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CENOMAR 4 - is Jihadism the way of EUROGENDFOR for the control of EU?

Above image - I have two cards, the first is the Italian Wind company, the second is Slovenian Mobitel company. Indeed I am living where Italy and Slovenia are bordering.
For my sojourn in the Philippines last year, I bought a Globe sim card. Globe is a Filipino communication company. I used it in my smartphone,  and it seems that my phone liked the Globe card so much that he decided to declare to me forever that within there are still not one, but well two (inexistent) cards of Globe:

Above image - after nearly an year I cam back to Italy, Globe is still there and duplicated itself. Frankly I am ignorant about smartphones and hacking computers, smartphones etc. So I cannot explain to myself why even if I have an Italian Wind card and a Slovenian Mobitel card in my phone, on the screen they appear to be a Globe prepaid card.

But who knows? Also the road to Satan are many. Just yesterday the Slovenian police arrested a Slovenian Jihadist on request of Italian authorities. The guy is alleged to have worked also  in Italy for the "terror net":

Venice, the Slovenian arrested for terrorism network was a recruiter of foreign fighters for IsisThe 26 year old was arrested in Ljubljana, according to the investigator has ties to the Macedonian months arrested in the province of Pordenone: both had ties to "Bilal" Bosnic, the so-called "Imam of terror"Joseph Pietrobelli | May 9, 2016
The Isis recruitment channels pass through the Northeast, thanks to easy crossings through the boundaries that lead to the Balkans. It was confirmed by the arrest, performed in Ljubljana, a twenty-six years old man of Slovenian nationality. The European arrest warrant that was used,  contested activity enlistment with international terrorism. The Isis tries in Europe to divert fighters in Syria and is in some communities a breeding ground for proselytizing.The transaction announced by Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, is the result of investigative work coordinated by the Anti-terrorism District Attorney of Venice, in particular by the prosecutor Adelchi D'Ippolito and substitute Francesca Crupi. At the forefront of the Carabinieri of the ROS that some months ago had arrested Ajhan Veapi, a Macedonian living in Azzano Decimo, in the province of Pordenone, accused of recruiting "foreign fighters" to be sent to Syria.Slovenian arrested in Ljubljana is alleged to have had its own ties with Veapi and to have been part of the Isis network in Europe. He is Zavbi Rok, who admitted that he fought in Syria but did not have ties to terrorist groups. He had been interrogated by the police in Slovenia and had returned back in free life some months ago, not having been proven hypothesis of war crimes against him. The newspapers had said that he had converted to Islam, fighting in Syria against the Assad regime. The man, who is a truck driver, was also followed by Ros Italian for fighter proselytizing suspicions with regard to relations with Veapi.....".

 It is difficult to understand the truth. But it seems that the Slovenians arrested the guy more for a bureucratic duty of obedience to an European order than for zeal:

Žavbi opposes extradition, since "he is a Slovenian citizen whose trial in Italy would not be fair".
Ljubljana / Rome, 05.09.2016, 19:47 | STA / M.M./N.Š.

On 5. May this year, the Slovenian police received notice that the Italian security authorities launched a European arrest warrant and the surrender of 26-year-old Slovenian citizen, and because of the suspicion of recruitment for the purpose of terrorism. The next day, the Ljubljana criminal police searched person has been arrested. Lawyer has confirmed that this is a Rocco Žavbija.....".

The Slovenian citizen, whose arrest by Slovenian authorities has been requested by the Italian ones, is not an immigrate who then got the citizenship, he is a true Slovenian. It seems that the reason for his conversion to Islam, after a youth which was the one of many Slovenians, was due to a failed love affair. This is also the reason why in Slovenia the perplexity about his extradition in Italy are increasing:

Disappointment in love and move to Islam

After high school Rok Žavbi continued his studies in Jesenice, where his parents rented a small apartment. There should be as naive rural young without experience, fell in love with one of the girls, but he was a disappointment and she reportedly also married soon, Rok then as frustrated young man came into contact with local extreme Islamists.

The idea of Islam was obviously attracted since he began vigorously to learn foreign languages, the first Hebrew, then Arabic, and shortly after that, without anybody from nearby shall give prior notice, Islam adopted for their faith.

Rok Žavbi must be exhibited as model of the people  to persecute in the society, and to bend to a program of psychological control by the incoming tyranny. I observed an incresing power of the psychologists withing the public administration, whith an increasing power to inquire on the personal private motivation of the behaviour of the public workers. Psychologists are today a surrogate of the Catholic Inquisitorial figures, and their power to enter without limits withing the private sphere of existence, the prelude of the Catholic attack against the faith of the Christians who doesn't bow down to the Catholic institution of the papacy.

It seems that the request of arrest of the SLOVENIAN citizen, emitted by the ITALIAN authorities, works on the occult frame of the Italian desire to put under her control the Balkans. Using the terrorist threat of ISIS, someone could think to force other countries to obey to other nations' legal systems and therefore to the finality of conquest behind such law systems. But to frame the question in the context of the old Italian imperialism over the Adriatic sea, it would be misleading. The true reasonment should start from the conclusion of the previous one, to find the true goal: the imposition in Europe of a dictatorial and semi-terroristic, a "democratic" terrorism, regime of military police.

But among the police forces investigating on the alleged Jihadists, there are also the Carabineers, and they are a military police which is a pillar of the incoming European army of military police, known under the name of:


Therefore all the pieces of the puzzle are now perfectly fitting one with the other. The role of Assad's regime could be central in the installation of a (Catholic-Fascist) military police regime in EU. You already know, surely, that Assad is (or was, we don't know now, but what matters is that he once was) member of the Roman Catholic.....

 .....Royal Order of Francis I.

Sunday, February 26, 2012
Are today Russian and Chinese the bayonets of the pope?

On the following post you can see also an interesting list of the kings of Europe under the charismatic influence of the pope of Rome:

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI , Bishop of Rome,
Supreme Primate of The Holy Roman Empire.
( Prince of The Holy Roman Empire )

Saturday, October 06, 2012
Giulio Terzi, knight of Roman Sacred Empire, and ITALIAN FOREIGN MINISTER: " The solution of the crisis gripping Syria cannot be else than political" [under SJ Dall'Oglio suggestion?]

Assad's regime (protected by Putin's and Ayatollahs' regimes) supplies the circles of Catholic power of EU with the desired "Islamic terrorism", in exchange they have the free ticket to do what they want, hidden by a curtain of fake sanctions and false accuses launched from EU and the White House, as curtain to hide the true business going on in the Western world: the building, slow but constant, of a police-military regime and correlated suppression of the fundamental liberties, first of all the one of expression. Final target: the suppression of the free reading of the Bible and of the same spreading of it, to be controlled in the future by the Catho-Orthodox religious military police (final phase of the kingdom of the Antichrist, started officially with Constantine in the fourth century AD).

Therefore it was necessary to start from the point where the old nationalist and ideological opposition are still alive, the Italian-Slovenian borders. Not because tomorrow  Italian paratroops will occupy the Slovenian government palace, but because the bending of this old heritage of conflicts in the name of a "common threat",  has to be a model to impose to all Europe, to every EU nation which still now opposes a military-police control from external and especially Catholic powers. The threat of ISIS and the charisma of the Man of Sin (the papacy) working together to Catholicize the EU.

 Here, give a look how Jesuit Stalin works together with the same Madonna of EUROGENDFOR [by C. Stiliyanov]:

понеделник, 9 май 2016 г.
Stalin icons

But if you are of Christ you have not to fear what is going on. This is precisely the coming of the End times and every one who is dead in this world and alive in GOD with Christ (Colossians, 3:4) cannot be afraid of the coming complete victory of the kingdom of earth, aka of the Antichrist of Rome. Before to be destroyed, the Antichrist and his Whore will brutally reign in the world. In the letter to the Romans Paul, inspired by the Holy Ghost, taught us to have no fear of the servants of the Devil that are trying to separate us from the love of Christ and God:
35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?
36 As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
Romans, ch. 8.

 *   *   *

It follows the second upgrade of the previous post, moved here:

Monday, May 9, 2016
CENOMAR 3 - the Antichrist, also in your phone
Edited 10 May 2016

?was I under surveillance of ITALIAN anti-terrorist services because I am believed (= they want so) to be part of ISIS???

10/05/2016 09:10 - 10th May 2016:
"Isis, caricatures of Obama and songs in some images found in mobile phones of one of those arrested appear a caricature of Barack Obama, extracted from a reworking of a widespread photograph on the web where the figure of the US president was accompanied by Isis' flags - in other images appear "Taliban militants in Baghlan province in Afghanistan" always found and removed from the network. Also in the mobile there were chants of preparation for martyrdom. But that's not all: "Inside of mobile phones - said the prosecutor Roberto Rossi - we found almost only photos where they were shown the port of Bari, the airport, the port of London, shopping centers, not as tourists, photo, photographs strung together take a strong meaning which is to verify sensitive targets, another element strong is that most of the evidence we have found in smartphones and electronic devices. ""
    10/05/2016 09:10TERROR AMONG USThey were planning attacks in Rome and London: two catches in BariThese are Afghan citizens. A third is wanted. In their mobile photos of Circus Maximus and the Colosseum

April 29 [2016] - The investigators of Digos [state police] and Ros [Carabineers or military police], coordinated by the prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli and by prosecutors and Francesco Enrico Pavone Cajani, are analyzing pc, smartphone and other seized computer equipment to 4 arrested in anti-terror raids yesterday in Lombardy which revealed projects of attacks on Roma by alleged jihadists linked ISIS.

"chants of preparation for martyrdom":

16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
Colossians, ch. 3.

ISIS is a creation of the FSB/GRU, and offered to the Western world governments as alibi to build dictatorships in the Western world. Then the Catholic church together with the Orthodox ones is using ISIS' terrorism to build the re-unification and dominate the world through a Catho-Orthodox empire, via those secular dictatorships (Catho-Fascists governments) arisen as reaction to "ISIS' terrorism". 

The final aim of this World government of the Devil is to suppress the Gospel of Christ Jesus the Lord Who, at the End, will come from heaven to crush all these lost damned souls and their Catholic kingdoms and empires, wherever they are, wherever they'll try to hide themselves.

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