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"Illuminati Origins Jack Chick Tracts, Kiss The Protestants Goodbye!" [video]


i m a sinner and not saved (may God have mercy on my soul), but this is not a good reason to NOT help the diffusion of the video [at the bottom page].

A little consideration about Italian themes. In the Val di Susa (Susa Valley) there's the European wide famous opposition and movement against the building of high speed train line to be built there, a project called "TAV".

Since years the chronicles are plenty of the facts related to the demonstrations against the building of TAV by the local inhabitants. Very often the protests are violent with attacks to the structures of the yards for TAV. Recently the government moved there even the army to protect the building of the TAV. And some days ago a journalist who wrote in support of the building of TAV receied a bomb via mail.

Why? But the true attack is to the valley, one of the originary Vaoudoises valley who in the 2nd century brought the Bible, the true Bible of Antiochia, in Europe. The same Bible at the basis of the Reformation and KJV Bible of 1611. The Old Latin Bible.

But are they attacked (i mean the inhabitants) with the building of TAV? 

NO, error, if you think so! they are attacked with the demonstrations they the same are doing to protect their valley from the devastation created by the high speed train line TAV. Because the protests are the golden opportunity to destroy the last remain and memory of the Bible among the descendents of the Vaudoises.

In fact many anti-Christian and anti-Biblical ideologies now are imposing themselves OVER the historical and religious conscience of the descendents of Vaudoises destroying any little remains of Christianity, and this is done with the alibi of the "resistance against the TAV": anarchism, radical leftism, marxism, revolutionarism, and even the terrorits Red Brigades are completing the Satanic job wich started with the Ancient Roman empire and went along the Middle Age with the Roman Catholic ferocious persecution of the Bible Believers in the Alps. 

The satanic plan consists in to transform the inhabitants of the valley in followers of one of the above ideologies and therefore to transform they the same in the best gravediggers of their the same Christian history.

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