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CENOMAR 3 - the Antichrist, also in your phone

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The first episode occured to me Friday, 6th May, yes, three, four days ago. Usually we talk by phone or Viber in morning. I called my wife with my phone as she was not on Viber. You can see it in "Luz- old Number" when I tried to call her three times without result at 05:09:

Above image - why the number of my wife, associated with "Luz - old Number", is not appeared when she called me, but it appeared strange unknown numbers as from Italy?
After being called, my wife called me. She used the usual phone with usual SIM card with usual old number. But on my phone it appeared well completely different numbers. Unknown numbers.

As I knew beforehand that in that moment she was in company with other family circle members, after the initial amazement I decided to consider she was calling me using the cell phones or smartphones of other relatives. But every time I answered to those strange numbers, which I considered simply coming from other  cell or smart phones with which my wife was calling me, the call stopped immediately, after 1 second or less. Only one call by my wife, appeared under an unknown number, could be sustained for well 18 seconds:

Above image - In one of those calls the line was not brutally interrupted after 1 second, but could be held for 18 seconds. What happened then?
"To whom were you answering in Italian ... 'pronto?.... pronto?... hello?'..." my wife asked me when later I could talk with her. Indeed when I received those calls with strange numbers I was still a little in doubt if to answer with "hello?" or "pronto?". But anyway, even if the phone number of my wife is totally different, she could hear me (but I could hear anything from the other side of my phone).
I asked her till the nausea if she used another cell or smart phone, she always denied. And I have no reason to not believe her. In any case she was in company with brothers, sisters, a family meeting whom members I saluted the previous days in phone. 
I called my telecom company (Wind) and repeated more time what happened because the operator could not understand because what happened is so freak that she never heard about. She closed the communication with no help, no suggestion for me. Just to "try again" and "I had to check the phone" or vague suggestions.
Sunday I tried an experiment with my wife. I transferred my SIM card to another smartphone:

Above image - on the right my Huawei, on the left Samsung. I transferred my SIM card from my Huawei to Samsung, repeating the calls

  .......and I repeated the calls to her. Result: the same. She was calling me and instead to appear the usual "Luz - old Number", associated to the number of the phone with which she was calling me, it appeared again one of those strange numbers of the previous days:

Above image - Sunday we decided to do telecommunication experiments. My wife calling me with the usual old SIM card and old number, which continued to be substituted on the receiving phone by one of those strange, unknown numbers. Here, also with Samsung phone. [the image comes from the video of the call. I did some video. I wish upload it on Youtube, but I want before see what my wife think about, if she agrees. I would not involve her with the Catho-Orthodox world intelligence circus]

The same SIM card, on both Huawei and Samsung, gave the same result. I called her many times also, using her old number identified on my phone as "Luz - old Number", and she then called me with the notice of my call, which appears on her phone under the label "Edoardo". Usually to me, instead her number, appear two different numbers. Sometime one of them, another time the other. Recently (this morning, Monday, 09th May), when she was calling me the number disappeared and appeared simply "Unknown" or "1". 
I forgot: I tried, Friday or Saturday, to call just the number you see in the above picture, ending with 0921, without international prefix for Italy (+39), therefore dialing it as it were an Italian number. Result: an operator telling me that the "at the moment the number is disconnected or out of area". Therefore that number exists. And in Italy.

A person from Philippines told me "don't worry",  that "it could be a method" to "monitor" potential communications between terrorists by the authorities of Philippines. But with numbers apparently coming from... Italy???
Just Saturday there was a giant meeting to set a new guinness record:

Davao City vies for the Guinness on simultaneous singing of national anthem
May 4, 2016 PNA

Davao City is all set for the simultaneous singing of national anthem, an attempt to break the Guinness world record currently held by Bangladesh.
From security arrangement, venue preparation, distribution of IDs to the deployment of vehicles to ferry participants to Crocodile Park are all set for the event dubbed: Most People Singing Simultaneously the National Anthem Entry to the Guinness Book of World Record.

The event, which will be held on May 7 at 5 p.m. in Crocodile Park, Maa, Diversion Road, targets to gather 300,000 participants in a single location. The current record held by Bangladesh last year was 264,000."

Rolando del Torchio, Italian former priest kidnapped by "Muslims" in the Southern Philippines, 7th Oct., was released just one month ago. (Dipolog, where he was kidnapped, is in  Mindanao, whose Davao City is where my wife is living) - but very few information about the nature of the kidnapping, the money given in exchange for the release etc.:

Abu Sayaf militants release former Italian priest Rolando Del Torchio from captivity in Philippines
Posted 9 Apr 2016, 8:20am
A retired Italian priest held hostage for six months by Islamist militants has left a Philippines hospital a day after his release, looking frail although officials say he is in good health.
The Italian was held captive by the Abu Sayyaf group after armed men snatched the then 56-year-old at gunpoint at his pizza restaurant in the southern city of Dipolog in October last year.

Saturday I wrote a comment to an Italian site dealing with phone interceptions and similar. They have not yet published it, presumably (as I read from the reply of the admin to another user who lamented his/her post not yet published) because they "are still evaluating the content of the comment". We'll see in the next days if they shall accept the publication.

A moment pls.... Someone calling me.... Hey, on my phone there's "Fr. Adolph Nicholas SJ"....
OK, just kidding. 

Have a nice night and GOD bless you.

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  1. It is crazy, but there still is a SMALL chance that it is a security issue/redirecting calls through italy or smth, but it doesnt appear to make any sense that callers out of country (out of the philippines) would be affected, not in this major way. Disturbing

    1. I believe it could be related to the attorney, who scientifically delayed our wedding without reasons, with a behavior who put my wife in depression. It could be an evidence of the fact that the attorney was simply a gear of something bigger(the Whore) which seeks to destroy our marriage.

    2. The attorney, see previous post:

    3. I think someone trying to push me to hate philippines, someone even from inside the same country, i think to the Jesuits' Geopolitic of Asia, where is ''the future of the church'' by Adolf Nicolas SJ.
      Philippines must be absorbed by China, which in her turn will check not-Catholic churches, as desired by the Jesuits. ''Westerners'' aka dangerous carriers of Protestantism and Baptism have to be kicked out, with a vague alibi of ''protection of our native culture which only the pope undrstand''.
      A sort of continuing Eurasianism of Dugin, only substituting Russia with China. All for the ''greatest glory of the papacy!''.