Friday, October 11, 2013


Yeah, "nor buy nor sell". After the eBay stubborn refusal to admit me as seller, hear pls this other one.

Yesterday a person of my job environment, with symptom of flu, interacted with me for a reason which could have been plausibly constructed. I was worried beacuse the season of vaccine against flu is not yeat began. It starts in middle of Oct.

Today i feel strange. Is coming flu also to me? But why should i care about?

For only a little particular. I have just spent 964 Euro for a ticket to Philippines. And my Etihad Airlines flight  (to which it will follow a domestic Philippines Airlines flight ) takes off from Milan (Malpensa airport) Sunday 20 (twenty) October. This year. At local hour 11:55.

I dont go in Philippines for simply holyday "fun, eat & drink". I go there for my life, to arrange a future marriage and just in the day of my 50th birthday. In this travel I have spent nearly all my savings (i'm poor), and i dont know if the airlines company, in case i am constrained to remain here and to not embark on the flight, will be so happy to re-fund me the ticket.

Yes, at least i can have some places where to try to apply for a refunding of the lost money for a travel cancelled cause a probable flu. The San Giusto hill and via (street) del Ronco 12.

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