Wednesday, July 1, 2015

jesus-partisans-balkans blog removed?


I pray God nothing serious happened to Hristo Stiliyanov:

Above image - "Il blog è stato rimosso

Spiacenti, il blog all'indirizzo è stato rimosso. L'indirizzo non è disponibile per nuovi blog.

"The blog has been removed

Sorry, the blog at was removed. The address is not available for new blogs."


  1. Bro, I'm good, I am just going through a stressful and spiritually bumpy period. Forgive my lack of concern for your affection.

    1. I put the blog on the shelf for a while. Writing is too tempting. :)

    2. Thanks to God only a question of spiritual stress. I pray for you bro, God helping you overcome all troubles.
      After wedding i m very busy, but also decided to rest. What is happening confirms what i wrote - with your vital contribution - i dont need to add further repetitive posts.
      I wish focus on the Bible as outcome of world events, and less space to geo-politic. I even opened a new blog on model railroading, just to relax, but the header is esplicit.

    3. Treninen:

  2. "Bro, I'm good, I am just going through a stressful and spiritually bumpy period. Forgive my lack of concern for your affection."

    You resemble very much those "Christians" who were refused to be welcomed back by the Donatists as under the trial of Satan represented by the Catholic mob, they were joining the forces of the empire and righteously denied to be baptized by the Donatists.

    29 For unto you it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sake (Philippians 1:29);

    1. I don't understand what you mean, really. I apologize if i made you concerned, but i assure you there is nothing mysterious about my prolonged absence. Like i told you before, lack of time, energy (and motivation somwhat) bar me from being active on here. My situation is probably better than yours, but I'm not a strong man and i have my share of troubles as well. I have not renounced anything of the faith, only my brainpower to produce material. As of late, Im doing much to teach my family the gospel, as i need to get back to the university this fall to have support from my parents. The last two months illness and concerns in my family have deprived me of energy and motivation. Thats it. I wish i was stronger, but only God is able to make me or youi stand and comforted.