Westchester Counties............."

  10. Hmmm.. how can then China be the aggressor? Maybe just respond to an attack on Chinese provinces by "heretic"Russia? "Mary" is probably going to save Russia from war and China from poverty. but what if it saves both from war? Whatever happens It seems we are seeing the beginnings of the last major catholisation in history, for the devouring the whole world, it is no wonder that after Russia and China go to Babylon and the USA is made a reduction, probably not too long and Jesus will be back.

  11. Anyway I found this encouraging - in Marxist China Protestants are the majority of Christians - I still thinking about the revival told to you by the American pastor:

    Other Protestant
    < 1,000
    < 0.1
    < 0.1
    Other Christian
    < 10,000
    < 0.1
    Total Christian
    Population estim......."

  12. I searched using the key word "Ukraine":

    "......To the question: What will happen to UKRAINE and BELORUSSIA? The elder replied that everything is in the hands of God. Those among those people who are AGAINST union with Russia even if they consider themselves to be believers will become SERVANTS OF THE DEVIL. The Slavic peoples have ONE destiny, and the monastic Fathers of the Kiev Caves [Lavra] will yet utter their weighty word – they together with the choir of the new martyrs of Russia will by their prayers obtain a NEW UNION of the THREE brother peoples. ......"

  13. ----------It seems that it will be ESTABLISHED some kind of Orthodox commonwealth of three allied kings in one Orthodox Block with RUSSIA that will be in stand off position with unified NATO counterpart.It seems that of these three- one king will rule in area of BALKAN region, one in RUSSIA (Tsar) and one FAR EASTERN part

  14. Ortodoxy shares the same theology of Catholicism on salvation :

    ".......Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered his son, Isaac, upon the altar? You see that faith was active along with his works, and faith was completed by works, and the scripture was fulfilled which says, 'Abraham believed God and it was reckoned to him as righteousness'; and he was called the friend of God. You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone, as we said a short time ago. For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so faith apart from works is dead [cf. Jas 2:14-24, 26]......".

    This is the mechanic-ism of Satan. Faith and works treated as two separate things. But the substance is Faith meanwhile what is intended by the word 'works' is only the shape of this substance. For example war is going to explode and my Faith in the Saviour stop me from to pick up a gun and go to kill and be killed. I do NO works. Therefore for the satanic Orthodoxy (both Roman Catholic as well Byzantine) I don't deserve salvation.... Yea I know why they are against Sola Scriptura of the Protestantism (in general).... It is a question of interpretation... The 'works' they are talking about can be considered separated from faith because have NOT to contain faith but servility to the world.

  15. Yes, there are tens of scriptures on "faith" being sufficient unto salvation, and these in James are about EVIDENCE of regeneration from the Holy Ghost, a faith that produces the works not as merits but as an expression of gratitude from our newborn creature that is created FOR good works (Eph 2:10; Titus 2:14; Eccl 7:13; Phil 2:12). Antinomianism(people who said no good works and holy living were necessary) had appeared in the times of Paul and he had to stress the point too (Romans 3:9; 6:1; 6:13) as did John, in fact WANTING to do good works and the will of the Father is EVIDENCE of regeneration and a new heart(the new man Col 3:9; Eph 4:24) (cf 1 John 3:6,14,24; 1 John 4:12,13,21; 1 John 5:1-5,13)
    Loving our brothers, holding the testimony of Jesus Christ, Confessing and being aware of our sins, desire to do good works/will of God are FRUITS or EVIDENCE for Salvation, and God's WORK in US. (Phil 1:6) There is nothing good in us towards God before salvation(Rom 3:10; 7:18, Eph 2:1, Eccl 7:20 ), even though we CAN be looking for God and be GOOD in the sight of men (Acts 10:2-4,31,44)

  16. "....... "Mary" is probably going to save Russia from war and China from poverty. but what if it saves both from war?........".

    Add 'special effects' from space. Project Blue Beam developed in order to prevent the Final Judgement with a faked one, with the 'immaculate' virgin instead Jesus in order to divert from Salvation as much possible souls.

  17. The theological concept of grace is what Catholicism wants to be destroyed most. Grace and mercy are the core of the gospel. Salvation is a gift to a repentant sinner, not the reward to a righteous saint. I think the jews were especially hostile to this doctrine of Paul which would make all their efforts in keeping the law in vain. That's why they invented all these talmudic, babylonian commentaries and traditions to step further into darkness, hiding from the simplicity of salvation. Another group of them went in open revolt towars God (kabbalists, gnostic jews)Of course Orthodoxy is dragging people to hell the same way. If someone is saved in the catholic/orthodox church its DESPITE the church not BECAUSE of it.

    Indeed it makes my blood boil when some person is being deified and called a "saint" by the orthodox and their blasphemous images irritate the Holy Ghost inside me every time I see them.

    This is a 100 year old man, who is a beggar and collects money for the orthodox temples/monasteries in my country. People like him with the help of Satan will drag thousands to hell, whereas he himself is probably not saved and ignorant of the gospel. Satan is smart and imitates God in using the "base things of the world", but with a slight twist:

    1 Cor 1:
    27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;
    28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are:

    Indeed idolatry and self righteousness are Satan's deceptions to quiet the guilty conscience towards God. Surely in their thinking God cannot send such an Old, poor, good man to Hell.....Then a few pennies in the cup could send you to heaven, despite the fact you drink, fornicate, blaspheme, lie, curse, hate a million times every day. These people do not realise they are trampling under foot the Son of God and his sacrifice, the Lord who bought them with His precious blood. One miligram of His blood is more redeeming than 100 years of begging and fasting.

    The Judgment will be a place of many tears and sorrow, unfortunately these people have not searched for God and have no excuse. They have in their bedrooms a book THEY themselves call THE WORD OF GOD, which only piles up dust and is despised, because of exposing their sins. What a punishment will all those people get when they know the name of Jesus, have His word(even if not pure) and try to get to heaven without Him, spitting on His legacy?

    How much better will be a poor Chinese villager who tearfully asks if she can get Salvation having heard about Jesus only once?

  18. John 6:28
    Then said they unto him, What SHALL WE DO, that we might WORK THE WORKS of God?
    29 Jesus answered and said unto them, This IS THE WORK OF GOD, that ye BELIEVE ON HIM whom he hath sent.

    Salvation is insant, not a process:

    Hebrews 10:14
    For by one offering he hath PERFECTED FOR EVER them that are SANCTIFIED.

    1 Cor 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are JUSTIFIED in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    Rom 8:30 Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also JUSTIFIED: and whom he justified, them he also glorified.

    Eph 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who HATH BLESSED us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

    John 3:18 He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he HATH NOT BELIEVED(ONE TIME, NOT A PROCESS) in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

    He has not believed ONCE to go from condemnation into LIFE

    John 5:24 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, HATH everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but IS passed from death unto life.

    Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit....
    ......9 But YE are NOT IN THE FLESH, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man HAVE NOT THE SPIRIT of Christ, he is none of his.
    14 For as many as are LED by the Spirit of God, they are the SONS OF GOD.

    The question for Orthodox is:
    What merit does a child have for being born?
    Can a child be unborn?
    If sin grieves the Spirit, what does chase it away? If we are predestined to be called an justified, are some of us predestined to be called, justified, gloryfied and then lost again? If Jesus came to save undeserving sinners, will He cast out undeserving saints?

    Galatians 2:16
    Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Jesus Christ, that we might be justified by the FAITH OF CHRIST, and not by the works of the law: for BU THE WORKS OF THE LAW shall no flesh be justified.

    Question:Are there any 'GOOD WORKS' outside of the works of God's law? (obviously not, because everything outside the law is sin, but still) And if no flesh is justified by the works of the law, by what works will it be justified?

    Paedobaptism argument- we(orthodox,catholic,protestant) baptise infants because this verse :

    Luke 18:16
    But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.....

    Question : does LETTING THEM mean to push our newborn babies into jesus by baptism or does it rather mean leaving them to accept Christ in their heart when their conscience reproves them of sin?Does baptism mean "coming to jesus". Do newborn babies want to be baptised, so we need to SUFFER them?

    Matthew 18:3
    And said, Verily I say unto you(talking to the Apostles), Except ye be converted, and become AS LITTLE CHILDREN, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    Luke 18:17
    Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God AS A LITTLE CHILD(in the manner of a little child running to Jesus) shall in no wise enter therein.

    Does this mean that whoever not baptised as a kid will not enter heaven? Are the apostles in Hell?


  19. Thanks for your precise and complete elaborations on the theme of Salvation. I totally agree and every day, recently, I am the more aware just of this:

    "....The theological concept of grace is what Catholicism wants to be destroyed most..........".

  20. I believe that the doubts and attacks against Paul are part of this "unholy war on divine Grace".

  21. Yes, what Paul wrote was very clear and destroys the heretics/babylonian religion. You will very rarely hear something, let alone a whole chapter from Paul in the heretical churches. Most people think the synoptic gospels(Matthew, Mark, Luke) are easy to understand, but they are not, a lot of guidance is needed from the Holy Ghost, I wouldn't consider most of the content "milk". And reading the context too.

    Babylon chose Peter for several reasons - 1st apostolic succession, secondly because this way they can at least divert attention from Paul's writings(even if they don't read Peter's writings anyway)

    The works salvation is the arch enemy of the gospel. Our Lord will not share His sacrifice and His Glory for the prideful acts of men. Luther was aware of this and even despite his many errors(sacraments as means of grace/supersessionism/losing salvation), he fought against the catholic dogmas on salvation till the day he died. There was nobody more familiar with the exploitation/Babylonian captivity of the conscience. His successors, like Melanchton started compromising. There are "works-salvationalists" in every major denomination. Pretty much only the more staunch Calvinists and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptists are left intact as far as Salvation is concerned. And anyone who believes Salvation can be lost is in grave danger of teaching work-based salvation, because if you can lose salvation by works, then you can keep it and in a sense "earn" it this way. . . .

    One of the more "sinister" types of works salvation is Lordship salvation which means that one should "give up" sinning in order to be saved.

    Of course a damnable lie by Satan, presenting Christ as an unforgiving tyrant, which Satan is.

  22. ".....Indeed idolatry and self righteousness are Satan's deceptions to quiet the guilty conscience towards God......".

    Yes and for this I dare to believe (inspired by Paul of course) that God gave the Law just in order to make come out the hypocrisy of men, hypocrisy which would have transformed the Law from rules respecting which you demonstrate to fear and love the Lord (Faith) in a device to devilish self-righteousness. Jews were chosen to bear this enormous charge not because *more* hypocrites but because God saw the they would have followed and be proud of the great Faith of Abraham and the process of emerging of the hypocrisy would have been taken less time. Jesus the Saviour was the 'midwife' who finally put out man's hypocrisy and demonstrated that self-righteousness is only a temptation of Satan and man cannot save him/herself... Only when you accept this you can be saved by Grace.

  23. "......How much better will be a poor Chinese villager about Jesus only once?...(....)....".

    The most powerful video.

  24. You got it right. Abraham FIRST AND FOREMOST had faith. The Old testament salvation is one of faith+not violating the law.The law made men liars and weaklings/spiritually blind. It made them idols of themselves. Then, Jesus made known to all that God's requirements are impossible to meet with this fallen nature.(although the jews never realised it). Nobody can fulfill the first commandment even:
    Deut 6:5 And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.

    It also showed the gentiles that a set of rituals and rules cannot change a person evidenced by the hypocrisy of the jews and the need for yearly and monthly sacrifices. . .Jesus told Nicodemus he SHOULD know that they need to be born again/ call on the Lord. The promise of eternal life was given to Adam and Eve . . .

  25. "...Question : does LETTING THEM mean to push our newborn babies into jesus by baptism or does it rather mean leaving them to accept Christ in their heart when their conscience reproves them of sin?Does baptism mean "coming to jesus". Do newborn babies want to be baptised, so we need to SUFFER them?...".

    Found via FB this video, but don't know if the child is of Catholic or Protestant family:

  26. "....Pretty much only the more staunch Calvinists and the Independent Fundamentalist Baptists are left intact as far as Salvation is concerned. ...".

    I know now that I have my Baptist church, it is not here but there in Philippines, but I don't care of thousands of miles.

  27. The problem of that site are the colors, eye-destroying,... i should print and read... in any case thanks for having given me a good site,... it feel really "sounding doctrine" there:

    "......Oh! The folly of those today who propagate the Lordship Salvation heresy. Their accusation against Bible-believing Christians that we make void the Law is absurd and certainly untrue. Just because a Christian goes into sin does not mean that they have chosen Satan as their lord. How ridiculous! Did king David make Satan his lord when he deliberately committed adultery and murder? Did Peter make Satan his lord when he denied Christ? Such accusations are childish. The truth is that every believer struggles with the sin-nature. As my pastor Dr. Jack Hyles used to say... "We can walk in the Spirit at any given moment if we so choose; but we won't always walk in the Spirit because of our sin-nature." God has given us the ability to escape temptation (1st Corinthians 10:13); but as sinners we won't always do that. Lordship Salvationists act like they are without sin, but they are saturated with sins, especially the sin of hypocrisy. ......."

  28. I havent visited the website for a while. There are good things from baptist preachers, some stuff is a little harsh,some 9/11"alternative" things that are not right(Alex Jones), the doctrine is for the most part good. I now see that there is some anti-"zionist"stuff too(as of December 2013?). Unfortunately the guy of the site(David J. Stewart) was supposedly prosecuted for child molestation in GUAM? Which I don't know if is right or just him being "silenced" by the jesuits, saw some "exposed" stuff about him. Can't know.

    You can check other websites here:

  29. ".......The law made men liars and weaklings/spiritually blind. It made them idols of themselves. Then, Jesus made known to all that God's requirements are impossible to meet with this fallen nature.(although the jews never realised it). Nobody can fulfill the first commandment even: .........."

    Well the truth is in front of all, how to deny it?
    Satan created the 'scientific laws' to whom you are obliged to submit with the penalty of social exclusion (or worst but always with an eye to appear 'tolearnt' in order to make appear the old Jewish laws 'intolerant'). If the approaching to the Mosaic Law should be a measure of the faith of the believer, Satan played his cards pushing on the sense of inadequacy of the believer. If the believer felt the Mosaic Law an oppression and therefore he wasn't able to transform him/herself in an "idol of himself" (as wanted by Satan the lord of sin), Satan well thought to give to such believer another kind of laws with which he could finally elect himself "god of the proper self-righteousness". This is why that Proverb 1:7, not because anything out of the Bible is damned and cursed, but because it could become a weapon in the arsenal of Satan against the Bible. If men don't dare to face their hypocrisy and their sinful essence coming from honest sincere ascertainment they cannot follow the Law, they'll create THEIR law (as told by Paul) which will bless their hypocrisy transforming them in gods. This is why today the popular cults of Egyptian chariots and of Stephen Hawking are only two faces of the same medal.

    1. Edited: instead "chariots" read "carcasses" ----> "This is why today the popular cults of Egyptian carcasses and of Stephen Hawking are only two faces of the same medal.".

  30. Yes, Satan wants people to be either bound to sin or bound to the law that doesn't produce life of itself, not to be guided by the law towards Christ, which is its purpose. He manipulates the mind to quiet(atheism, relativism, etc) or REDIRECT or feed poison(legalism, works salvation, ideologies, religions, hypocrisy) the conscience.

    Satan had to substitute God's law with another kind of laws. But God's law limits crime etc, so Satan simply focuses on sins that are not so obviously injurious(as murders, rape, extortion etc.) to men (like sodomy, abortion, vain thoughts, mental idolatry, pride). In this sense he "splits" God's law to keep those "intrinsic moral values" to maintain society in some kind of order and then "liberates" men from the conscience in regard to sexual sin, pride, covetousness, idolatry etc, through introducing a law of fake "love" and "tolerance" that is actually simply an appeal to the flesh(even to so called "romance"). By creating a "paradise" on earth, with accent on the fleshly, sensual and giving women power to create and rule this medium by access to media, emancipation etc. . .

    Gal 3:23 But before faith came, we were kept under the law, shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed.

    The Jews received the word of God and the law to
    1.Testify of the Saviour.
    2.Make known God's will/requirements and then lock up the conscience towards God/teach men about His righteousness through the lack of our own.
    3. Limit the unrighteousness/iniquity/evil throughout the world in general through the influence of Judaism and Christianity on the superpower nations(even pagan Rome).

    1 Tim 1:9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

    Ultimately the law had to show how far God is from us as far as everything good is concerned. Only God is good(Mk 10:18; Isaiah 55:8) and he is known for His holiness(Rev 4:8). The law had to lock up the conscience with a view only to God's promise of faith, but the law created hypocrisy that increased the pride of the jews and became either an idol or an enemy to them. The law made sin exceedingly sinful. People now knew what is wrong with their state, but either chose to disregard it(making laws of their own, thinking God is like them) OR turned into hypocrites and legalists(Like the pharisees).

    In a sense,without the law, noone can get Salvation, this meaning not the exercise or the explicit knowledge of it, but the law as a instrument to wake up the bell of conscience and convict the sinner of his need of Salvation. The revelation that God is angry with what we are doing and that we are impotent as regarad to righteousness. Still, people have it written on their hearts so nobody has an excuse.(Rom 2:15)


  31. Once I heard from documentary that a famous proletarian district of Catholic Dublin was named to saint James... the same here in my city, Trieste, the district which per excellence identify his inhabitants as workers, proletarian, has the official name Saint James/San Giacomo....

    The proof that Catholic theology of salvation by works, First May, Communism , Vatican Council II are linked is just given by Massimo Mazzucco who, with perfect time-line, publishes three days before the 1st May an article about the Second Vatican Council where it is presented John XXIII as 'mason'... But to be pope it means to be ALWYAS the head of all Masonic lodges of the world for the theological principle of the supremacy... the case is particular because it was and is publicly told that he was Mason...

    Why? But because the Communist essence of the Second Vatican Council, could upset great part of Catholic believers and push them to embrace the Protestantism which is not yet apostate...... Communist expropriation is only the Roman Catholic Inquisition seizure of wealth from 'heretics', only disguised with an atheist political economical terminology....

    The seizure by Economical Inquisition for the benefit of the Satan's treasury (Vatican banks) must therefore be masked in front of the average right wing oriented Catholic believer, making him/her to believe that all that was only the influx of the "Jewish (Scottish Rite) B'nai B'rith)....

    This is why father Villa exposed obsessively the "Jewish infiltration" in Vatican, smoke in the eyes to hide the true face of the Catholic theology, to hide from the eyes NOT of the apostate Protestants, but from the eyes of their the same Catholic herd....

    And just a week before the article on the Masonic pope, you have an article of doubts about the true existence of Jesus, called the "historical Christ", with usual comments backing the alleged Pagan origin of the Jewish religious tradition. Date: 19 April, eight days before the article on John XXIII. I see both articles linked with the following scheme that has to be imposed:

    "true Crhistendom is born from Egyptian cults but the Jews infiltrated it bringing their manipulation of the Egyptian cults and naming it Old Testament. At the beginning even the Christian priests were accepting the apocrypha gospels but then they were wiped away because the church fell in the hands of Jews etc. Etc."

    The tactic here used is to transform the assassins and torturers of Christians in 'victims' of the Christians. After centuries of massacres of those who believed that the blood shed by Jesus was for an universal and forever atonement of every one who believed Him raised from dead, now it is time to present the Satanic cults of the historical assassins as "oppressed by Judaic-Christians"....

    With the exceptions of the racial question here it deals the same which was done by Nazi theologians, who fought the Judaic-Christendom to replace with Pagan-Christendom (Rosenberg et al.)

    Massimo Mazzucco is a crusader against the Judaic-Christendom BUT lives and works inside the bulwark of Judaic-Christendom in the world, USA – here in English he presents himself:

    Pope Roncalli Freemason?

    The historical Christ

    Home page of his Italian site (“911 conspiracy”, anti-USA, pro-Putin's Russia, Webster Tarpley, Alex Johns, etc.):

  32. Excerpt translated from page:

    "....According to the note "Siri Thesis", initially chose the conclave as pope, Cardinal Siri, the natural heir of Pius XII. But the "infiltrators" of Freemasonry Jewish (B'nai B'rith) forced him, through Cardinal Tisserant, to refuse the place, which was then assigned to Roncalli as a form of "compromise" between Siri and Montini (the official candidate of Freemasonry Jewish). Too bad that Roncalli was, in turn, a Mason in disguise....."

    "Siri Thesis" (in English),.... what do we find there?... FATIMA...:

    "..... "Father, the Blessed Virgin is very sad because no one heeds her message; neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on with their life of virtue and apostolate, but they do not unite their lives to the message of Fatima. Sinners keep following the road of evil because they do not see the terrible chastisement about to befall them. Believe me, Father, God is going to punish the world
    and very soon. The chastisement of heaven is imminent. In less than two years, 1960 will be here and the chastisement of heaven will come and it will be very great. Tell souls to fear not only the material punishment that will befall us if we do not pray and do penance but most of all the souls who will go to hell." (-Exact words of Sister Lucy (visionary at Fatima) in an interview with Father Augustin Fuentes on December 26, 1957 A.D., giving clear forewarning that the imminent chastisement of heaven
    for man's sins, would unmistakably occur before 1960 A.D.)


    The Siri "Thesis" (FACT) holds that actually Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected Pope, after the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958, but the newly-elected Pope (Gregory XVII, formerly Cardinal Siri) was *put under grave duress, threatened- prevented from taking the Papal Chair (i.e. publically proclaiming His Pontificacy) and replaced by Angelo Roncalli (John XXIII). There is evidence that in 1958, during the Conclave, the enemies of the Church were threatening "Siri" with mass destruction if he took the Chair of Peter (i.e. as stated "Cardinal Siri" after being canonically elected, accepted the papacy and chose the name Gregory XVII - the 5th column enemies within the Conclave walls themselves, then used ferocious and vicious, real threats against Pope Gregory XVII, if he publically were to announce he was the True Pope.) Pursuant to this thesis, all of the apparent 'popes' after Pope Pius XII were/are imposters (Anti-popes), as "Siri" was the true Pope.......".

    Etc. etc.... I believe that the immense pillage of wealth from Protestants and bad, liberal Catholics and Jews, Orthodoxies, etc. of the WWII had to be consolidated remarking the Roman Catholic pure doctrine of bloody "sharing of wealth" with the Vatican Council II.

  33. Thanks for the very interesting developments. The vatican balances its left<->right wing crowds masterfully with deceit and sleight of hand. I think the most of the"Fatima" crowd are ANTI-vatican 2 which means they are in a sense anti-francis, although they depend on the pope for the consecration. It is very, very possible that what they say about the"apostasy" in the RC as warned by Fatima and Garabangal(?) might be this influence of liberalism and (of course fake) secularism from the Vatican 2 till now. Of course you correctly point out the supression of the association betwen vatican and the left wingers across the globe, by finding a scapegoat (Roncalli and the masons and jews). I think the "liberal" or "human rights"/social justice trends in Catholicism will only be used until the evil imperialists(read USA and probably Putin Russia and capitalist PRC) are destroyed, then Vatican can go back to its good traditionalist, fascist, intolerant past with the rebirth of Holy Roman Empire. But for now it must appear as a peacemaker.

    As for Judaism, Christ etc - the revived interest in Egypt is 100% Satanic nostalgia and to show that Judaism is borrowed from Egypt and that Jesus is a repackaged Egyptian God. It will also pave way for even more lasciviousness in society, because the Egyptians symbolise the flesh in the Bible and are known as one of the most sexually degenerate cultures.

  34. I did not read it entirely unfortunately i m in an hurry now but the premise is very interesting and revealing - I ll continue reading later:

    "......In recent times, the Church has recognized that its teaching about the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation has been widely misunderstood, so it has "re-formulated" this teaching in a positive way. Here is how the Catechism of the Catholic Church begins to address this topic: "How are we to understand this affirmation, often repeated by the Church Fathers? Reformulated positively, it means that all salvation comes from Christ the Head through the Church which is his Body" (CCC 846).

    In keeping with the Church’s current spirit of ECUMENISM, this positive reformulation comes across less harshly than previous negative formulations. Even so, it remains quite controversial. So, let’s see how this new formulation squares with Scripture. .........".

    See Tutu:

    Tutu sure Lama is saved
    May 4, 2014 · by ivarfjeld · in 1. ·

    Desmond Tutu is convinced Dalai Lama is saved, and will be praying for the souls of the Norwegians.

  35. INteresting the relation NORWAY-CHINA... it maybe as told you, involving Fatima/Gravity movie/'immaculate' Mary etc.?

    ".....The Norwegian government has refused to meet the head of the Buddhist religion, the 14th Dalai Lama. This has triggered an angry response from archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

    This is recorded on the website of the Norwegian state TV “NRK”:

    - Tell the Norwegians … almost crying Archbishop Tutu across the table in a noisy breakfast cafe.

    - Tell the Norwegians there that on the last day you will end on a very hot place. It will not be the Dalai Lama. He will sit somewhere else and pray for their souls, says Archbishop Desmond Tutu............"

  36. I think Satan will soon move to China(and to a lesser extent Asia) to prevent the ongoing christian revival.It is a huge field and he has to plant his tares before too much wheat is sown.


    Islamic view:
    Paul's name is mentioned in several Islamic hadiths as the deceiver of the Christians, and along with people like Cain, Nimrod, Fir'aun and Samiri, is punished in a stage of Hell called Saqar. Another hadith mentions demons that mislead people after prophets, and names Paul as the demon that misled people after Jesus.[119][120] Also, some hadiths narrated in Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and Jami al-Tirmidhi, among other books, mention that in the afterlife, autarch and arrogant people are imprisoned in a jail named "Paulus", which is the most painful location of hell

    Among the critics of Paul the Apostle was THOMAS JEFFERSON, a Deist, who wrote that Paul was the "first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus."[133] Christian anarchists, such as LEO TOLSTOY[134] and Ammon Hennacy,[135] take a similar view.

    I have forgotten how hated Paul is. Boy, does Satan really dream of a Bible without Paul's writings of God's Words.

  38. Yes, what would be a Bible without Paul?

    "....Islamic view:
    Paul's name is mentioned in several Islamic hadiths as the deceiver of the Christians.....".

    Now it is all definitively clear. Catholicism and Islam as among the greatest tool to stop humans from get Salvation from the Lord Jesus.

  39. Paul is targeted since 2000 years because he helped the most to spread the word of the Lords to all the humanity. Satan would have kept it inside Jewry only, blowing the plans of God. But he was defeated and right one of those pharisees who loved to ally with the Roman pagan satanism destroyed the plans of Satan.

    "......Islamic view:
    Paul's name is mentioned in several Islamic hadiths as the deceiver of the Christians,......."

    there are no more doubts about the true inspirer of Islam, another obastacle to obtain Salvation from the Grace of our Lord. I believe Rivera was full right about Islam. Then also Islam has the machinery of the 'good works'. Zakat is the tax to the clergy, every good Muslim has to pay.

    "...... It will also pave way for even more lasciviousness in society, because the Egyptians symbolise the flesh in the Bible and are known as one of the most sexually degenerate cultures......."

    I hate ancient Egypt. Even when child and exotic ancient civilization dragged my curiosity, I always experimented a disgust in front of the mummies. Ancient Egyptian 'civilization' elevated the flesh to the rank of divinity and this is why they conserved their carasses, because they were worshipper of the carnality transforming it in a divinity. Their religion has been expressly developed to counter the Lord, opposing the creation (flesh) against the creator. Instead of the spirit who wins on the flesh as always taught by the Lord and witnessed by the Faith of Abraham who didn't faint in front of the reality of two old bodies, they, obsessed in to preserve their carcasses, affirmed that the flesh wins on the soul, and the post-mortem judgement was only a check by their demons (Anubis etc.) to see if the soul was a diligent servant of the flesh in the worldly life. Only a satanic cult of rebellion to the Lord. Oh, if I have a desirs, this is to see those carcasses to burn in a garbage incinerator. Look at the popes of Rome today, aren't they worshippers of carcasses (dead flesh)?

    "mummification pope death vatican":

  40. Jesus told that our body is a temple of the holy spirit and to keep it as a temple we must walk in the spirit not in the flesh. The introduction of the Mosaic Law was a pedagogy for this concept as the law was underlining the incorrigible degraded essence of the flesh and the weakeness of the soul to front it, as you told, to remember humans that they are not gods of themselves. Egyptian satanic priesthood simply reversed this concept and with the conservation of their carcasses they declared that it was righteous to surrender NOT to the Lord (Abraham's Faith) but to the flesh inhabited by the sin.

    This is Hislop, still from The Two Babylons, about the perfect logical and spiritual identity between the Egyptian dogma of salvation by works the the one of the Roman Catholicism:

    ".......But, what is worthy of notice in regard to this subject is, that in the two systems, it was symbolised in precisely the same way. In the Papal legends it is taught that St. Michael the Archangel has committed to him the balance of God's justice, and that in the two opposite scales of that balance the merits and the demerits of the departed are put that they may be fairly weighed, the one over against the other, and that as the scale turns to the favourable or unfavourable side they may be justified or condemned as the case may be. Now, the Chaldean doctrine of justification, as we get light on it from the monuments of Egypt, is symbolised in precisely the same way, except that in the land of Ham the scales of justice were committed to the charge of the god Anubis instead of St. Michael the Archangel, and that the good deeds and the bad seem to have been weighed separately, and a distinct record made of each, so that when both were summed up and the balance struck, judgment was pronounced accordingly. Wilkinson states that Anubis and his scales are often represented; and that in some cases there is some difference in the details. But it is evident from his statements, that the principle in all is the same. ........".

    The works as way of salvation are worshipped because they are the works of Satan.

  41. "I hate ancient Egypt. Even when child and exotic ancient civilization dragged my curiosity, I always experimented a disgust in front of the mummies. Ancient Egyptian 'civilization' elevated the flesh to the rank of divinity and this is why they conserved their carasses, because they were worshipper of the carnality transforming it in a divinity. Their religion has been expressly developed to counter the Lord, opposing the creation (flesh) against the creator"

    Indeed, not for a coincidence Jerusalem and the world in general will be like "Sodom and Egypt(servants of the flesh)". Egypt is 99% represents the flesh and the false bibles in the Bible. I will expound more on it another time . . .

    As regards the flesh, Satan came up with another cult of the "mortified" flesh - the self mutilation, self-flagellation, the asceticism. He tricks people to think that IF lust, gluttonny etc are subjugated by the SAME flesh, they will earn salvation. But it cannot, because the flesh will ALWAYS carry sin, they are synonymous. The flesh carries sins of the CARNAL MIND, that can only be cleansed by Jesus's blood(Hebrews 9:14) God is clear :

    John 3:6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.

    1 Corinthians 15:50
    Now this I say, brethren, that FLESH AND BLOOD cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

    Matthew 16:17
    And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.

    Romans 8:
    1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
    2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath MADE ME FREE from the law of sin and death.
    3 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:
    4 That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.........
    7 Because the CARNAL MIND is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
    8 So then they that are in the flesh CANNOT PLEASE God.

    Basically, flesh produces sins of the MIND that cannot be FLAGELLATED, neither CASTRATED, but must be cleansed. Those monks are WASTING their time and heaping up God's wrath on their unrepentant hearts. Thats what Luther "discovered".

  42. As pertain the stolen wealth, from a targeted Ukraine, guilty to be, together Poland, Lithuania and other Baltic Eastern countries, a third way in opposition to Western Roman Empire (Roman Catholic EU) and Eastern Roman empire (Putin's Russia), isn't this a way to seize the wealth from the 'heretics'?.... Yanukovich for example, didn't the pro-Putin Ukrainian elite steal every wealth of their country (seizing from the 'heretics') in order to then weaken it?.... If now IMF do loans to Ukraine, how to not think they are operating in coordination with the previous pro-Putin government?....

    1) I suck all the finance from the state and send it to the 'cursed' Western world:

    ....2) in order then to force the revolutionary government to ask for help at high interests from the same 'cursed' Western world:

    "The International Monetary Fund approved a $17-billion loan to Ukraine with an immediate disbursement of $3.2 billion to help the country pay its debts as separatist unrest threatens to split the nation’s east......."

    Notice that the amount of the loan of the IMF [17 bn] is approx. ONE THIRTIETH [1/30] of the wealth of the son of the former president Yanukovych:

    ".....The figures speak for themselves. The president’s son, Oleksandr Yanukovych, has seen his wealth increase by well over 7,000 per cent since his father took office. He is now worth more than $510 million. Like any Ukrainian with money, he operates through foreign holding companies based in the British Virgin Islands, Switzerland and the Netherlands. ....."

    The numbers come from the article:

    .... I reported in my:

    But we in the 'cursed' Western there are many continuing to help Yanukovych's seizure of the 'heretic' ' Ukraine's wealth:

    "........The first tranche of the 17 trillion – US$ 3.2 trillion is to be disbursed immediately, in other words to the illegitimate Ukrainian interim government – which is an act of financial crime committed by an international financial institution, created under the Charter of the UN – an institution that has long ago seized to respect the rules under which it has been founded, but functions as a mere extended arm of the US Treasury. ..........."

    This pro-Putin propaganda (which it ought be better to call "propaganda for re-unification of Western and Eastern Roman empires"), is even ignornat about the size of the loan of IMF which is about billions and not millions:

    "......The International Monetary Fund approved a $17-BILLION loan to Ukraine with an immediate disbursement of $3.2 BILLION to help the country pay its debts as separatist unrest threatens to split the nation’s east. ....."

  43. Great accuse to the "criminal Western world" from the very corageous site GlobalResearch, but why not to accuse the same Western world when it welcomes the stolen wealth of Ukraine by a bloody QUISLING of Putin at power in Kiev – Yanukovych? Also here the size of the wealth by Yanukovych gang pillaged from Ukraine is considerably higer than the IMF loan. It is very probable that the duty of Yanukovych was to destroy the economy of Ukraine for the benefit of Putin's Russia.

    ".....Prosecutor: Yanukovych's 'Mafia' Government Stole Up To $100 Billion From Ukraine And Some Of It Is Funding Rebels
    Guy Faulconbridge, Anna Dabrowska, and Stephen Grey, Reuters
    Apr. 30, 2014, 10:21
    LONDON (Reuters) - Ukraine's chief prosecutor has accused Viktor Yanukovich of heading a mafia-style syndicate whose crimes cost the former Soviet republic up to $100 billion and said some of the stolen money was now being used to fund Russian-backed separatists.
    "The loss to Ukraine is up to $100 billion," he said in Ukrainian, adding that some of the money had ended up in Western Europe while large amounts of cash had gone eastwards to Russia.
    The $100 billion figure is equal to more than half the annual economic output of Ukraine in 2013. British officials declined to comment on the figure......
    When asked to put a figure on how much money had left Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union, Makhnitsky said the sums were so huge that it would be impossible to give a figure.

    He said that Yanukovich and his people had spirited $32 billion dollars in cash across the border in trucks as his power crumbled early this year and that some of the money was now being used to fund separatists in eastern Ukraine.

    Read more:!ImFOx

    $32 billion dollars and Canon 32 of the Council of Trent on SALVATION BY WORKS:

    ".......Canon 32. "If any one saith, that the good works of one that is justified are in such manner the gifts of God, as that they are not also the good merits of him that is justified; or, that the said justified, by the good works which he performs through the grace of God and the merit of Jesus Christ, whose living member he is, does not truly merit increase of grace, eternal life, and the attainment of that eternal life, ...and also an increase of glory; let him be anathema."........."

  44. "......As regards the flesh, Satan came up with another cult of the "mortified" flesh - the self mutilation, self-flagellation......".

    Hislop put the mutilation, self-flagellation etc. to the 'homage' to the figure of Nimrod who was cut in pieces by Shem. At those times there was not the Mosaic Law. He quotes also 1 Kings 18:8 you already quoted time ago:

    "....Therefore, when the priests of Baal contended with Elijah, to gain the favour of their god, and induce him to work the desired miracle in their behalf, "they cried aloud and cut themselves, after their manner, with knives and with lancets, till the blood gushed out upon them" (1 Kings 18:28)...." .

    Short below he quotes the Mosaic Law:

    "....To this practice, there can be no doubt, there is a direct allusion in the command in the Mosaic law, "Ye shall make no cuttings in your flesh for the dead" (Lev 19:28). *......".

    I think there's more than the explanation of Hislop (anyway I believe he was right), precisely that sefl-appointment as "gods of themselves" you told above. To self inflict sufferance, cuttings etc. and to BEAR them as a sort of test, examination (initiation) to demonstrate the alleged proper 'divine' essence. And then there's the allusion to the blood poured by the sacrifices of the Mosaic Law.
    Very much stuff to study!


    On Ridley Scott's Exodus movie :(According to The Hollywood Reporter, Scott, an avowed agnostic, “has chosen an unconventional depiction of God in the film.”)

    And surprise, surprise, a "Mary" movie.......

    For whatever myriad reasons, none of the often-told cinematic portrayals of the birth of Christ really features Mary as the extraordinary, pivotal, indispensable center of the majestic drama. Certainly she has been recognized for her saintliness and her devotion to God and the mission he has chosen for her. What has been less focused on is the reality of Mary as a young girl of very modest means, who before a certain point in her young life is totally unprepared as to what her destiny is to be.

    We will come to know these characters in a new and more accessible way that draws us to them as FLESH AND BLOOD in their own right, not just depending on what we know of them as historically religious figures. There will be a reality to the violence within mainstream standards, but the ideas of which, (especially the slaughter of the innocents) are anything but familiar. We will FEEL the horror, FEEL the joy and suffer the threat of the unknown, along with the family.

    The ending will give us a grand feeling of who this special boy has come to this world, and of the heroic struggle this mother and father have gone through with Faith as their ally.

    The film will be visually beautiful with a studied re-imagination of every element including color palette from hair to costume to make-up from that which has come before. With historical documentation always at our side, I want to make that which we have never seen before. To show a side of the world’s most familiar story, which humanizes the biblical characters and brings us closer to understanding how love truly is the underpinning of faith. By the end of the film, if we haven’t before, we will come to believe and be inspired by these human examples.

    Titled The Redemption of Cain, apparently the story will somehow involves vampires. The project first came about in the summer of 2010, when it was called The Legend of Cain, and will be based on a script by Caleeb Pinkett.

    Pilate movie with Brad Pitt

    Helena Handbag (2015)
    Comedy | Fantasy
    Not yet released
    (voting begins after release)

    "Mankind teams up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a rapturing giant Jesus."

    Many pundits speculate that Hollywood is running out of comic books, and has turned to the Bible, which is action-packed, for fresh heroes. . . .

  46. Holocaust denial, Star Wars 911 denial, .... at the basis of this there's the Bible denial... started at Alexandria immediately after the Jesus' resurrection... Please, take note on how USA today cannot send atronauts in the space:

    "...."After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline," Rogozin said via his Russian-language Twitter account. ....."

    ...but see also here:

    "......The U.S. will pay Russia $70.7 million for a single shuttle ride aboard the country’s Soyuz rocket Tuesday night, even as President Barack Obama fights for sanctions and penalties against Russia for its recent invasion of the Ukraine. .......".
    "......ISS, NASA and US National Security dependent on Russian & Ukrainian Rocketry Amidst Crimean Crisis
    by Ken Kremer on March 5, 2014.........."

    ...just type "crisis nasa astronauts russia" and search for news.

    Well, but there is one thing USA are the best in the world and compared to them Putin's Russia is nothing, it is the industry of imagination. Is this a work of Satan, to transform the country which the more in the Christian world paid tribute to the observance of the Old Testament spirit, to transform it in a country of open rebellion against God with that cinema industry which not only allude to the Second Commandment (where the Lord gives precise prescriptions about IMAGES), also the judgement of the Lord on the Babel's tower society, where men demonstrated again to have not limit to their (evil and ungodly) IMMAGINATION. I think that when I read your comment about the new releases of Hollywood. And the best comparison with this apostate crusade against the Old Testament roots of Christendom, fought with the cinema, with ruthless hypocrisy, is here:

    ".......Jud Süß (Jew Süss) is a 1940 Nazi propaganda film produced by Terra Filmkunst at the behest of Joseph Goebbels, and considered one of the most antisemitic films of all time.[1] The movie was directed by Veit Harlan, who wrote the screenplay with Eberhard Wolfgang Möller and Ludwig Metzger. The leading roles were played by Ferdinand Marian and Harlan's wife Kristina Söderbaum; Werner Krauss and Heinrich George played key supporting roles.[2]
    The film has been characterized as "one of the most notorious and successful pieces of antisemitic film propaganda produced in Nazi Germany."[3] It was a great success in Germany, with some 20 million viewers. Although the film's budget of 2 million Reichsmarks was considered high for films of that era, the box-office receipts of 6.5 million Reichsmarks made it a financial success. Heinrich Himmler urged members of the SS and police to watch the movie.[4]

    [previously in 1934 in UK it was released a film on the same theme but with philo-semite]

  47. Hollywood and Jesuits, it was exposed in the old UHM forum five years ago :

    ".......Hollywood: Social dimensions: technology, regulation and ...
    Thomas Schatz - 2004 - ‎Motion picture industry
    Bank of America president A. P. Giannini, one of Hollywood's most powerful ... Jesuit-educated and studio wise, he acted as both mediator and missionary, ..............":

    ".........Hollywood's High Noon: Moviemaking and Society Before ...
    Thomas Cripps - 1997 - ‎History
    ... as A. P. Giannini, whose Bank of America had become an angel for Hollywood. ... Catholics such as Quigley and Wilfred Parsons of the Jesuit weekly America, ..............":

    "........Hollywood's Censor: Joseph I. Breen and the Production ...
    Thomas Doherty - 2009 - ‎History
    Whether by omission or distortion, Hollywood's picture of things Jewish in the ... Catholic lawyer Joseph Scott and the financier Dr. A. H. Giannini met with the ... for the Jesuit weekly America and the Catholic monthly Extension Magazine..........":


    Decades before the rest of the world was thinking about the enormous impact that China would have upon the global stage, Edgar Cayce predicted great things for China and its people. On one occasion, Cayce told a group of people that eventually CHINA would become “THE CRADLE OF CHRISTIANITY, as applied in the lives of men.”

    Ten years earlier, during a reading on the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Cayce suggested that an ancient “HALL OF RECORDS” would be discovered at a time signifying the manifestation of this new level of consciousness.

    "Grandma" Vanga's(one of the most famous witches in Bulgaria and Russia) prophecies about Russia (creepy):

    In his other prophecies Vanga said how it will end the struggle between the U.S. and Russia for supremacy. According to the vision of the all-seeing Bulgarian to no later than 2040 Russia will replace America. Then the uncontrolled printing of banknotes without coverage would stop the crisis will end and over the world will have peace and prosperity. "Now Russia is called a Union. Shall return the old Russia, and will be called upon as holy Sergius. Its spiritual superiority to be recognized by everyone, including America. This will happen after 60 years. Ago this would approximate three countries - China, India and Russia will meet in one point, "predicted Vanga in conversation with Lyudmila Jivkova (note: Todor Zhivkov's daughter) in 1979. The words of the prophet, however, led many to doubt the political propaganda. But after the changes of 1989 blind woman continues to deliver similar phophecies. To his niece, she repeatedly warns - "Do not ruin the friendship with Russia. Grandfather Ivan, not brother John is salvation."


    The idea is actually not very new — Tsar Nicholas II dreamed of the railway and tunnel in 1905.

    The project – nicknamed the "China-Russia-Canada-America" line – would run for 13,000km, about 3,000km further than the Trans-Siberian Railway. The entire trip would take two days, with the train travelling at an average of 350km/h (220mph).

  50. On the first page for the google search for "apostle paul" a page appears for a thesis for Paul being a sodomite. This is logical Jesuit propaganda machinery to turn away any jew or muslim from the books of Paul in the new testament.

  51. "......a thesis for Paul being a sodomite.......".

    I checked the titles of the links and if they contain the word "sodomite" or "gay" or "homo" but found nothing - it could be possible they read your comment before to be published and then they modify the hierarchy of links.

  52. Thanks for the info about the tunnel under the Strait of Bering... EJP was talking about Panama but the invasion could also start with a flux of anti-American Russian immigrates in USA, after an economical depression in Russia, immigrates who will join the Catholic immigrates in USA from South America who are loyal to the pope and the Jesuits.

  53. Hmmm, weird, for me, when I open this link

    the second title(in firefox) is "Was the Apostle Paul Gay? -"
    also I have the same title on the first page in google chrome itself

    1. The only links where is contained "Beliefnet" (not "homo", "gay", "sodomite", etc.) is the third title which is this:

      A brief guide to the Apostle Paul, and why he is so important ... questa pagina
      Paul the Man. Who was Paul? Paul, whose original name was Saul, took the name familiar to us after his conversion to Christianity. Paul never met Jesus during ...

  54. As regard Paul his conversion is unique - BOTH Jewish and Christian. If we see then the superssessionism and replacement theology of Rome (and of Luther), and the Islamic replacement (Ishmael instead Isaac asked by the Lord as sacrifice), we see that Catholicism (both Western as well Eastern one) and Islam are only a single force to divide that "Jewish" from "Christian":

    ".......Paul was the ascended Christ’s own and only co
    nvert and stands unique in the history of
    conversion. The significance of th
    is experience of Saul is both
    individual and prophetic. At a
    later day, he declares himself to be a Jew bor
    n out of due time. Undoubtedly, the manner of his
    conversion was both Jewish and Ch
    ristian; Jewish in that the
    Lord Jesus appeared to him
    personally, as He will appear one day to a remnant of Israel during the Tribulation, and
    Christian, in that he became a
    member of the Body of Christ, be
    ing baptized in the Spirit into
    that Body at his conversion. ......"

  55. avlesMay 9, 2014 at 11:30 PM

    The only links where is contained "Beliefnet" (not "homo", "gay", "sodomite", etc.) is the third title which is this:

    A brief guide to the Apostle Paul, and why he is so important ... questa pagina
    Paul the Man. Who was Paul? Paul, whose original name was Saul, took the name familiar to us after his conversion to Christianity. Paul never met Jesus during ...

  56. Yes, what Luther fails to realise is that God, in Paul's conversion, manifests His patience or rather longsuffering towards the JEWS, not gentiles. Paul is a type of the nation of Israel, in fact Paul calls himself a Jew, a Israelite, a Hebrew and distinguishes the church and Israel/the jews to destroy any supersessionist claim that Israel is the church. Also Romans 11 clearly shows that we (gentiles) have not replaced ALL branches, but were grafted IN the olive tree of Israel (Hosea 14:6). And that the Lord will put back the original branches, when the wild branches stop bearing fruit(Church age is over/Luke 21:24??)

    1. Ah only now, after 20 mins, your comment arrived in my dahsborad comment...

  57. Read this - we and Douglas discussed a little about this years ago:

    ".......... The Reminant Online- "A National [Roman] Catholic newspaper founded in 1967" calling for effectively censoring the spread of anti roman catholic ideas- cites new Artificial Intelligence technology that could be useful for such a purpose.

    Daniel Offutt GUEST COLUMNIST

    CAI- Christophobic Artificial Intelligence

    (Posted 03/1/10 CYC is a computer "knowledge base" in an artificial "knowledge-representation language" called CYCL. CYC comes from the word "enCYClopedia". The original idea of CYC was to encode a single-volume English desk encyclopedia into a language of symbolic logic so that the semantic content or meaning could be more easily manipulated by computers. By "manipulated" I mean to include things like making logical deductions from premises in a manner analogous to the third operation of the intellect studied at least up until the 1960s by every Catholic seminarian in his foundation in scholastic Thomistic /Aristotelian logic. ............."

    Friday, June 18, 2010
    Roman Catholics Must Supress Ideas Being Spread Upon The Internet

    the label of such post is "cyc" - onthological machines, URL:

    1. No wonder the true purpose of the internet has been covered by the CIA/NSA ops theory. The next logical step of the information revolution(after the long term indoctrination of the internet era by manipulating self education through the search engines) is to give the orders against the "zionists" or the "prejudiced fundamentalists" or maybe, just maybe "spies of the evil aliens" (2033?).The internet infrastructure will be taken over by the "poor and opressed catholics and muslims" and used against their enemy. That will enable the biggest pogrom/ persecution in history, almost every human being on the plant having a device to be guided and directed against those "betrayers" of the human race and the god of this world, whose exact location will be known to everyone via the satellites/information databases.

      But please, I AGAIN search "apostle paul" on this "christian" search engine:

      1. Was the Apostle Paul actually a false prophet?
      Was the Apostle Paul actually a false prophet?...
      ... Was the Apostle Paul actually a false prophet? Subscribe to our Question of ... Week Question: "Was the Apostle Paul actually a false prophet?" Answer ...

      The first result of the search is a DOUBT cast on Paul's credibility, even if the article does defend Paul.... amazing. . . .

    2. I very often meet people "self educated" about the jews. Yesterday I met a middle aged man (around 50) who laughed at the gospel, telling me how Lucifer was a force for good (no doubt brainwashed by gnostic stuff on the internet), things are wrapping up quickly. . .

    3. ".....The first result of the search is a DOUBT cast on Paul's credibility, even if the article does defend Paul.... amazing. .....".

      It incredible how much hate against Paul, it deserves a site or a blog entirely dedicated to the exposure of the universal attacks against his figure.
      And yes, Internet developed as way to track 'heretics' and terminate them, in a 'clean' way, would it be a different purpose for the web? ....:

  58. Ah funny, my mail box announces your new comment - which is NOT YET arrived in Blogger's dashboard, section "awaiting moderation".....:

    ".........Христо Стилиянов has left a new comment on your post " First May, the feast of the Vatican pillage of her...":
    Yes, what Luther fails to realise is that God, in Paul's conversion, manifests His patience or rather longsuffering towards the JEWS, not gentiles. Paul is a type of the nation of Israel, in fact Paul calls himself a Jew, a Israelite, a Hebrew and distinguishes the church and Israel/the jews to destroy any supersessionist claim that Israel is the church. Also Romans 11 clearly shows that we (gentiles) have not replaced ALL branches, but were grafted IN the olive tree of Israel (Hosea 14:6). And that the Lord will put back the original branches, when the wild branches stop bearing fruit(Church age is over/Luke 21:24??) ..........."

  59. Христо СтилияновMay 9, 2014 at 8:38 AM "....The idea is actually not very new — Tsar Nicholas II dreamed of the railway and tunnel in 1905. .......":

    In that page I found a link where you are invited to see the world in a different way, differents maps, but ALL not religious maps - 9 maps or the number "9" as nine months of pregnancy, symbolical for the next New RELIGIOUS Order of the planet to be born by Satan:

    "......9 Maps to Change How You See the World
    Oct 18, 2013........"


    Even Friedrich Nietzsche, no friend of the Jews, said Paul “falsified the history of Israel so as to make it appear as a prologue to his mission” and was “the genius in hatred, in the standpoint of hatred, and in the relentless logic of hatred.”

    ----Again, misintepretation of Paul in front of the jews to steer them away from studying the Scriptures.

    Paul didn’t nullify Jewish law, nor did he, as Luther would claim later, place grace above works (that is, to paraphrase crudely, the acceptance of Jesus over the performance of mitzvot), or justification by faith above justification by law (being seen as righteous by God by virtue of your belief, rather than by virtue of your good deeds). Or rather, Paul did do those things—a less Lutheran version of them, anyway—but he didn’t mean for the whole world to do them, too.

    ------Making "Luther" and "Paul" synonymous to bring up those memories of Nazi "lutheran" Germany in the jews. . . .

    Krister Stendahl, insists that Paul experienced a call, in the manner of a Protestant minister, not a conversion—Paul took it upon himself to roam Asia Minor and preach the gospel to gentiles, and he so opposed their becoming Torah Jews that he devoted most of his letters to assaulting all the other evangelists who thought they should. These, one deduces, had been following him from city to city and telling his congregants that he was wrong about Judaism, which naturally enraged him.

    --------- Of course "Protestantism" or rather "anti-semitic Lutheranism" is the only denomination that has anything to do with Paul,

    When Judgment comes (and Paul thinks it’s coming any day now), God will still redeem Jews who have OBEYED HIS commandments. What Jesus has changed is God’s plans for the non-Jews. No longer will they be barred from the Kingdom to Come on account of their sins—their promiscuity and idolatry and so on. God sent them Jesus and he died for their sins and now they, too, can be saved, as long as they accept him and live good, clean Christian lives.

    ------- A bunch of bald-faced lies. Paul never said anything about commandments saving anyone, In fact in Romans 10 he definitively points out that the Jews are condemning themselves by trying to obtain THEIR OWN righteousness through the law.

    Dual covenant theology is a huge lie - claiming that Jews are still getting saved through the law. Paul is clear though- noone is getting saved without faith in Jesus : Rom 3:27; 9:32; 10:1-4; Heb 8:9, Gal 2:16; 3:10; Rom 4:3-6)

    He’s imagining his way inside the head of a pagan who is, for the first time, trying to live within the Law, and discovering that under the Law, he’s actually a terrible sinner. How discouraging that would have been for him! How remote he would have felt from God!

    ---------- Typical Phariseical arrogance, thinking they are keeping the commandments of God, and actually CAN, unlike the dirty gentiles. . .

    Christian or Jew, Paul understood that what God had demanded of his people was supremely difficult, and in some ways impossible, to deliver. Coming to terms with Paul as a Jew may also mean admitting that such ambivalence is also part of the Jewish experience.

    ---------- No it is a part of the "saving experience", realizing the law was never meant to make one righteous before God, and cannot be kept perfectly, but leads sinners to Christ.

  61. Please look in the last link how the false dichotomy of Satan is presented you have to choose between either
    "dual covenant theology" which is - both the Jews and Christians are saved by different means
    "supersessionism" or the "old Paul" before the revisionism - that the Church is Israel and the Jews are outcast and never to be God's nation again.(antisemitic)

    Not the correct "dispensionalism" that leaves a future redemption for Israel as expounded upon in Romans 11.

    Still, Jesus has two flocks to gather (John 10:16 Matthew 10:6)

  62. It is interesting to see maps of an "alternative" future:

    1. Interesting that Seattle is a sort of "enclave", "oasis". I think to Bill Gates and his connection to the TEUTONIC ORDER, via his wife (vaccines etc.)... Seattle spiritually to represent a sort of pre-Reformation Koenisberg/Eastern Prussia of the North American continent. The fragmentation of the USA point out that THERE is the enemy who has to be "divided in order to be ruled" - cfr. the both maps: