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Don't be diverted by the cases of journalists threatened to death by criminality, Mafia, Camorra, etc. Yes they are true cases, but they are only the top of the iceberg. The remaining part of the iceberg in ITALY is at best represented by the case of mobbing/harrassment/stalking/retaliation for the ones who are disturbing the building of the Jesuit Reducion called "Italian Republic". To expose the Catholicism and the pope as the true seat of the Antichrist and as the true Man of Sin , costed and costs me occult retaliations ("under the radar" but not so much "under") on my life, work, marriage etc.. Everything and everyone in Italy must be controlled by the Jesuits and by the Whore (Catholic church). No matters how much parties, ideologies, politicians, labor unions, quite even Protestant and Waldensians churches, etc., can appear far and even in opposition to the Catholic clergy, to the Vatican and the apparent Catholic church, in a way or other they are ALL tentacles of the Catholicism. 

Recently I visited an assembly of the trade labor union which now are all united to proclame a stake to renew the job contracts in the public administrative sector. The assembly was held at the Holy Mary Major church, because ALL trade labor union, from the atheist Marxist CGIL, to the traditional Catholic CISL, to the Socialist/liberal UIL, to the right-wing UGL, etc. etc. etc., are existing only thanks to the "grace" of the Jesuits, who are using the protest to spread their Catholic agenda, the Catholic coupe in Italy and EU. 

Remember that Catholicism is Manicheism, it fully rejects the word of GOD declared in the book of Genesis, where GOD tell us that it was man to let enter the sin and consequent death in the world. Catholicism, as demonstrated by her support to Evolutionism and her heresy about the Kingdom of GOD by the heretic priest of Rome believed to be the same material Catholic church,  opposes the world of GOD, and teach that the only evil is the one of refusing to make "better this world". Revolutions etc. are not used by the Whore, have always been promoted by her. GOD teaches us that sin entered in the world by man, Catholicism teaches us that man can defeat sin and death in the world. Man can be GOD. Why else the popes are infallible?

Therefore Communism, Fascism, Ecologism, etc. are the projection of Catholicism in the society, like the sun beam are reflected in their separate constituting colors by a prisma, the prism of the Devil.  

All this is wonderfully proved and confirmed by the increasing suppression of the Freedom of Speech in Italy. Catholicism, being the heresy suggested by  the Devil, believes that is knowledge to defeat sin and death in the world, and not GOD.  From this the anxiety and obsession to control ideas and knowledge, putting a strict censorship in the society. Catholicism is pure anti-GOD gospel, and her aim is to rebuild the Eden's garden. But we who are of Christ, we know that ideas and knowledge are less than nothing when outside of Christ and GOD who declared already the END of this world and the Judgement of it. GOD lets the Catholic church to grow in power and influence in this world already deemed to destruction, in order that ALL the evil in the world will attach himself to the Catholicism. Catholicism is the bait for the D-Evil, and when the Devil, his Demons and the billions of human minions will be spiritually gathered in the saint Peter's church, GOD will destroy her and them FOREVER.

 World Day of Press Freedom: the black list. Bad Italy, worse EgyptMay 3, 2016 ore 21:19, Andrea Barcariol
Press freedom is increasingly endangered. As reflected in the data. Even for this today, May 3, the National Federation of the Italian press with UsigRai, Articolo21, Reporters Sans Frontieres Italy, Amnesty International Italy have called for the World Day of Press Freedom. Because of the advance of terrorism and the rise of armed conflict information in certain places is primarily a means, a real instrument of war, used for propaganda and recruitment. Another problem the media more information in the hands of a few publishers.Only in Italy there are between "30 and 50 journalists" are under threat or intimidation for police protection, because the investigation of corruption and organized crime. Not only. We are at the 77th place in the international rankings on freedom of information. Nothing to celebrate, well, rather a profound reflection on our backwardness is needed to identify possible solutions.

 the report of reporters Without Borderspress freedom here is the 12 "bad" Italy to 77th place, Haiti better than usMany confirmations and some surprises in the ranking. Black shirt to the leaders, from Putin to the Russian China Xi. In our country, threats to journalists by organized crimeSara Gandolfishadow"An exceptional year for censorship" is the title of the last advertising campaign that Reporters Without Borders (RWB) launches on the occasion of World Day for Press Freedom, May 3rd. Parade with a glass in hand twelve world leaders, from Putin to the Egyptian Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who "celebrate their victory" on journalists uncomfortable.(...........)death threats
Scrolling down the 2016 list are many confirmations of obscurantism but also some surprises. Among these, Italy's position that only ranking the 77th out of 180, down as much as 4 steps compared to 2015. Worst of us, in the European Union, there is only Greece. Better than we [= Italians] do, however, stand out many
economically less developed states than us , such as Ghana (26th), Burkina Faso (42nd), Haiti (53 °), Serbia (59th), Senegal (65th) , Tanzania (71 °) and Nicaragua (75th). The report says in "the very disturbing level of violence against journalists (verbal or physical intimidation, death threats ...)" in Italy: "Those who investigate corruption or organized crime are the first to finish in the viewfinder" . But in the "Card" he is also quoted the Vatican State, where «is the justice that takes issue with the press, in the context of the Vatileaks scandal and Vatileaks 2".

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Roman Catholic church put on trial Italian journalists [don't fall in this Jesuitical trap]

 Edited: 26  April 2016 - B

 The city of Padova - Padua (see Edited: 25  April 2016 is in the region VENETO, whose head city is:


 In two hours car I can reach Venice, from my home (city of Trieste).
So, it is very clear to me that a Geo-political and and especially Geo-religious aspect of that city and region is involved in the continuing low intensity "under the radar" harassment I am submitted to (see Edited: 26 April 2016 - B).
For example I wrote some things about the historical role of Venice on the Geo-politic and -religion of the North Adriatic regions, many of those surely not in line with my actual standards and my today's Christian view, on the following blogs:

But there's no surprise that some problems are coming to me from a person from around Venice, a person who seems (as I shared this view with few other people agreeing with me) protected by some high echelons of the highest Italian institutions, or at least used by them also in this stalking against my person. Surely when this person will read these lines shall immediately recognize himself in this description.  

Then four years or five ago, I was contacted on the web by a Slovenian person, XY, who claimed to translate the KJB in Slovenian language, and invited me to a meeting with him and another certain person who earlier became famous in the old Unhived Mind forum (prior its suppression), if I remember well a certain Count Vivaldi who is from....


 It is not surprising to me hence, this swarming of Venice-based theories of conspiracies in the new Unhived Mind forum I  noticed that already years ago, and recently by a Finnish blogger was warned about (follow the discussion after this comment under this the same post):

  1. Craig Oxley has a new article where he says Venice created the reformation and that "New Venice" (Britain, City of London) rules, not the Vatican. He's also essentially pro-Catholic now, it seems. I think he's implying that "true Catholics" are actually Christian, or at least were before the Jesuits, created by the Venetians, infiltrated the church. Catholics against protestants would be divide and conquer warfare by the Venetians, as he sees it.

    He's also still very pro-Putin, thinks he should save the world, that's a big red flag.

    Here's the link:

In Italy the harassment, stalking, mobbing, persecution are rising, thanks to the ISIS' terrorism which is used to make appear every other crime,  persecution, oppression, etc. in ITALY, as "nuts" (excepts the ones which are central in the Gnostic Catholic manipulation of society for their high symbolic theological value, for example the persecution on gays or the discrimination against female gender) 
These are the Jesuits' methods implemented in their Jesuit Reductions of which Italy is becoming a nation-wide experiment. Noticeable that the Giulio Regeni murdered in Cairo last January, for which the Italian President Mattarella asked his US colleague Obama for an intervention in Egypt to press Al Sisi, was living not so far from my home:


Saturday, March 12, 2016
Italy-Iran agreement [25 miles from the town of Giulio Regeni]
  Edited: 26  April 2016 - A

 For the last section of road till my home I was followed by a cross-country vehicle whose plate was "PD", which is not Partito Democratico, but the city of PADOVA - PADUA, where is the hospital where my sister is now recovered (see previous editing).

A form of psychological intimidation?

 Edited: 25  April 2016

We discovered today that the copies of Annulment and Certificate of Finality - COF, of which are to be sent to NSO Manila, have not been certified by the LCR - Locar Cvil Register of the district Cotabato (whose court emitted the decree of annulment). Because the attorney didn't care to certificate them. BUT THE ATTORNEY DIDN'T TELL THAT THE COPIES WERE NOT CERTIFIED AND THEREFORE NOT LEGALIZED TO BE SENT TO NSO MANILA - WHY SHE KEPT IN SILENCE? WE PAID HER WELL 5,000 EUR.
So on 1st April, after being sent to Manila, the NSO Manila required the copies of Annulment and COF to be certified in LCR Cotabato, therefore the office of Manila sent the paper back and we lost another month. My wife has to go now to Cotabato to try to certificate the copies (a work that had to be done by the attorney or at least she had to warn us to do so).
Therefore i publish again the identity of the attorney (see below), because to fear "legal retaliation" now is like to fear that at the execution field they kill you with not disinfected sterilized bullets. 

[just another event: in a recent surgical intervention in the womb,  this week my sister got a sort of collateral damage and cannot use the muscles of a leg, therefore cannot walk and can move only with a wheel chair. I think it a significant timing for accident to me and my wife and my family.]

I believe that the attorney's open boycott, the mobbing/harassment on working place, troubles in families etc., are coordinated by the same religious (Catholic) hand. 

I was also banned from commenting on this blog:
But I know that God sees all.

 Edited: 06 April 2016

12 By Silvanus, a faithful brother unto you, as I suppose, I have written briefly, exhorting, and testifying that this is the true grace of God wherein ye stand.

 *   *   *

A revenge of the Whore who "sitteth on many waters" in this mess? Forget the errors, I had to put together the following words very fast. My wife abandoned the Catholic church to be baptized in May 2014 in a Baptist church, the same where I was baptized on May 2015. In Italy there are few Baptist churches. In my city Zero. I and my wife would be the first Baptists Christians of the city of Trieste.

Hello, the day after the meeting of my wife and Pastor together with the "attorney". I summon here a 2 years and half timeline

The attorney, in January 2014, after having received 5,000 eur promised the annulment decree in a range of time from six months to one year. But already in 2014, when asked or searched by phone, the attorney was not reachable, or rarely. She called my wife only to tell her that the "papers were not ready".

2015 Spring and wedding

Also in early 2015 the attorney nearly never answered to the worried calls of my wife. The COF was finally dated only in April 2015 , dated but NOT ISSUED.
So the events: In January 2015 the attorney promised again that the documents were soon to be achieved. Tired to wait in January 2015 we planned the wedding for June 2015 because the attorney promised CENOMAR before the wedding.
The COF was finally dated on April 23, 2015, but not yet issued. For mysterious reasons, continually presented by the attorney in the rare moments when my exasperated wife could reach her by phone, a chancellor of court or who knows forgot to put a signature, therefore even if dated 23 April, the COF was still missing on the day of weddin. With no one warning us about the importance of CENOMAR, we celebrated the wedding on 8th June. Suddenly after the wedding, the COF dated 23 April went finally issued on 22nd June, just the day before my wife's birthday and a six days after I came back in Italy.

2015 the missing registration at LCR

The attorne announced us that the papers were ready only a month after the wedding, on 13 July. One would imagine now that the attorney on the following day 14 July 2015 would have brought the papers in LCR for registration. False. On 1st April 2016, After a visit on the city hall and in LCR, my wife discovered that only on 29 October 2015 the papers were registered in LCR. The attorney explained the delayed registration with the (false?) alibi of a person, by her allegedly hired to register the paper, but the hired person mysteriously omitted to do his duty. But not only, the papers went, yes, registered on 29 October, (more than three months after the attorney's announcement that they were released on July 13th), but no one cared to send the paperwork in NSO Manila. My desperate wife asked the LCR to send the papers to NSO in Manila and paid for that [shipment; therefore the paperwork was sent to NSO Manila well] more than eight months after the day when the attorney announced their release (13 July 2015) [instead to be sent eight month before. No one would have sent those documents in Manila if my wife would have never visited LCR ].

Tuesday 5 April 2016, my wife met the attorney ONLY thanks to the intermediation of the pastor who celebrated our wedding. My wife didn't pronounce a word such anger and also depression caught her. Only the pastor talked with the attorney. He asked her "why you lied to Luz and Edoardo".
The attorney evidently tried to delay as much as possible our wedding. In early 2015, before the wedding, a sister of my wife even intervened by NBI – National Bureau of Investigation, cause the extremly absurd and suspicious behavior of the attorney who always denied herself at any call of my wife.
A friend of my wife now living in Spain, got the annulment and COF in two months with 3,000 Eur. We were cheated, but not for money. I believe a case of religious discrimination. If the papers arrived at the normal legal time and the proceeding would have not been delayed/damaged, probably now my wife could be here with me in Italy. Instead of this we have to find extra money for another extra travel, in order to sign a new marriage contract in the city hall, to then come again soon back in Italy and to wait the marriage contract in Manila processed in order to get the Red Ribbon. My finances cannot allow to me months of holydays in the Philippines.
Feel free to use and publish or spread the material I sent to you.

 Edited 25 April 2016:  I PUBLISHED again  the identity of the attorney because we discovered she also didn't care to certify the copies of ANNULMENT and CERTIFICATE OF FINALITY:

The "attorney":

Cabarroguis Law Firm
University of Mindanao, Davao City
Holy Cross of Matanao
*   *   *

Pray without ceasing.
18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


 Edited: 04 April 2016

the "1260" editing.

Above image - I m sorry the software or lenses of the smartphone can change the colors (the numbers are uniformely red). The van in a place where I could NOT avoid to see it. Happened this morning (Monday, 04 April 2016). Every allusion to the "a time, and times, and half a time" is purely coincidental.

"We believe therefore that this 1,260 year period is that which John foresaw in Revelation 12:15 when the “the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood (potamon, ποταμόν) after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood (potamophorēton, ποταμοφόρητον).” But “to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent” (Revelation 12:14)."
From the blog:


Post Subject: How long is valid the Legal Capacity? Today at 12:16 pm

Good morning. May 2015 I got the Legal Capacity to enter into marriage, [from Italian] embassy consular office in Manila. But it has not yet been used for delay problems of other documents (see below). What is the term of validity of a Legal Capacity released by the Consular Office of the Italian Embassy?Thanks for a possible answer.edoardo


In January 2015 2014, through a lawyer in Davao City, part of the procedure for the annulment of the marriage of the person who later I married in June 2015 (only in church and in front of dozens of witnesses) in Davao. The cancellation of my wife's [previous] wedding did take  very long before to  arrive, virtually from beginning 2014 until July 2015, one month * after * our formal wedding with pastor . The lawyer promised us that the CENOMAR to be issued as a result of the annulment [of previous marriage], would arrive by 2015, but today, ten months after the marriage, has not yet arrived. For this reason, when it will arrive  (CENOMAR has a deadline of six months) I'll have to redo the Legal Capacity, in order the marriage contract is finally signed by the officiant [pastor] and registered at city hall / town / registry office in Davao City?

*   *   *

MessaggioOggetto: Per quanto tempo è valido il Legal Capacity?   Oggi a 12:16 pm

Buongiorno. Maggio 2015 ho ottenuto il Legal Capacity per poter contrarre matrimonio, all'ufficio consolare dell'ambasciata a Manila. Ma non è stato ancora utilizzato per problemi di ritardo di altri documenti (vedi sotto). Qual'è il termine di validità di un Legal Capacity rilasciato dall'ufficio consolare dell'ambasciata italiana?
Grazie per una eventuale risposta.

Nel gennaio del 2015, mediante un avvocato di Davao City, parte la procedura per ottenere l'annullamento del matrimonio della persona che in seguito ho sposato in giugno 2015 (soltanto con rito religioso e davanti a decine di testimoni) a Davao. L'annullamento del matrimonio di mia moglie ci ha messo molto prima di arrivare, praticamente tutto il 2014 sino a luglio 2015, un mese *dopo* il nostro matrimonio formale mediante pastore. L'avvocato ci promise che il CENOMAR emesso in conseguenza dell'ottenuto annullamento, sarebbe arrivato entro il 2015, ma tutt'oggi, dieci mesi dopo il matrimonio, non è ancora arrivato. Per questo motivo, quando arriverà (ha una scadenza di sei mesi) dovrò rifare il Legal Capacity, affinchè il contratto di matrimonio sia finalmente firmato dall'officiante e registrato al city hall/comune/anagrafe di Davao City?


After having published some posts about Jobs Act, approved by the center-left junta in Rome:

Monday, February 15, 2016
Italy: Matteo Renzi's Jobs Act and Jesuitical Catholic communitarianism

.... I found this news about the mobbing laws:

Antimobbing "teams" are born
The junta Serracchiani strengthen against harassment in the workplace by establishing pool of lawyers, psychologists and job's medicine  - by Marco Ballico

Tags mobbing region fvg
March 27, 2016

President of Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where I m living, is Serracchiani, a strict collaborator of prime minister Matteo Renzi. 
Notwithstanding the Democratic Party is doing a lot of warm ideological campaigns about "rights of women", for "gays' adoption" etc., it completely forgot the so praised "human rights" on the working place, trying to put a medicated plaster on it made by local laws and regulations, instead to regulate the matter with a true national law approved by the Parliament. Everyone of her Democratic Party,  would refuse to regulate the question of the "parity gender" with local regulations instead of a national law.

But also this is part of the End Time age.

Timothy Kaufman probably has the most exact key for the 1260 years. Some say they start with 70 AD, other from Charlemagne in 800 AD (the second as importance key), the apparent problem with T. Kaufman is that making to end the persecution of the Dragon in 1655, we have no explanation for the orgy of blood for example of the Second Thirty Years war (1915 - 1945). But we are not forced to assume that the Dragon ceased the persecutions against the seed, the Christians, at the opposite:

Tim starts the 1260 year period at 395AD and completes it in 1655AD when “when the Waldensians were finally extricated from their refuge and dispersed throughout Europe.”
As just something interesting of note is that the 1655AD period of 1260 years as an ending date, brings another 30 years to 1685AD and plus another 45 years to 1730AD.
We believe therefore that this 1,260 year period is that which John foresaw in Revelation 12:15 when the “the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood (potamon, ποταμόν) after the woman that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood (potamophorēton, ποταμοφόρητον).” But “to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent” (Revelation 12:14).
The Fifth Empire (part 3)

Therefore if the woman -  the church of GOD - was protected in 1260 years from the wrath of Satan represented by the Catholic church, it doesn't mean that after that time the persecutions ceased. They changed the persecutors. Modern age saw the rising of Fascism and Communism, two form of disguised Catholic Inquisition. Today the Communitarianism and its thousands faces painted with  "human rights", with which the social mobbing is performed and disguised. The final verse of Revelation 12, put it clear, and what is happening in my life to me and my wife, married with Baptist rite - not much different of the one of  Vaudoises (and Bogomils, etc.) thousand years ago - in Davao City June 8, 2015, are a perfect consequence of that:

17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Revelation, 12.

Saturday, March 26, 2016
Roman Catholic Fathers justifying the Islamic terrorism


  1. Bro I hope and pray the document mess is solved in the end.

    1. Thanks bro, anyway always the will of GOD
      free-willism today see only Ephesians 3:20 as assurance that the sojourn on this world will ever be succesfull and without persecutions.
      Practically another type of Kingdom of the Earth, in Evangelical/Protestant/Baptist sauce. "It easy to be saved" also from the "problems" aka persecutions. If I tell this to an average Bible Believer he with disdain says "hope in GOD" and tell me Ephesians 3:20.
      Persecutions are swept under the carpet, by the evangelicals. 2 Thessalonians 1:4-5 on the persecutions as manifest token of GOD are forgotten, to live in a sort of "paradise on earth" has become the "manifest token", another version of the Kingdom of Antichrist.

    2. Yes, actually perseverance is a grace that distinguishes true believers (Rev 12:11). We are inclined to cower in the flesh, but FINALLY all true believers will profess jesus, even under threat.

    3. If you reject persecutions OR the reality of persecutions in your brethren in the world (1 Pet 5:9), you reject your brothers, you further throw away the cross of Christ AND you reject the kingdom of Satan, which is the easiest route to becoming a part of it.

    4. I post here your comments under your video

      The "accept Jesus" formula and false converts case you decide to remove the video, because they are very much important.

    5. Христо Стилиянов1 day ago (edited)
      +Edoardo Roncelli Limited atonement and predestination is a thorn in the back of Rome, because it practically exludes the possibility of a world-wide church, not in the gospel sense of "saved from all nations", but every literal human being born being a member of it and subject to it, which implies being subject in the kingdom of God, as the Church is the kingdom. When Jesus said that His kingdom is not of this world, the second implication was that it will be a "little flock", as a stranger in a distant land is always a minority. (sojourner) The jews were clearly a minority in Egypt, which could at that ime have had 5-10 million people, probably more. So with "israel of the alps", surrounded by rabid catholics all over the place. And the Dragon is greater than the woman, as the body of antichrist (the giants) is larger than the body of Christ in every respect (Psalm 73; Genesis 6:1-5)

    6. Христо Стилиянов1 day ago (edited)
      +Edoardo Roncelli Furthermore, remember that God "prepared a fish" for Jonah, and that fish was large enough to swallow him whole. Therefore antichrist does not have difficulty in physically assaulting the church. If one is to be surrounded, the surrounders must outnumber the surrounded (sheep among wolves). God has provided the Antichrist with offspring (Job 21:10) and Christ in the same vein promised a provision of persecutors (Mark 10:30) . Satan knows this and the catholic church is "pro-life" to make her bastard sons as the sands of the sea, like the canaanites. It is a special dispensation for the purpose of Gods glory, whereas other enemies of God are cursed with death and childlesness by their own ignorance (abortionists, gays, feminists). The gnostics of old didn't procreate (considered the flesh abominable/monks) but they needed labourers for their cult and thats how the celibate priesthood/laity came into being.

      There has to be a "seed of the serpent" to the end of the world, when he is chained (Rev 20:1-3) this alone contradicts universal salvation/christ dying for all.

    7. The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review
      ... annexing the letter which had been written by Rabanus Maurus to Notting, of Verona. But the archbishop Amulo died about this time, (A. D. 853) and his successor ... All heretics had heretofore been overcome and convicted by reason.

    8. Gottschalk preching in Italy at the basis of Eastern Alp (also in my region Friuli V.G.), then Noricum (about Austria), then Dalmatia (strong seat not only of Bogomils, but also Vaudoises):

      "Between 835 and 840 Gottschalk was ordained priest, without the knowledge of his bishop, by Rigbold, chorepiscopus of Reims. Before 840, deserting his monastery, he went to Italy, preached there his doctrine of double predestination, and entered into relations with Notting, bishop of Verona, and Eberhard, margrave of Friuli.

      "Driven from Italy through the influence of Hrabanus Maurus, now archbishop of Mainz, who wrote two violent letters to Notting and Eberhard, he travelled through Dalmatia, Pannonia and Noricum, but continued preaching and writing."

    9. From

      He began where Augustin ended. To employ a later (Calvinistic) terminology, he was a supralapsarian rather than an infralapsarian. He held a two-fold predestination of the elect to salvation, and of the reprobate to perdition; not in the sense of two separate predestinations, but one predestination with two sides (gemina, i.e. bipartita), a positive side (election) and a negative side (reprobation). He could not conceive of the one without the other; but he did not teach a predestination of the sinner to sin, which would make God the author of sin. In this respect he was misrepresented by Rabanus Maurus.683 In his shorter Confession from his prison, he says: “I believe and confess that God foreknew and foreordained the holy angels and elect men to UNMERITED eternal life, but that he equally (pariter) foreordained the devil with his host and with all reprobate men, on account of their foreseen future evil deeds, by a just judgment, to merited eternal death.”

      Gottschalk is also charged by his opponents with slighting the church and the sacraments, and confining the effect of baptism and the eucharist to the elect. This would be consistent with his theory. He is said to have agreed with his friend Ratramnus in rejecting the doctrine of transubstantiation. Augustin certainly did not teach transubstantiation, but he checked the logical tendency of Predestinarianism by the Catholic doctrine of baptismal regeneration, and of the visible historical church as the mediatrix of salvation.

      The two parties came to a sort of agreement at the National Synod of France held at Toucy, near Toul, in October, 860, in presence of the Emperor, Charles the Bald, King Lothaire II., and Charles of Provence, and the bishops of fourteen ecclesiastical provinces.690 Hincmar was the leading man, and composed the synodical letter. He still maintained his four propositions, but cleared himself of the suspicion of Semi-Pelagianism. The first part of the synodical letter, addressed to all the faithful, gives a summary of Christian doctrine, and asserts that nothing can happen in heaven and earth without the will or permission of God; that he would have all men to be saved and none lost; that he did not deprive man after the fall of free will, but heals and supports it by grace; that Christ died on the cross for all men; that in the end all the predestinated who are now scattered in the massa perditionis, will be gathered into the fulness of the eternal church in heaven. Here ended the controversy. It was a defeat of predestinarianism in its rigorous form and a substantial victory of Semi-Augustinianism, which is almost identical with Semi-Pelagianism except that it gives greater prominence to divine grace. Practically, even this difference disappeared. The mediaeval church needed the doctrine of free will and of universal call, as a basis for maintaining the moral responsibility, the guilt and merit of man, and as a support to the sacerdotal and sacramental mediation of salvation; while the strict predestinarian system, which unalterably determines the eternal fate of every soul by a pre-temporal or ante-mundane decree, seemed in its logical consequences to neutralize the appeal to the conscience of the sinner, to cut off the powerful inducement of merit and reward, to limit the efficacy of the sacraments to the elect, and to weaken the hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

    10. ".in case you decide to remove the video, because they are very much important."

      No, this video is good, for my speaking standards .....

    11. "Bro I hope and pray the document mess is solved in the end. "

      Attorney one day says "maybe arrived" then the days after no call nothing. Continually hot/cold showers, since July/August 2015. In an US forum i read that the CENOMAR is issued within ONE month after annulment, not nine or ten...
      Actually my wife is depressed, cry often, in bad conditions. Imagine your wife in an Island lost in the middle of the Ocean on the other side of the planet, you cannot reach her nor save her.

    12. One Italian forum, specialized in marriages with mixed couples (foreign/national), a forum which at the moment I don't mention, the top forum in Italy, the principal forum in Italy, is managed/directed by a person (whom I don't name here), an attorney, lawyer, a specialist, which is a warm fan of Putin and related Putin's Russia, and SPREADS the propaganda of the Italian "alternative" sites whose flag is "down with USA!", or "down with Israel!"....

      I tell you this just you can delineate what means to live in Italy, aka the "inclusive", communitarian Kingdom of the Antichrist.

    13. Troublesome. I have formed a negative perception of italians, of course not only through your testimonies and anecdotes, but other second hand experiences. But surely, if i were to live there id see some positive side, small as it may be... WIth bulgarians we have the problem of distrust and apathy. So severe that people are inapproachable, unless for shady business. A graveyard, to be precise. Nothing major happens, nothing constructive, even in the realm of wickedness. Lifeless place

    14. I see some similarity between jews and bulgarians - greed, cunning, apathy, paranoia about being hated/persecuted (in our cases unsubstantiated), complete indifference to the gospel

    15. "complete indifference to the gospel"

      You're lucky, in Italy there's a lot of hate and hostility to the preach of the gospel. You are labelled and stigmatized if you are "one of them", "are you Jeovah's witness" they ask you (when they are not hostile).
      If work in a large public administration, I speak here just as fantasist hypothesis, they surround you with people hating the gospel, whose psychological profile match the opposite of your (searching incompatibility).
      If - I always speak here with the immagination - in the eighties you were a person who promoted some inititatives with Anarchists and antifascists (squatting), especially against the anti-Slovenian hatred, after 25 years astoundingly the put in job near you the same Fascist punchers who were controlling your 25 old anti-Fascist initiatives. And bosses of far right wing.
      Of course any coincidence with real facts is purely coincidental and not wanted.
      Italy is in its core a Catholic-terrorist country.

      BTW: we paid that attorney in Davao C. 5,000 Eur. In Nov. 2013.

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. The annulment process of previous marriage was started by the attorney in a court of Mindanao, Cotabato, from where in the previous years, so told the clerk to my wife, ALL annulments were refused for approval in Manila NSO, except ONLY ONE.
      Practically the attorney sent the documents in a court from where all (except a single one) decrees are then refused by the central government.
      Not only. The decree from Cotabato court was released on April 2015. Instead to go in the same month in LCR office in Davao, to registration, the attorney mysteriously waited well 6 (six) month, bringing the annulment in LCR in October 29. And when the "attorney" finally filed the annulment in LCR in October, still mysteriously omitted to ask the same LCR to send the registration in Manila NSO in order to get the annulment approved.
      In the worst scenario, we paid 5,000 Eur in order to remain in the same condition of August 2013, but fooling us for three years.
      The attorney was suggested by a friend of a sister of my wife (by a secretary of an attorney not authorized to deal weddings/marriages, who allegedly suggested the attorney who caused this mess). I don't believe the sister involved in any boycott of us, at the opposite, the sister was very happy of our wedding and always at disposition to help. The boycott came from outside, from those high palaces, filled with spiritual wickedness of the Antichrist and Satan.
      My wife did yesterday 1st April what the attorney should have already done on April 2015 (or at least 29 October 2015, day on the document filed at LCR of Davao City). A pure formality and some pesos to pay. My wife was told by the clerck that only in eight months we will know if the annulment was approved or not by NSO Manila.
      You can guess how we are living these moments now.

  2. Here how disable people used as allegory of the inclusion in the Kingdom of Earth (of Antichrist):

    "intellectual disabilities, for Mattarella the real challenge is "social inclusion"
    30 March 2016 15:45, Americo Mascarucci
    It was held at the Quirinal Palace this morning with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the celebration of the National Day of Persons with intellectual disabilities.
    Day, organized by the Presidency of the Republic in cooperation with the Federations Fish (Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicaps) and Fand (Federation of National Associations of Persons with Disabilities) and with the Association Onlus Anffas (National Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Families / or Relational), Angsa Onlus (national Association of Parents of Autistic Subjects) and AIPD Onlus (Italian Association of People Down), the most representative at national level of intellectual disability, had intended to put the spotlight on the living conditions, opportunities and rights, but also discrimination that concern in our country more than 2 million people.
    "The inclusion of those in need is a social force multiplier - said the President Mattarella - Intellectual disability is a particularly insidious source of suffering and marginalization. It is in size, including 65% of disability as a whole . it is, by its nature, uncertain and sometimes hidden, that ends up strengthening the prejudices and problems often it makes the diagnosis and therapeutic programs. Many steps have been taken from psychology, pedagogy, medical science, against whom good to always have confidence. Today we have more tools and knowledge to help our kids.
    Winning the isolation is the first step to set off on the path of inclusion, more effectively."

    1. "intellectual disabilities, for Mattarella the real challenge is "social inclusion"
      READ: the "intellectual" is a category supplanting/allegorizing the spiritual sphere.
      "Disabilities" is allegorically alluded to the Christianity refusing the pope as proper "God on earth".
      "social inclusion" is very easy to be decrypted as the Kingdom of Earth of the Antichrist, the Beast compelling (yesterday with the butchery against Vaudoises and Bogomils) today with the Communitarianism every individual to bow down to the idol of the society and elect it as the only material body of which to be member, whose head is the pope alias Antichrist/Man of Sin, in open opposition to the body of the Christ the true church of GOD of the ones who has only Christ as king.

    2. "..........Intellectual disability is a particularly insidious source of suffering and marginalization. It is in size, including 65% of disability as a whole ."
      READ: "65%" as allegory of the reversal of "95", the 95 Thesis of M. Luther.

    3. Who are representing disable people, especially the ones who are born in such condition? To be born disable it means - in the Catholic allegory - that you have something which has not been obtained from a work, from the FREE-WILL of any human on earth. Genes works (for the evolutionist science) without GOD's conscience/superior finality . Therefore a disable person incarnate allegorically the predestination and the grace given by GOD as gift to obtain which the human works and merits and free-will are totally useless.
      In the Catholic allegory, disable, Down people becomes a mocking of the one saved by ANY merit - if not by faith:

      5 Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.

      6 And if by grace, then is it no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be of works, then is it no more grace: otherwise work is no more work.
      Romans, 11.

    4. Indeed what says again the author of the article?
      "Many steps have been made by psychology, pedagogy, medical science, for which you should always have confidence. Today we have more tools and knowledge to help our kids. Many good practices have been tried and have open roads that can usefully be traveled. But there is much still to be done. Together"

      You have in front of your eyes.
      "Many steps have been made by psychology, pedagogy, medical science,", are the allegory of the works, of the free-will, of the merit obtained by the "short hands of men" (M. Luther).
      This Catholic-Gnostic free-will, will "correct" the "monstruosity" created by the unilateral not-merited gift of GOD - the grace obtained by faith and predestination and slanderous mocked in the allegory of the disable people (born in a wretched condition "without reason", "without merit").

    5. Bro, this is a good finding. Unmerited election in the heavenly realm, we know from the bible, is sometimes countenanced by a earthly lowliness in every frame of one's existence. i.e " the poor "; " the afflicted " " the sick " , the election concerning persons of such constitution or position

    6. "Many good practices have been tried and have open roads that can usefully be traveled. But there is much still to be done. Together"

      a collage of a torture chambers and christian "retards" is fitting.

      Please recall the words of jesuit educated and handled Trump (even if a programmed-to-fall archon), that we must go beyond waterboarding in torturing terrorists


      Donald Trump: I'd bring back 'a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding'

    7. Bro i just realised the catholic concept of synergism (man FREELY cooperating with God) is devised by Satan to create sock puppets of his own, that believe to be cooperating with God

      1 Cathorthodox and others believe they cooperate with the grace of God, but in reality cooperate with Satan, because he is a master of the flesh and creator of Sin

      2 In the attempt to "cooperate" with believers, children from above, the cathorthodox create friction/torture, because God maintains His own and His word, the commandments contrary to the Devil's in them


    8. "Many good practices have been tried But there is much still to be done"

      "a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding"

    9. The future torture chambers of cathorthodoxy may have its "virgin voyage" with the deluded islamic terrorists, before we are handed over.

    10. ''a collage of a torture chambers and christian "retards" is fitting.''

      this also a very important association, thanks bro, it didn t come in my mind before

    11. ''The future torture chambers of cathorthodoxy may have its "virgin voyage" with the deluded islamic terrorists, before we are handed over.''

      Exactly. Putin, Trump etc, are only the troy horses to restore, at least partially, the ''good old'' Catholic Inquisition.
      I think God will allow this near the very last times, to show to all world the true bloody face of the Whore who ''sitteth on many waters''.
      I pray God to give me the strenght to honor Him through future coming possible martyrdom.
      What i am submitted to at the present time, is only the beginning.

    12. ... and always the will of God, not mine.

    13. Dinosaurs etc video

    14. Bro, I m very happy again to see the old themes we discussed in 2013, about dinosaurus etc, unfortunately i have to suspend all my activity till i will know if 3 years of our lives have been wasted cause a person who could have faked documents for our wedding, but only now i and my wife are start to realize.

    15. this is a horrible prospect. Is that the attorney? they must take responsibility (at least)

    16. "this is a horrible prospect."

      I want to wait Monday, because things are turning so bad that at the moment she could be still married with the monster of before and both an adulterous couple. The attorney a total fraud. But I want to held my tongue till Monday, to see if not all is lost.
      Thank you bro for your care.

    17. ''"Many good practices have been tried But there is much still to be done"
      "a hell of a lot worse than waterboarding"

      I with my wife are an example of their testing the new Inquisition, in Italy mobbing and stasi zersetzung, in the Philippines destruction of the wedding.
      Always for the sake of the papacy of course

    18. Definitively. Kremlin & Assad are supplying the Western world with the useful ''terrorist islamic threat'', which is an alibi to rise the Communitarianism tyranny in the Western world.
      The travel of Renzi in USA symbolizes the ''common war on terror'', which is only the troy horse for the war against the individual in the society, as ''born enemy of Communitarianism'', which is the secular appearance of social Catholicism.
      Thank to the orror of ISIS, every harrasment, mobbing, persecution, in the Western world appear as a ''legitimate governance'' of the society. Always for... '' the highest glory of the papacy!'' Antichrist Kingdom)t

  3. a new post (i post here in comments as it seems the blog roll list isn't working):

    Saturday, April 2, 2016

    Predestination is of GOD, Predestinarianism is of the Devil

    1. Saturday, April 2, 2016
      Predestination is of GOD, Predestinarianism is of the Devil

      Can you say if you will be saved 100% for sure? If yes, then the warning of Christ to be "always ready" (Luke 12:40) are of no use. Who cares when the Lord comes if I know 100% to be saved? And also the Final Judgement is of no use for the self-claiming 100% saved. You are already judged when you are saved in this perspective.

      Well, if I am not permitted to know "when the Lord will come", in order to not allow myself to be ready just the day before (in the greatest hypocrisy), I can well think to bypass this problem, declaring myself "100% predestinated to salvation". Who cares then about the hour X ???

      Therefore GOD really knows everything and causes everything to happen, the salvation/eternal-damnation of everyone, even this post and its errors. But we are NOT God and therefore we cannot say what only God can say, we cannot attribute to us His features. We are created by Him, not creators.
      Many Predestinarianists will end in the Lake of Fire after having been 100% sure in their earthly life about their "predestination to heaven". And many free-willers will be confirmed at the Judgement Day in being adopted by GOD through Jesus Christ. I say this because in many cases I perceived the arguments of Predestinarianism as a curtain to hide a great lack of love and empathy for the neighbor. Nazis for example believed to be "predestinated to rule the human race". To be Predestinarian is an easy way to bypass the neighbor and to hide a proper incapability to feel love:

      Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.
      1 Corinthians 13:1

      With the most of probability, Predestinarianism has been developed by mind deeply affected by the Catholic theology, and with such lenses the simple, pure Christian doctrine of Vaudoises was interpreted, deforming it following wrong mind schemes printed in the minds of scholars coming from decades of Catholic brainwash. Calvin was one of them, as much Luther who grasped the Only Faith in Only Jesus doctrine from the "anabaptists" i.e. Vaudoises and Bogomils. They grasped the pure Gospel of the Vaudoises (and Bogomils, and etc.) to then transform it in a dead cold gear wheel of their theological machinations.

      Vaudoises were NOT "Calvinists". At the opposite, Calvin and Luther were the good-willing embalmer of their Apostolic living doctrine.

      Monday, March 28, 2016

    2. I do not understand what you are getting at. Ill ask you this

      1. If the believers are "chosen and faithful" in what way are they chosen

      2. Did Gottschalk preach grace opposed to merits, when he toured the balkans, out of hypocrisy and indifference? Why did the jesuits oppose him in writing so fervently? Why is their activity mostly aimed at undermining dutch and english protestantism, characterized by calvinism?

      3. Are the ancient creeds of the Waldenses, in which expressions of predestination are contained, fabricated? Why did Beza, the most predestinarian theologian, consider many anabaptists and waldenses fellow-labourers, when he was vehemently opposed to free-willism?

      4. Did William Carey, the calvinist father of missions, preach the gospel to lands far away out of hypocrisy? Or did Spurgeon and the like preach out of vainglory?

      5. Can anyone serve God without being sure of his own salvation?

      6. If you are so focused on love, why do you call asteroids on your fellow countrymen, who are under the oppression of the pope, whatever their character may be?

    3. I admit thoughts of the 6 myself. Yet my love has not diminished. I will ask and answer one more:
      I add 7

      7. How did Paul in one breath mention his desire for the salvation of Israel and the predestination of the promised seeds in Romans 9?

      A: He accepted God's will

    4. Predestinarianism and Predestination.

      Predestination for example is the one who goes to South claiming to meet the North Pole: they are predestinated to fall (Catholic doctrine etc.)

      The ones who go to North in order to meet the North Pole are divided in two: the Predestinarians who claims they are predestinated infallibly to meet the North Pole, and the one who claim not to be predestinated to meet the North Pole, because they could meet Groenland or Alaska or Norway but it not yet the North Pole.

      As for William Carey - for example - only God knows.

    5. To be sure of the proper salvation is essential, no more or less like to be sure that to meet the North Pole you have to go forward North. Never make the error to think that God gives with the grace a sort of divine power to us, to know the future. Why else the warning of the Lord to continually watch? Was he referring to the lost ones or to the saved ones?

    6. Nobody can know the future. Yet we know the eternal will of God towards us for salvation, if we have God's love and God's grace manifesting in patience etc. Thats why we can WRESTLE with God in prayer and have FREE WORDING in our prayers, because we have reached the throne with Christ as our mediator and the Holy Spirit our guide

      19 And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before him.

      21 Beloved, if our heart condemn us not, then have we confidence toward God.


      As for the waiting for the hour. Well, that can be interpreted that you should live "as it becometh the gospel of Christ" " pass the time of your sojourning here in fear:" etc passages , with godly fear as to a demanding father, who is about to return, or to a brother, whom we should meet in hospitality and gladness, not shame, or to a master, who has given us task to perform, but to whom we are also adopted and will not leave the house. Those servants who will be "cut asunder" or "cast out into outer darkness" those only had the "show of godliness", "seemeth to have" some kind of service, "profess to know Him" but as we all know, even witches and diviners can serve and show the way of salvation (Act 16:17) and nevertheless be unknown by God (Matt 7:20-25)

    7. Predestinarianism and Predestination.

      Predestination for example is the one who goes to South claiming to meet the North Pole: they are predestinated to fall (Catholic doctrine etc.)

      The ones who go to North in order to meet the North Pole are divided in two: the Predestinarians who claims they are predestinated infallibly to meet the North Pole, and the one who claim not to be predestinated to meet the North Pole, because they could meet Groenland or Alaska or Norway but it not yet the North Pole.

      As for William Carey - for example - only God knows.


      I agree with the first part of your claim. Believing to be predestined doesnt mean a thing by itself. But believing to be predestined with the predestined Son of God, who predeterminatelly died for your sin, then you are on target.

    8. You are correct about the uselessness of the teaching in thin air or in the context of other bad principles of catholicism and protestantism, but you seem to undervalue the teaching or dismiss it altogether. Sure, those who believe to be predestined and yet are in the paws of Satan are a proof of satanic delusion, which cements the brain an imprint of false hope.

    9. I told you, its hard on the flesh. The flesh, even in a christian, believes it will be spared somehow and latches onto everything that speaks "mercy, mercy, mercy" Your culture proves that. God doesn't want everything to be saved. He withheld some grace from angels, who fell, yet we read of "elect" angels in Timothy.

    10. "Your culture proves that."

      The catholic one

    11. "Nobody can know the future."

      David knew he was going to meet God (as did Job in his hardest times)

      Psalms 5:7
      But as for me, I will come into thy house in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy fear will I worship toward thy holy temple.

    12. A post more in your direction, i guess (altho the dinosaur one was different too). I'll turn to more diverse subjects

    13. Without saying much more, let us strengthen ourselves in the faith and love towards our compatriots. These people, of all shapes and sizes, are united by hate, lets be united by love.

    14. Arguing about knowing or not knowing will only make us more bitter, but loving will heal everything.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. [edited] The only thing i regret in "ASTEROID" is to have not involved in my anger also Slovenia, because someone could think I am a Slovenian nationalists.
      Sorry, with me nationalism is r.i.p. The nations will be destroyed along all this world.

      If you cannot share with me this view, sorry, we can share very little.

  4. Jaw-Dropping04.04.16 7:13 AM ET
    Putin’s Panama Papers Caper
    Years of rumors about the Russian ruler’s incredible fortune moved a step closer to fact over the weekend with a leak that far eclipses WikiLeaks’ cables or Snowden’s revelations.

  5. RE: 1260:

    Thats crazy, bro

    If we count donation of pepin 756+1260 = 2016-2017.... they are mocking us HARD. Yeah, i assume the date to be rather beyond 800 (hope im wrong and God destroys the Harlot earlier)

    "756+1260 = 2016 = 2017(?) Playing the martyr, before conquering the entire world."


    1. Probably are all right calculations. Starting from Vigilantius in 395 - start of Vaudoises/church of God - and Pepin's Donation in 756.

    2. Yes, i guess you see as me the end of 4th century falling away and the absolute rise of the papacy in the 9th. We can't be too rigid, again

  6. It seems that i must do another extra travel in the philippines, beside the one already planned. Cause the mysterious delay (boycott?)by the attorney, we have to wait another extra year before my wife could leave the Philippines and come with me in Italy.
    Maybe - if all will be OK - in 2017. But practically my money will not suffice.

    1. It is evident that we have been intentionally boycotted. Not by the institutions of the republic of Philippines, but by another dark entity, well known by the reders of this blog.

    2. I never understood why it took so long in the first place (2015). But now i see, the mess is big. Maybe you can take solace in the fact that this is a hindrance, even if a large one, but not a complete obstruction. I pray your plight ends soon and its the last time anything goes wrong.

    3. Thanks bro,may God hear you.
      My wife fell in depression. Continually crying and asking God to be taken in heaven. My heart broken. But this mess started in the second half of 2014, with the pschological wrong doing of attorney who, continually denied herself to any call at the cell phone for clarifications, and disappearing immediately from the office.
      Yesterday the situation after the meeting was very dark. Since a week my wife cannot sleep till 3 AM and I trying to comfort her through Viber.
      Yesterday night I sent in her phone the sticker "No matter what happens God is with you", inspired by 1 Peter 5:12 and the image of the boat with Apostles in the mess of the storm. She told me that she started to think that this is a great trial of GOD for us and tomorrow she was completely changed , another person as I meet years ago. The power of GOD, the power of the Holy Spirit. Indeed If i still write and didn't shut down all, is thanks to my wife, surely extremly more GOD-fearing than the husband that I am .

    4. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, 24 so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

      25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

  7. Craig Oxley has a new article where he says Venice created the reformation and that "New Venice" (Britain, City of London) rules, not the Vatican. He's also essentially pro-Catholic now, it seems. I think he's implying that "true Catholics" are actually Christian, or at least were before the Jesuits, created by the Venetians, infiltrated the church. Catholics against protestants would be divide and conquer warfare by the Venetians, as he sees it.

    He's also still very pro-Putin, thinks he should save the world, that's a big red flag.

    Here's the link:

    1. How cunning, to use "not CIA" in the title and intro to give credibility to his argument ( which is actually a blatant diversion from the vatican ), knowing CIA conspiracies are only the top layer and are usually easily deconstructed or improved upon by all shades of conspiracy theorists, almost as a past-time.

      If the "jesuit" pope is being "exposed" on outlets such as the A jones channel, that gives you the clue of how the jesuits are preparing the eternal self-burial of the alternative media through the events, in which the vatican and its jesuit pope will play the victim role and iran, russia and N. Korea will finally FULFILL the image they have been given through mainstream media. Pro-Putin Oxley, EJP and "" are ALL set up to fall (along with their good anti-jesuit material) on their backsides, when Putin shows his fangs, unleashed by Trump.

      The venetians created the reformation and counter-reformation? What a joke!

    2. "He's also still very pro-Putin, thinks he should save the world, that's a big red flag."

      In Britain there are powerful forces pro-Putin, for example I noticed Italian young associated researcher at the London School of Economics who is a staunch pro-Putin guy.

      Craig Oxley deserves to be followed but only as a "case study" on how deceptions are built with a particular attention to make 'em appear as truth.

      "the jesuits are preparing the eternal self-burial of the alternative media through the events, "

      Yes, Jesuits have absolutel no problem in to manage even the "anti-Jesuit" information. Rather: even better! Because they are interested to smuggle their Geo-political and Geo-religious priorities in the world today, therefore if you make them as your proper own, and at the same falsely you are convinced to be "anti-Jesuits", you'll become an ideological puppet of Adolph Nicholas & Kolvenbach SJs till you'll face God at the Judgement day.

    3. ""New Venice" (Britain, City of London) rules, not the Vatican. "

      I remember that he started with Venice already years ago, but evidently now he could have received order from "above" to intensify this Catholic narrative.

    4. Yes, he's talked about the "Venetian conspiracy" for a few years now. I don't think there's any real concrete evidence for that, only hearsay mostly. Oxley doesn't give any citations, but that's how he's always been.

      Interestingly he also played down the Swiss connection to the Vatican, which I've looked into lately. There's a man called Sean Hross who lives in Switzerland, he has a lot of videos about the Swiss connection. He thinks the world is run from Switzerland, which was quite possibly founded by Templars, and that the Swiss aristocracy are of Pharaonic descent.

      He focuses too much just on the Swiss connection but he has some good points. I think it was very interesting that Alex Jones had the Swiss flag on some products he was selling and advertising on his Youtube video. Here's his video about Alex Jones:

    5. "the Swiss connection to the Vatican"

      But if you want another narrative, you could consider the whole a theater. Recently Alex Jones "exposed" the Vatican etc. therefore he exposed HIMSELF as carrying a certain hidden hostility towards the Vatican. Who were the guys famous in history, and especially in the conspiracy literature, Dan Brown etc., for being an hostile power to the Vatican? But the Templars. Therefore those crosses could be a bait. It could be that Alex & Sean Hross are just two guys fabricating the umpteenth comedy to distract the attention.

    6. Satan is a master of wonders and lights...

    7. "It could be that Alex & Sean Hross are just two guys fabricating the umpteenth comedy to distract the attention."

      That's quite possible, yes.

      Some of his videos are worth watching all the same, he travels with a back pack and shows a lot of obelisks, old castles and ruins in Switzerland, France and Italy (Liguria).

    8. "Oxley doesn't give any citations, but that's how he's always been."

      For the ghost Craig Oxley (are there pictures images in the web?), he quite could share the same anti-Jesuitism of the Catholic Fatimists. As you can see you can blame the Jesuits and to side for the papacy at the same time: QED.
      I posted those comments under Stiliyanov's:

      avles17 април 2016 г., 0:06

      Here, Fatima vs Jesuits , I don't remember if you already visited this website:

      "This is the work of the Jesuits and this is why they are so dangerous. You will notice that the infant Jesus of Prague bears the Jesuit logo, the IHS, on his little robe in the image above. This Masonic Order of Jesuits that has been pushing their way into the Catholic Priesthood is no different from the Protestant leadership which operates outside the Catholic Church, catching on their fishing lines the souls anathematized who have left as fishers of men.
      The Jewish Jesus of Hell, the one the Protestants and Vatican II Protestants follow, actually gave Protestant Bill Wiese a tour of hell for 23 minutes. There are many books and videos in bookstores about his experience. The Jesus of Hell plays a game that these Protestants will never understand, knowing very well that Protestants will never figure it out because of their complete fixation on their Bibles and their complete rejection of Catholic Dogma and the Divinity of Christ. "

      avles17 април 2016 г., 0:08

      Upper part left you read "OUR LADY IS GOD", then "THE BIBLICAL LORD IS SATAN".