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Failed Russian space cargo ship to fall back to Earth and my flight


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Above image - ".....According to Holger Krag, Head of the European Space Agency’s Space Debris Office, the spacecraft will fall somewhere between 51 degrees north latitude and 51 degrees south.
It’s anticipated most of the spacecraft — which weighs seven tonnes — will burn up during reentry.
“However, we cannot exclude the chance that some portion of its structure, for example the heavy docking mechanism or tanks and thrusters, could survive reentry to reach the surface,” Krag said on the ESA blog.
The good news is that, due to the fact that our planet is more than 70 per cent water, anything that survives the burn will end up somewhere unpopulated.
Krag said that on May 8 the agency will be able to better forecast the time of reentry as well as be able to exclude any areas. He also stressed that in over 60 years of spaceflight no one has ever been injured by falling satellite or spacecraft debris and that the risk to anyone on the ground is small........".
On the ground, but in air not so small. Today the tv news announced that a target area, next week, could be the Indian Ocean, Eastern Africa proximity. Just around where I will fly the day 12/13 May, from Venice to Abu Dhabi.

Then on 13th May at 10:10 AM I take the flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila, to arrive there at 23:15PM.

At the beginning I booked the flight for the day 13/14 May to arrive in Manila.

Then the air company mysteriously moved my flight to a following day, I refused and I chose a day before, the 12/13 May. 

Time ago I did an hypothesis, that falling satellites could be used to simulate an air accident, masquerading a bomb or other on board with  "flying debris" reentering from the orbit. 

Anyway you hat soon or later to face God and this is not a decision of the ones who are sabotaging the flights and causing the air crashes.

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"....ALARM at terminal 3
Fiumicino: fire at the airport

'Short circuit, excluding malicious act "

from Corriere della Sera online
Flames games "behind the fridge of a bar," 3 intoxicated. A slow return to normality for the airport closed until noon: broken down the first flights, delays and long queues at check-in. The prosecutor is investigating arson: seized the area
Valeria Costantini and Drafting Rome Online
...." etc. etc.

"..... Posted May 7, 2015 by Michela Becciu
Fire at Fiumicino Airport: 3 intoxicated, airport closed until 14

A fire broke out in the night in the luggage of Terminal 3 at the international airport Leonardo da Vinci airport: 3 people were slightly intoxicated, airport closed until 14.

A fire broke out in the night in the Terminal 3 area used for international flights, the international Leonardo da Vinci airport. The area has been evacuated three people have been slightly poisoned by the smoke, were rescued by the fire brigade intervened to quell the fire, which broke out in a luggage...." etc. etc.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEDITED 09 May 2015

As I told you I express my faith in the work place within a company forum.
For this expression of faith I am targeted by a mobbing "under the radar". They want to crack me psychologically. Recently there's a inner law for which i cannot speak of my job elsewhere i could lose the job. I don't have fear to be un-employed because I am targeted by Criminal Satanists who are using the public administration to destroy my person. I don't care to be un-employed. If a Criminal State, a rough State like the one called "Italian Republic" persecutes you, you cannot be afraid of the consequences, because they are the criminals, not you, and with you there's God the Son and God the Father and the Holy Spirit.
Of course all that comes from the Catholic church, namely the responsible/controllers of the Catholic church in Trieste, the bishop Gianpaolo Crepaldi and the Jesuits whose headquarter is located in Trieste in via del Ronco, 12.
I don't trust anyone and anything in this country. I will tell all only to a foreign authority/person/etc. (possibly not-EU) whom i trust, because in Italy there's only a giant, persecutorial Catholic Mafia, which uses Fascists, Communists, Masonic lodges and all what has been created by the CATHO-GNOSTICS in the last two centuries.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEDITED 10 May 2015


This is how the Catholic church blesses the DUCE (Mussolini) in ITALY for having provided the LATERAN TREATY in 1929, with which Mussolini, obeying his Jesuits' controller, Pietro Tacchi-Venturi (*),  mastered by general superior Wladimir Ledochowsky SJ.....

...... restored the evil temporal power of the Vatican city. Mussolini was the temporal sword of the Catholic church and simply the descendant of the assassin who did the Holocaust of Christians in Italy since Constantine age (Fourth century) on. "Anti-fascists" anyway are not better. They always forget that the most important heritage of Mussolini to Italy and the world is just the LATERAN TREATY, and truly speaking  blame the Fascism in order to not blame the Catholic church. Then the Communist "Anti-Fascist" are too Holocaust deniers like their "enemies" the fans of Hitler, being the Marxism ideology the denial of existence of any sort of Christian church outside the Catholic church all along 2000 years, therefore "No Christians? No Holocaust of Christians!". Hypocrisy as usual, because i told you already the Italian flag colors' true significance: Red the blood of those Christian martyrs, White the tunic of the pope, Green the color of the fields and valley hiding the hundred of thousands of those Christian martyrs:

A plaque to commemorate the Duce
Shame on Giulino Mezzegra
In the Como mayor (Northern League party member) and pastor participating in a fascist celebration in the day and in the place of the shooting of Mussolini and Petacci.
Massimo Franchi
April 30, 2012
listen this page
A - A
Fascists alive and well in the Como. With even a priest to bless them and the plaque in the place where they were shot Benito Mussolini and Claretta Petacci on 28 April 1945 .. It happened yesterday in Giulino Mezzegra. A sixty-seven years exactly from the death sentence decided by the Committee of National Liberation, the self-styled National Union fighters of the Italian Social Republic has seen fit to celebrate the memory of (their) Duce and his mistress with a marble memorial depicting an open book with the effigies that Mussolini and Petacci are portrayed in civilian clothes.

This is the second attempt, because years ago the fascists themselves hung a black cross with the name of the leader on the wall near the house where Mussolini and Petacci spent the last night. In procession, with a tricolor flag with an eagle at the center, about two hundred nostalgic clothes almost all the black shirt reached the place, and when he was called out loud the name of Benito Mussolini, have responded three times "Present" , making the Fascist salute. After the "silence" sung by a former soldier, a plaque was blessed by Father Luigi Barindelli, parish priest of Mezzagra, which this year celebrated mass for the veterans of the RSI for the anniversary of the death of Mussolini.

The event was also organized to celebrate the hundredth birthday of Mario Nicollini, a veteran of the CSR, that every year on April 28 organized the commemoration of the leader. Just Nicollini, that yesterday was not present, sent a message in which he said he was happy that on the tombstone there is also a photograph of Petacci. The initiative was endorsed by the mayor of the town, the Northern League Claudia Lingeri with the incredible motivation, "the plaque is no explicit references to the fascist period." Yesterday the mayor was present at the celebration. ANPI, the Association of partisans, who had asked to put on the road, instead of the rather hermetic sign that simply indicates "historical fact in 1945," the most explicit indication of the place that marked the end of the fascist dictatorship, the 'administration has responded "No" under the guise of formal issues, related to the road signs and the fact that the statement is part of a route between the places that marked the end of fascism wanted by the provincial administration. Saturday instead in Lecco, on the site of the shooting of 16 officers and non-commissioned officers of the RSI, the ceremony was also attended by the councilor of the PDL James Zamperini, who succumbed to the temptation to do the salute. Bergamasco outrage in a completely different sign also commemorations in another village Lombard. A Schilpario, in Bergamasco, was recalled the '' Massacre of the Funds', 12 partisans killed in an ambush by the fascists of the Tagliamento.

In the church of Santa Barbara it was celebrated a Mass with school children who have brought a candle on the altar for each partisan killed. But on that day 67 years ago, 43 soldiers of the same Legion Tagliamento were killed in action in Rovetta whose responsibilities are still discussed. And to remember that every late May arrive in the country veterans nostalgic Republicans and neo-fascists. For this a few days ago a local group had distributed in mailboxes a dvd to reconstruct the facts. The replica of nostalgic not long in coming with two banners posted in the country, one of the town hall ("Those heroes that have massacred are still here"), one of the park near the cemetery ("Honor and Glory"). Both, fortunately, they are removed by local police [end of the article].
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(*): "Venturi had no official rank in the church to match his extraordinary influence, and was known in Vatican circles as the "man in black".

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