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CENOMAR 2 - Italian Media Mafia System


One of the typical ways the MAFIA-system controlling the sc  "Italian Republic", which has the task to build a nation-wide Jesuit Reducion or Second Pontificial state (as I started to name it in 2007 on the old Unhived Mind forum), is centered on the destruction of the persons and news considered dangerous for the Jesuit Catholic coupe d'etat in Italy. The technique is very simple: when it happens an event which can represent a sort of obstacle for the Long March of the Catholic coupe in Italy, suddenly it appears another event/news with a sign completely opposite, in order to neutralize the negative influx of the other event/news.

A pair of examples.
A week ago the war crime of Assad & Russia consisting in a final body-count of 200 victims as result of the bombing of a baby and kids -hospital in Aleppo.....

 Airstrike on MSF-backed Aleppo hospital kills patients and doctors
One of last paediatricians in rebel-held area of Syrian city among the dead, as UN envoy says ceasefire is now ‘barely alive’

Kareem Shaheen in Beirut and Ian Black
Thursday 28 April 2016 16.13 BST

.......was promptly countered in the Italian media information system, with the news of the arrest in Italy of pro-ISIS militants:

Rome in the viewfinder Isis
April 28, 2016 ©
Milan - The Vatican and the Israeli Embassy in Rome were the targets of a jihadist cell vanquished today between Lombardy and Piedmont. [Piedmont = traditional seat of Italian ancient Vaudoise communities] Men and women are ready to go to join ISIS in Syria, but that meanwhile were planning an attack on the Holy See and the Israeli diplomatic representative in the capital. Four arrests, all Moroccans Italian citizens, while two other suspects are at large in the Middle Eastern country stronghold of the Caliphate. To operate the ROS Carabinieri and Digos of Lecco, Varese, Milan, supported by the Central Service of the Antiterrorism DCPP / UCIGOS special branch officers.

28 April.... April 28. This is an evidence that the Italian Catholic governance is working in strict accord with Russian and Iran Assad's puppet regime. This is an heavy evidence, about their agreement;  the day when the news of the massacre by Assad (Russian?) air force on a pediatric hospital in Aleppo would have "broken the news", there suddenly appeared another news linked with the Syrian butcher-field, where the massacred rebels of Aleppo are presented as "evil terrorists" ready to "blow themselves in Italy among innocent Italians". A news of opposite moral sign whose mission is to give a "moral justification" to the mass-murder of children by the forces of Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria. 
After having heard the news of ISIS linked militants immigrated in Italy, and comparing it with the news of the massacre of hospital of Aleppo,  the Italian audience now is convinced that "Assad is good", and that  "it is OK to kill the terrorists from the cradle before they grow adult and kill us".... Didn't Catholic forces of the popes, butchered men, elders, women and children in their crusades against the Vaudoises in the Alps valleys?

This is simply the Roman Catholic mass psy manipulation of the society, in other terms the system of the Antichrist vomiting his corrupted poison in the minds and souls of Italians.  

Another example.
In October the Parliament was discussing the financial national law, and the labor union of the public administrative sector were voicing their protest in order to get an increase in the salary of the public employees.:

P.A .: reform the unions demand the renewal of state contracts
  by admin
October 6, 2015

The Secretariats Unitary the civil service of the CGIL, CISL and UIL have called for the immediate re-opening of the chapter concerning the renewal of contracts in the public service. According to the three confederations acronyms, in fact, the formal opening of the bargaining season in P.A. it should have already started, with the launch by the Executive that has become even more urgent after the Constitutional Court ruled, with its associated judgments, concerning the right to the exercise of bargaining in the public sector, in the implementation art. 39 of the Constitution.
You want to silence the ones asking the re-opening of dealing for a new contract in the public service? Simple. Slander all the public service employees as "criminal busybodies", and they will have all the nation against them. Look at the media-judicial-police trick the used a pair of weeks later:

CHRONICLE | Thursday, October 22, 2015, 13:41
Sanremo: Operation 'stakhanovites' of Finance Guard, a morning that the City recalls the 'nights' Casino
A difficult morning for Bellevue Palace in connection with an investigation that everyone knew but which was not discussed. The images have nailed employees. All the names of those arrested, the photos and videos that fit them.
But, life went on as if nothing had happened, although the financiers had put their cameras in strategic places and have begun to resume 'flaws' of an investigation that surely will go on for a long time for almost two years. For days, it is assumed that the raid should arrive at any moment and, this morning, was not so new. 40 cars and about 150 financiers to lay siege to the City and blindarlo. It is also touched upon the referral of a marriage but, in the end, common sense has prevailed.
Are 196 suspects, 43 affected by custody measures (35 under house arrest, 8 of them should go straight to the Judicial Police).  

Tens of public service employees of Sanremo, did not work, if not for themselves, but received the salary as they were present in the working place. This is a crime like to steal money. Immediately after the news appeared, the labor union with their request for a new contract went literally destroyed.
The public service is continually kept in a in-efficient condition. The recent Job Acts of Renzi government (it will be even worsened in the next future) has not the task, as hypocrite busybodies and thieves or naive people think, to improve the efficiency, but to create a MAFIA condition of the public service. Corruption continues, the inefficiency, harassment and stalking dramatically increased, but the true goal is to keep many future cases for scandals to be echoed by the media and to support the Jesuit politic of Renzi government in to suppress the last remaining rights in the country, among which,  the right to follow and to spread the Gospel of Christ is the first target in the Catholic and Jesuits' minds.  Like ISIS terrorism is the alibi to suppress the rights of the individual in the society with laws against the individual freedom, the "lazy and corrupted clerk" of the public service is the alibi to transform the public sector in a Labour Camp, in a Gulag to be used to reward with privileges and money the ones kneeling to the pope, and to punish with stalking and dismissal the ones resisting the dictatorship of Social Catholicism ("communitarianism"). 

So we analyzed two examples on how the information is manipulated in Italy. We are now arrived to the principal example. In the previous Upgrade

Edited: 05  May 2016

  there was discussed the apparition of Italy in a list of countries,  near countries where the freedom of speech and press usually is heavily persecuted. Many Italian journalists are killed, harassed, threatened by the Mafia and criminality,  which, as it is known, is only a tentacle of the Catholic occult governance of the Italian society. The remaining cases of persecution of freedom of speech are even not mentioned in the Amnesty report. But those persecuted journalists are a black spot on the false image of Italy which the Catholic government of Renzi want to impose in the international context. Something had to be done and indeed, meanwhile the Italian journalists appeared target of an occult dictatorship hidden under the labels of "criminality" and "Mafia", a "breaking news", of opposite moral signature, was released in order to continue the job of defamation and harrassment against those the same persecuted journalists - notice the date:

 World Day of Press Freedom: the black list. Bad Italy, worse Egypt
May 3, 2016 ore 21:19, Andrea Barcariol
We are at the 77th place in the international rankings on freedom of information. Nothing to celebrate, well, rather a profound reflection on our backwardness is needed to identify possible solutions.

Nothing to celebrate? No problem, there's a method to slander all those journalists, and all the other ones like the author of this blog, as "falsely reporting", as "liars", as "princes of self-victimization". Just give a look what happened in the media about a pair of days after the World Day of Press Freedom and its bad report on Italy:

 May 05, 2016 06:31
Extortion, investigated the journalist who was a paladin of antimafia [movement]
Notified the prohibition of residence in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani in the investigation that led to ten protective measures
 He would receive sums of money and benefits from Partinico Borgetto mayors and to avoid critical comments on the work of the municipalities. For this it is under investigation for extortion Pino Maniaci, a journalist Paladin antimafia & Program Director TV Telejato, in which he also ordered the prohibition of residence in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani.The measure he was notified yesterday morning in the investigation that led to ten protective measures, issued by the investigating magistrate of Palermo, at the request of the DDA, against members of the "family" of Borgetto Mafia.According to the indictment, Maniaci, he sought and obtained from Salvatore Lo Biundo, Mayor of Partinico, the city where the issuer is located, an intake for a friend. Favors, but also money, to maintain a "soft line" in his tg towards local administrators of the same Partinico, but also of Borgetto (Palermo).According to the investigating judge Fernando Sestito, Maniaci would create with his tv "a true" system of power. "The issuer mafia - writes in the order - was used only as a gear to increase his popularity and thus obtain personal gain." A witness, according to prosecutors in Palermo, there are the intercepts, that would ensure "not only the retaliatory power that the journalist was able to exercise with his television station, but the condition is the subordination of the local administrators" .Intercepted, with his interlocutors the Telejato director described himself as a "power", to the point of being able to "send home" the mayor, attacking him on TV, if that - he said - "it does not put the horns in place."And he does not skimp even insults to the president of the Council Matteo Renzi, who had called him on the phone to express his sympathy for the alleged threats received in 2014, after having denounced that unknown persons were killed and hanged her dogs. But, this time, would not have treated the intimidation by the mafia to kill the family dogs, they say the investigators, would have been the husband of his mistress.Maniaci has always rejected the accusations, saying that the investigation is "revenge" of the Prosecutor against him.
 Pino Maniaci was a member of the anti-Mafia movement. 
Now those journalists persecuted by Mafia, whom were quoted in the report of Amnesty International, are presented as "false" or at least "exaggerating the persecution" for "personal gain". Therefore "it is not true" that Italy is a bad country as regard the freedom of speech. This is a very refined backstab to the Amnesty report which opposes the false image of Italy abroad.
There's a wide spread, scientific, and religious at the same time (Catholic, as Catholicism as ever been the denial of the freedom of speech) warfare against the freedom of speech and press in Italy. The war is not pursued with traditional methods of the dictatorship regimes, but using the same civil rights. This was the core of the Catholic Licio Gelli's Rinascita Nazionale (National Rebirth) plot of P2: to use legality of the state of rights, to pursue criminal dictatorial goals.  This is exquisitely evil flour from the Jesuits' sack. Freedom of speech and press is presented, using a refined manipulation of the media, as a real and present danger against the only freedom allowed by the "communitarianism" (Social Catholicism) in this country: the freedom to pursue the personal gain in wealth and the pride. Because "God forgive everyone and everything" and we all will be saved together with Satan on Judgement day. This is the Devilish "gospel" of pope Francis SJ.

Just to point out how a global-wide warfare to suppress the free journalism, as intermediate target to destroy individual freedom of speech, (requisite for the spreading of the GOSPEL of Christ), is in motion today, look at what happened in Putin's Russia, on the same day of the World Day of Press Freedom:

Suspect Detained in Case of Murdered Moscow Journalist Rubtsov
    The Moscow Times
    May. 06 2016 11:30
    Last edited 11:30

Rubtsov, an editor at Natsionalnaya Sluzhba Novosti (NSN) — which prepares news content for radio stations — had been found murdered in his Moscow apartment, the news service reported Thursday.

The 35-year-old journalist was murdered on May 3. That same day, his mother found his body with multiple stab wounds when visiting her son for the May holidays.

While NSN did not link the murder to the professional activities of the journalist, they said that Rubtsov was "definitely killed by someone he knew, who he let into his apartment himself."

Don't worry. With Trump at the White House the religious end of the 1054 Schism will be implemented also in the political field, with EU-Russia empire. Catho-Orthodox world empire, which is the empire of Satan on earth headed by the bosses of all the Antichrists (the popes of Rome), could not survive without a total, deep suppression of the freedom of speech and the individual rights, because they are an unavoidable step to suppress the freedom to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The ones who are born again in Christ anyway, cannot be worried of frightened by the dark shadows of Satan now spreading all over a material world which will be soon or later disintegrated by GOD in the End Days judgement. But to rejoice because this is a sign that the End of Times is even more near.

So GOD will destroy this world which has been delivered in the pawns of the Devil and his human minions. But before to be delivered to the Eternal lake of fire, they will be obliged to bow they knee in front of the Lamb,  and confess Him as their Lord.

Monday, March 28, 2016


  1. Apparently it is easier to negate and discredit dissent, than to keep it hidden. kind of like when you let off a little steam from the kettle, for it not to explode (and you blow away the steam with a wave of your hand)

    1. These are largely soviet methods, of course more clandestine.

    2. Indeed the P2 of Licio Gelli was in good relations with the Communist regime of Ceausescu....